Darren Dreamer - The artist everyone talks about 

No matter if you’re really into art or just casually browse art blogs on the internet - Pleasantview has a new aspiring artist you can’t get past. With a vibrant tone and a rough texture, his paintings are truely unique. We have talked to the young man in an exclusive interview.

Q: Darren, you’ve quit your 9-5 job to work on your art. How did you get the courage to do so?

A: Well, I’ve been creative trough all my life, but since I became father at a very early age, I had to make money to support my family. After my wife died, I walked through a really dark valley – but all the sadness and depression made me think about what I wanted to accomplish. So, I thought: It’s now or never.

Q: What is the most challanging thing about being a painter?

A: Colors, colors are very important to me. I usually mix them myself. Getting all the supplies, and minerals… When people see the finished products, they usually have no idea how much time I spent just mixing the right colors.

Q: How do you deal with critique?

A: Oh, I’m my own greatest critc. There’s not that much people could say about my work that I havn’t worried about myself. But of course, rejection can be painful, since I always put my heart into my work. Usually it’s my son who cheers me up then.

Q: What makes a piece of art good?

A: I’d have to say authenticity. There are so many different styles of art, no matter if it’s conceptual, traditional or even performance art. The most important question, nowadays, is: Is it authentic? Originality is certainly a key element.  

Q: One last question, for our female readers: Are you single?

A: *giggles* Yes, I’m still single.

The Zodiac Signs' High School Year Book Awards

Best Laugh: TAURUS

Most Likely to Invent Something: AQUARIUS

Biggest Sweetheart: CANCER

Most Dramatic: LEO

Best Motivator: VIRGO

Most Likely to Become a Millionaire: CAPRICORN

Best Excuses: GEMINI

Most Creative: PISCES

Biggest Gossip: ARIES

Most Likely to Keep a Secret: SCORPIO

Biggest Flirt: LIBRA

Most Likely to Make you Laugh: SAGITTARIUS

The Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design, and Media in Singapore #greenroof designed by CPG Consultants 📷: @ucchow

FCC approves plan to consider paid priority on Internet

The agency voted 3-2 to move forward on a plan that could reshape the Internet for consumers.

Dearest Tumblr. Lets take a bit and set aside our pronunciations of Gif, and all of the wonderful things that go happen on this site so that we can defend it.

Today, Thursday May 15, the FCC approved a proposal that allows for ISPs to limit the streaming of data. You have probably heard of this as of late as it will affect quite a few things. It will affect, Netflix, and probably tumblr. 

If you still don’t quite understand this issue watch this CPG Grey video on Net Neutrality. It will explain it quite well. 

But the Internet is not yet dead!  Call the FCC! Email them! Get out the word that Americans do not agree to this. Corporations should not run the internet. We have until September before the final vote can happen and kill the internet. Don’t let that happen.

Reblog! Get this around! We can stop this.

 Number for FCC: 888-225-5322

Please be courteous.

I have discovered a software that turns a word into a melody through an algorythm.
I will now make the theme songs for every post generator blog.
If you’re a generator blog I don’t follow then please inform me so I can include you in this nightmarish acomplishment.

A warm thank you.

Ok, so I like Fallout 4. I love Fallout 4. However, the story left me wanting. After thinking about it, I have come up with something I think would have been infinitely more interesting.

It starts with your spouse not dying.

Instead of Nate/Nora dying and Shawn being stolen, all three of you are woken up and taken away to the Institute. There, you raise Shawn ala Fallout 3. During this time you spend more time with Kellogg, you do stuff around the Institute and spend more than 15 minutes with your spouse. However, during this part of the game, you notice things happening around the Institute. The veneer of progress and “Mankind, Redefined” starts to fade. You start to notice all the things the Institute actually is. This all starts with Virgil going missing.

There’s an explosion in the FEV Lab. You feel the ground shake, bringing flashbacks of hellfire. A pit enters your stomach. You rush down, frantic with worry. It was only two days before that your spouse told you that they were going to work in the Lab. You arrive, among smoke and screaming, and find them dead.

Many people died, and all signs point to Virgil causing the accident. The Director tells you that he died, but you discover that he ran away. After this, you find out some of the more horrific things the Institute has done. University Point, the CPG, Broken Mask and so forth. You don’t know everything. By this point, Shawn is in his mid-20s and is one of the renowned scientists. He doesn’t believe anything you’ve told him. He thinks it’s grief on your part.

You have a choice. Stay or Go.

If you stay, you gain Kellogg as a companion. The two of you hunt Virgil down for what he did. You follow clues left by him until you reach the Glowing Sea. At that point, you have a choice. Kill him, let him go, or bring him back. During this time you grow close to him, maybe you start a romance. It doesn’t last long, with Kellogg being Kellogg and your life being upside down. But the comfort is nice.

If you go, you must find a way to escape the Institute. Either you can go to Doctor Li or Liam Binet. They both help you and start the quest for their perspective faction (Doctor Li isn’t with the Brotherhood until you do that quest, but getting her help directs you to the Brotherhood). Kellogg becomes your hunter, charged with finding you and bringing you back.

Either way, you make it outside. From here the game continues as it does in reality. This time, however, you need to find Virgil with the help of/while eluding Kellogg. You go to Nick and everything.  It’s during this that you meet the other factions and can join them no matter which choice you made.

After dealing with Virgil, you either go back to the Institute or are cornered by Kellogg. While back there, you find out Shawn is now the Director. He gives you a new choice. He knows about the people you helped, the things you’ve seen, the factions you’ve joined. He knows that your opinion of the Institute might have changed So he makes a simple choice. Stay or Go.

Stay, and you join the Institute. You wipe you both the Brotherhood and the Railroad.

Go, and the game progresses as usual.

However, you have more choices depending on your factions. You could be a spy for the Railroad, you could be there for Doctor Li, you could be there for your own ends. Until the Point of No Return, you can change your mind or string everyone along.

Whatever you choose, the game progresses as usual. The Institute wants to power their reactor.

Ultimately, your choice regarding the Institute is this. You could run it as it is, being named New Director after something happens to Shawn. You could blow it up with the Brotherhood, with the Railroad, and destroy 200 years of progress. You could take it over with force or with tactics and change it from the inside, working with either the Railroad, Brotherhood or Minutemen.

So what do you chose? Wipe out the competition and create a tyrant ruling class of scientists? Destroy 200 years of progress tainted with the blood of innocents? Or do you play your cards right and take the jackpot?

The choice is yours.

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Ok so my favorite thing is when like the parent birds hold their babies under their wings to transport them, cause all I can think of is ALL ABOARD THE MOM BUS! Can I get some pictures of that. Thank.





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Hello, I have been following you for awhile and am interested in what you think of the architectural landscape in Singapore.

You can see previous post about the architecture in Singapore here. That being said the Singaporean government has been investing in a number of major projects that are turning this city into a major architectural destination. Iconic buildings that don’t play by the established rules are creating the city of the future today.

Here are some examples of Singapore contemporary architecture:

Bishan Public Library LOOK Architects

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Incredible images from the recently completed Learning Hub at the Nanyang Technological University, in Singapore, designed by Heatherwick Studio and CPG Consultants. The building is formed of 12 concrete towers with curved concrete panels and irregular horizontal stripes that were created using 10 adjustable silicone moulds.

Heatherwick said, ‘The Learning Hub is a collection of handmade concrete towers surrounding a central space that brings everyone together, interspersed with nooks, balconies and gardens for informal collaborative learning,’