TOP 10 GIRL MEETS WORLD CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers)
8 = Cory Matthews

“I’m going right for it! You don’t think I could mash this up with the end of World War II if I wanted to? America loves Russia! Then America doesn’t love Russia! Japan loves France now! Japan asks France to go bowling! So they go on a couple of dates, but then Japan says to France, “I just want to be friends.” So France says, “I got enough friends.” So they try to be civil with each other, but there’s a certain chill while they’re hanging out by the lockers. There’s a chill! You don’t think everyone in this room is going bowling with everybody else at some point? Riley, Maya, and Lucas is all about everybody in this room, in every room, in the whole world, and the universe! They just got there first! The jerks!”

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rude attacking me with a namjoon gif. pffffff. YOUR EXISTENCE DESERVES TO BE CELEBRATED EVERY DAY TOO AND EVERYONE ELSES! YOU ANDYOU AND YOUUUU okay now I feel like oprah handing out cars to everyone! Youuuu get a celebration and you get a celebration!! But eh, all I wanted to say is I love youuu and thank you ♡ for everything!

:(( JEY!!! you literally always shower me with love and remind me i’m worth it. whatever “it” may be. i love you!!! 💛💛💛

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