Flug is a sort-of Objecthead!

I got an ask on what my Flug is, and a lot of people tag him as Dullahan, so I figured I’d make a post on just what exactly he is! 

Ok so he started off as a plain Object Head (with exchangable heads), but then went on a wild ride and things ended up like this (please keep in mind I’m not trying to be anywhere possibly canonical with this, I’m just having fun!)

Object heads are, in the context of this Flug, beings who have no solid or permanent body, and instead possess things for heads and corpses for bodies. They are just really powerful souls.  Not quite Ghosts as this is their state of living.

A lot of the things an OJH can do rely (or are made significantly easier) on symbolism, association, and ‘habits’ of objects (like a lightbulb has a habit of glowing, or a door the habit of opening).

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Elmer McCurdy was an American outlaw who died following a police shoot-out in 1911. His bloodied body wasn’t claimed by any relatives so it was embalmed and put on display at the local funeral home, where the unethical staff charged people to view it. His corpse would then be lent out to travelling side-shows where they would use it as a prop in morbid albeit entertaining performances.

Sometime in the mid-60s, the corpse of McCurdy was forgotten about. It stayed at a carnival in Long Beach but the previous owners failed to mention it to the new ones. In 1976, a TV crew filming “The Six Million Dollar Man” at the theme park moved McCurdy’s body thinking it was just a prop, but were horrified when one of the arms fell off revealing the skeleton underneath.The body was buried under concrete and McCurdy’s working days as a tourist attraction were finally over.


Chiesa dei Morti, or the Church of the Dead, is a tiny church - and the main attraction - in Urbania, a lively medieval town located in central Italy. In the cemetery, eighteen mummies are standing in individual glass cases that have been on display behind the altar since 1833. These corpses have been naturally mummified by the presence of a special mold that sucked all of the moisture out of the bodies