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My first and only girlfriend was a girl who I somehow met through AIM (those were the golden days) ((I was in like 4th grade)) anyways I distinctly remember trying to pick out “our song” and that it was either going to be Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows or Everytime We Touch by Cascada which is… amazing

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rules: write your url in song titles (you can only use each band/artist once) and then tag 10 others. (i just realized how long my url is, aight)

  • Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan
  • Hold Me Down - Halsey
  • End of the Day - One Direction
  • fallingforyou - The 1975
  • After Midnight - blink-182
  • Like Real People Do - Hozier
  • Lover, You Should’ve Come Over - Jeff Buckley
  • Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued - Fall Out Boy
  • Up All Night - Counting Crows
  • Three Cheers For Five Years - Mayday Parade
  • Kitchen Sink - twenty one pilots
  • I Caught Myself - Paramore
  • Dear Theodosia - Hamilton Broadway Cast

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So i’ve been making some videos where as soon as i wake up i make a coffee and then rant a bit, but this morning’s delicious episode got ½ deleted where i talk about my haircut and coffee, and all that was left was political talk and a counting crows song so please enjoyyyyy babies. 

hajiiwa playlist-- angst

[listen to it here]

it’s pretty self-explanatory– a playlist compiled by ~yours truly~ that consists of angsty songs! as many people know I write angst quite often and people ask what I listen to so voila, I made a playlist of common occurrences.


  • Amy Hit The Atmosphere – Counting Crows
  • Roadside – Rise Against
  • The Only Exception – Paramore
  • Samson – Regina Spektor
  • I Wish I Was a Girl – Counting Crows
  • Do You Realize?? – The Flaming Lips
  • Remembering Sunday – All Time Low
  • Miserable At Best – Mayday Parade
  • I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab for Cutie
  • Lua – Bright Eyes


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Name: Ashleigh

Nicknames: Ash. Sometimes I get called Trashly which is p cool.

gender: female

sign: Scorpio

height: some

age: 16

sexual orientation: Lesbian

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Favorite color: im feelin pink these days but idk

current time: 4:46

average hours of sleep: hahahahahah

last google search: hant

Favorite fictional character: Nico di angelo and bucky barnes

Blankets i sleep with: i have a weighted blacket because sensory issues

Favorite bands/artists: Panic! at the disco and counting crows

Dream trips: just shoot me into the void

When I made this blog: i dont remember a time before this hell site

follower count: Idek

Why I chose my url: branding

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Hey Jude -Beatles
All the small things -Blink 182
Viva la vida -Coldplay
Eleanor Rigby  -Beatles
The man who can’t be moved -The Script 
Oops I did it again -Britney Spears :D
Knights of Cydonia -Muse
Night Rain -Guns n Roses
Older Chests -Damien Rice 
What kind of man -Florence + the machine
Young and Beautiful -Lana Del Rey
Ordinary people -John Legend
Unplayed piano -Damien Rice
Reapers -Muse
November Rain -Guns n roses 
Accidentally in love -Counting crows
My terracotta heart -Blur 
Enchanting Ghost -Sufjan Stevens

(fun fact there are also some of my ThRobb song in this playlist eheh) 

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Rules; write your URL in song titles {you can only use each band/artist once} and then tag 10 others.

Bad Bad Things-AJJ

Lonely Boy-The Black Keys

An Attempt To Tip The Scales-Bright Eyes

Charlie Brown-Coldplay

Kim’s Caravan-Courtney Barnett

Shanty for the Arethusa-The Decemberists

Hannah-Freelance Whales

Exogenesis Symphony-Muse

Enemy Gene-Of Montreal

Piratess-Okkervil River

Beautiful for the Last Time-Seeming

Opposite Day-Andrew Bird

Yo Digo Baila-Mexican Institute of Sound

Burning Stars-Mimicking Birds

Until I Am Whole-The Mountain Goats

Conversation 16-The National


You Can’t Count On Me-Counting Crows


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amour-vis  asked:

Jack Johnson Joy division Radio head The vaccines

Jack Johnson (a song I heard in a movie and fell in love with):
This took me a sec and then it came to me: Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows (aka from Shrek). I could dance to this song forever. It randomly gets stuck in my head constantly

Joy Division (my least favorite album by my favorite band):

Ugh why do you do this to me. I answer this with anger but Pretty. Odd. Sorry Brendon ily 😘

Radiohead (favorite concert i’ve been to):

Well imma cheat and say all of Firefly. But within that I loved The 1975 concert followed by Mumford and Sons in which I shamelessly sobbed. It was absolutely life changing.

