Liam says the 1D song that he’d buy above all others is “Once in a lifetime”, the little known track from their 2014 album, Four. “That’s my favourite song. Very Coldplay-esque. I wanted it to be a single but they just wouldn’t have it. It was very relaxed the way we chose our records and made things. It was really simple.”  Someone else did it.
—  Liam - Rollacoaster

+  |  breakup  /  angst   lyric  sentence  starters.

feel free to alter to fit muses.

“I am in love with somebody and guess what? It’s not you.”

“I’m sorry to say we can’t go back to yesterday.”

“I am only me when I’m without you.”

“I wish I was there in your room again.”

“I made more mistakes that you can count.”

“I got some things to say, I will never say ‘em to your face.”

“Loving you is hard, being here is harder.“

“The truth is I never bought into your bullshit.”

“You could be a bad motherfucker but that don’t make you a man.”

“I thought we were lovers.”

“Who am I to tell you that you need to change?”

“Keep saying sorry, fuck your lies.“

“I always wondered when you stopped loving me.”

“I can’t fucking think of any words to say“

“I don’t deserve this, you fucking nightmare“

“I can’t fucking think of any reason I should stay”

“You’re never gonna love me, so what’s the use?“

“You’re too proud to say that you’ve made a mistake.”

“You’re a coward 'til the end.”

“I’m so full of shit, I’m surprised you bought it.”

“It feels like we are slowly dying.”

“I’m not something to butter up and taste when you get bored.”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.”

“It’s not that I don’t have words to say, I just don’t want to be the one that speaks them”

“It’s the small things that make you feel mad”

“I’ll see you when I’m not fucking around.”

“Your love is deadly.”

“You’re wasting all your time keeping me around.”

“You might hate my words but you know that I’m right.”

“It’s no big surprise you turned out this way.”

“How the hell am I supposed to hold you back?”

“Don’t you dare say you ever loved me or even tell me that you cared.”

“How dare you say you miss me with your spit still on his/her/their tongue?”

“You are the chill that haunts the room.”

“My love for you was bulletproof, but you’re the one who shot me.”

“God damn it, I can barely say your name.”

“All the words I said were wrong, they don’t mean nothing to you”

“When I say let’s keep in touch, I really mean I wish that you’d grow up.”

“Only talk to me when you have nothing else on that day.“

“Don’t talk to me like you’ve always got something to prove.”

“I’m gonna give my love to someone else”

“Oh my god, I think I’ll let you win.”

“How can I keep letting you back in?”

“I sit here, wondering if anything you said was true“

“So sad I could never make you stay”

“But I couldn’t give a fuck whether you give a fuck or not.”

“I know I’ll make it out of here alive as long as I don’t watch your life.”

“You weren’t the only one who thought of us that way.”

“Bullshit, you fucking miss me.”

“We’re alive, but we’re not alright.”

“You loved me, you killed me.”

“I’m alone and i don’t wanna feel so sad.”

“You’re still not like the rest and I don’t know whats up next.”

“You pretend you didn’t see me cry.”

“I like you best when you’re just with me and no one else“

“I was wrong, but lets be honest, you were too.”

“I’m so tired, or maybe just bored, I can’t really tell the difference whenever I’m talking to you”

“The way that your hip bones dug into my hip bones is leaving me lusting for you.”


If I were with you, our moments would be few
But I’d spend each one with you


└ It begins: Narumi-san’s understanding of how things work… or not.

Cr: Saki ni Umareta dake no Boku Episode 01

bm / somin  x  hola hola

can i get your attention, baby girl?

lemme tell you something hold up wait a minute

there’s no way i could break your trust

kard  ||  bm (matthew kim) x jun somin ||  hola hola by kard

pinboo’s ship x song moodboard series no. 12


And although I’ll be out of sight dear, know I’ll be right here. Right here forever. And when you look to the night sky, don’t think of goodbye, think how I’m right here forever, and ever, and ever.


The Jacksepticeye Song Project, a community project which began way back when Jack had 8 million subscribers, is finally here!! :D

I have so many people to thank for making this possible so here goes: 

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Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful project, you’re all super awesome <3

If I missed anyone’s names in the credits, I apologise and you matter too! I have tagged everyone’s names in the video anyway so Jack knows who you are if he sees this <3

Of course, there is still one more person to thank… Jack! ^-^

@therealjacksepticeye Thank you so much for being the inspiration of this project, and the music that I was able to create as a result of it. Thank you so much for being our hero and giving a reason to say such kind words about you - thank you for being a wonderful person! Keep being you and don’t stop what you’re doing it! I really hope that you enjoy this project, and see just how much you mean to all of us! We love you, Jack! <3

*for the people that I couldn’t tag/have deactivated, I’m hoping that people who see this will know their new url or their other social media or something like that, so that they will find out that the project is done! I don’t want anyone to miss it if they were involved, so please help spread the word to those particular people if you can <3


heart attack vcr I kyungsoo

Aruani’s Week Day 4 : Sneaking Around

“Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I maybe crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead”

This is the first art for Aruani Week 2017. I will catch up later. I started at the day4 cos I Just love Ed Sheeran’s song.

Is there a genre of feminist songs out there cos 90% of the songs i hear are like “i will pursue you till you love me” and “you might have said no but I’m madly in love with you so…” Guys guys guys that is fucking creepy not romantic


“She sleeps alone..”

- Beside You, 5 Seconds Of Summer

Somebody’s Taking The Train To Sleepytime Junction

Somebody is so tired she can barely function.

So she’s hoppin’ on that train to Sleepytime Junction

Somebody’s Taking The Train To Sleepytime Junction

“ALL ABOOOOAARD!” cries the engineer

Sleepytime Junction is so near.

Somebody’s Taking The Train To Sleepytime Junction

“ALL ABOOOOAARD!” cries the engineer

Sleepytime Junction is so near.

Somebody’s Taking The Train To Sleepytime Junction

Somebody is so tired she can barely function.


I’m just a soul whose intentions are good

Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood