Chain golems are one of those golems found almost exclusively in Hell under the command of kytons – devils which already have a morbid fascination with hooks and chains. If one is ever seen on the Martial Plane, it means that someone somewhere is about to have a very very bad day. The primary weapon of the chain golem is, of course, the chains, which come with all sorts of pointy things attached. When threatened, the chains whirl around it, creating an almost a protective wall where any incoming object or person will likely get sliced to pieces. Though neutral like all other golems, they are inherently servants of kytons and if its kyton master dies, it comes under the command of the nearest kyton or other kyton its previous master mentioned.

I should probably draw a kyton.

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“So,” Kaylie carefully cuts through the silence. “Your mother’s name was Juniper?”

Scanlan smiles, and it’s something small and genuine. Something Kaylie has seen only enough times to count on her right hand. “Yeah,” he says, “it was.”

“Funny. That’s my middle name.”

The way Scanlan skids to a stop and nearly trips over his own feet is comical, and the look he fixes Kaylie with is even more so. “It is?”

Kaylie barks out a laugh, knocking their shoulders as she walks on. “Of course it’s not! I’m just messin’ with ya.”

As Kaylie walks on, Scanlan stands in place, staring at her blankly.

She halts in her tracks, 20 paces ahead of him. “It’s Waywocket!” Kaylie doesn’t look over her shoulder when she yells towards him, only turning her head slightly. She keeps on walking.

Scanlan blinks, and then his smile returns. Wider this time. He picks up his pace to catch up with Kaylie again, and runs through a mental checklist of all the things h wants to know about her.

Not My Problem | 01


pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5

Words: 5.937

Genre: Modern kingdom au, prince!jungkook (bc life) + pinch angst

Summary: She was stunning—gorgeous glowing skin, soft green eyes, strong and lean, heart shaped lips wrapped around her wine cup. And all he could think was that maybe marrying her wouldn’t be that bad.

A/N: New series! Woo! I can’t wait. I doubt it’ll be long, but it’ll be fun :”)

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[ENG] 161202 SEVENTEEN’s Twitter Update 

 [17’S] 올해도 이렇게 홍콩에서 좋은 무대 할 수 있었던 건 우리 캐럿들이 있었기 때문이에요. ‘월드 퍼포머상’ 잊지 못 할 거에요. 12월 5일 월요일에 만나요 😉

[17′S] Being able to have a good stage in Hong Kong this year as well is because of the CARATs. We’ll never forget (receiving) the World Performer Award. See you on December 5, Monday 😉

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Forge Spurned

Cursed by a dark god, forge spurned are undead dwarves who toil for eternity at the whims of their master.

A forge spurned resembles the dwarf it was in life, but significantly larger, wrapped in barbed chains whose hooks dig into its charred flesh. The chains binding its form smolder with heat and in many places are half-melted into the creature’s body. In place of a beard, a cloud of ash and smoke constantly obscures its lower face. A forge spurned stinks of molten steel, burned hair, and charred flesh.

Forge spurned are created by Droskar the Dark Smith, the dwarven god of slavery, toil, and deceit. When one of Droskar’s followers dies, their souls are judged by the Master of the Dark Furnace, and those who are found wanting are pierced with burning barbs and sent back to the Material Plane as undead terrors to do Droskar’s bidding until they have paid their dues in the blood of his enemies. Each forge spurned must fashion a chain from the souls of their victims, and only when they have forged a number of links commanded by Droskar–as few as ten or as many as fifty or more–does the Dark Smith grant them reprieve from their torment with the gift of oblivion.

As the Master of the Dark Furnace is worshiped primarily by the duergar, the vast majority of forge spurned were gray dwarves in life, and lurk in subterranean lairs near magma vents or lakes of lava where the heat of their environs facilitate their smithwork. Other duergar revere them, but give them wide berth lest they become the forge spurned’s victims. A few renegade surface dwarves have turned to Droskar’s worship as well, and those who become forged spurned haunt dwarven ruins, especially desecrated temples of the other dwarven gods.

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Percy’s in love with Vax. He has been for god knows how long but it’s always hurt. It’s always hurt like a bullet to the chest but he grit his teeth and bared it.

Percy is in love with Vax, but Vax doesn’t love him back. He always has someone else, Gilmore, Keyleth, someone so obviously more suitable for the walked cloaked disaster. Vax pledged himself to the Raven Queen and Percy pledged himself to Vax. A broken man, born broken, raised broken, won’t be fixed with an easy smile. Or a teasing “Freddy.” Being called “charming” isn’t going to do anything but make him feel worse.

And God, he doesn’t need to feel worse. He already feels awful. Everyone thinks he’s awful and he is and he just needs a break but honestly he can only rest when he’s dead.

But he’s in love with Vax. And sometimes it helps. Sometimes it makes everything so, so, so much worse.