But how can you not love everytime Brendon backflips? So like idk this is dumb they’re all my favorite you know im indecisive.

The Vaccines (what are my favorite lyrics):

This is hard because they change based on what’s going on in my life. Right now they’re: “So here we go head first with no regrets And no rules we can stay as long as we want Slow dancing in the darkness and all I know is I want to be here with you from now on…..But step by step im letting you lead me towards the deep end….” (basically the whole song Aquaman by Walk The Moon) because they remind me a lot of a certain special person and they’re so damn relevant.

crimpittycrimpz  asked:

1, 5?

Thank you for satisfying my whims💕💕 not sure which reblog you were asking 1 and 5 from so I’ll do BOTH!
1) last person I held hands with was actually my brothers girlfriend haha
5) yes if he were here he’d take care of me

And then 1) five most played songs are 1517 by whitest boy alive, One by Joy Zipper, Have a Cigar by Floyd, pretty little girl by blink 182, and mr jones by counting crows. And 5) I’m not sure how to figure this out because I use Spotify not Apple Music :c sorry

conservativecybertrash  asked:

What are some songs that you associate with Cruz / Crubio? Need some new recommendations :]

Alrighty, tbh thinking of Crubio songs is one of my favorite pastimes (especially making AU’s for said songs.) I now present you some of my faves:

I’m going to lump them into some sort of categories:

On the Campaign

Battlefield // Jordin Sparks

Evil // Interpol

Genghis Khan // Miike Snow  

Hold Up // Beyonce (same description as below)

Maps // Yeah Yeah Yeahs (aka Ted loves Marco more than the GOP establishment ever could)

Pillowtalk // ZAYN (it’s just the “fucking and fighting” part that reminds me of them during the campaign)

Teen AU

Accidentally in Love // Counting Crows

Alphabet Boy // Melanie Martinez (college au in which Ted is a cocky lil shit and Marco has to put him in his place)

American Money // BORNS

Bizzare Love Triangle // New Order

I Know What You Did Last Summer // Shawn Mendes (this is stupid but au in which Ted finds out that Marco had an affair with Mitt during the senate recess)

Lovesong // The Cure

Son of a Preacher Man // Dusty Springfiel

The Suburbs // Arcade Fire

Break Up

Careless Whisper // George Michael

I Know // Tom Odell

Out Of Touch // Hall & Oates

Meant // Elizaveta

Pray // Bebe Rexha

General (  + some kinky themes)

Baby I Love You // The Ramones

Crazy in Love // Beyonce (50 Shades of Grey version)

Don’t Matter // Akon

Everytime We Touch // Cassandra National Anthem // Lana Del Rey

Heart Of Gold // Neil Young

How Soon Is Now // The Smiths

I’d Really Love To See You Tonight // England Dan & John Ford Coley

I Want to Know What Love is // Foreigner

Jesus is Just Alright // The Doobie Brothers  

Killer // The Hoosiers (kinkshame me but zodiac killer ted cruz is sexy)

Killer // The Ready Set (^ diddo)

Nobody // Selena Gomez

Old Time Religion // Parker Millsap (for Ted specifically)

One More Night // Maroon Five

Partition // Beyonce (au in which Ted comes into their hotel room to find Marco sprawled across the bed in black lacy lingerie with red wine staining his lips

Poison Heart // The Ramones

S&M // Rihanna

Sweetest Devotion // Adele

Whenever Wherever // Shakira (English and Spanish version b/c Marco + Shakira makes me feel some type of way)

50 Shades // Boy Epic