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Have you ever considered it possible, that Derek being all zen after 3A, might actually be detachment? If you just look at how he pretty much avoids anyone, really, who'd resemble any kind of emotional connection for him other than hurt (Peter, Chris even bc he's an Argent, in S4 Braeden bc let's be real that relationship is fucked up as well). After all he's been through I'm just having a hard time believing that a few weeks with Cora'd fix it. I think he'd rather go to great lenghts to (1/2)

avoid her catching on, that he’s till far from being okay. I imagine he’d want her to feel like it’s okay, that she doesn’t come back to Beacon Hills with him. And seriously, after Kate kidnapping Derek in S4, there should’ve been some kind of fall out. That shit must be traumatic, no matter if you thought you’d processed it by now. (2/2)

This is a really interesting thought. Suddenly zen!Derek is never something that made sense to me, especially after everything that happened in 3A. Losing two of his betas –– and then a third to Scott, albeit by his own choice, to protect him. Losing his Alpha status. Being magically spelled, abused, and betrayed by another woman. And then, yes, finding out one of his family members was alive… but having to leave her in another country only weeks after reconnecting with her.

And we all have to remember that 3B started about a month after 3A ended. Derek wasn’t traveling around for a year working through his issues, moving past his losses, and learning self-empowerment. It’s… a few weeks. Some of which he spent being abducted and tortured (again).

So the idea of Derek slipping into some form of emotional detachment actually makes a lot of sense. And the idea that he does it at least somewhat consciously, that he makes the choice to flip that switch and stop feeling (…ok that sounds way too Vampire Diaries, sorry) makes sense too, because we know Derek has practice at hiding his emotions. That he’s incredibly skilled at putting on bright smiles and false friendliness and just seeming totally together when he has a mind to. And that’s not the same thing, but I do think it’s related, and I do think that too much of one could segue into the other. We also know he hid his guilt, at least on some level, from Laura for years. Pushing down his pain for his other sister’s sake could even happen out of habit, and then once he’s in that headspace again –– he’d lost it after Laura, there’d been no one to act happy for after Laura and he’d deserved to be in pain anyway –– it’s probably easier to just keep on slipping back into it.

So we have someone who’s purposely pushing down his emotions, pushing away his pain, and burying his traumas under false brightness instead of dealing with it because it’s easier that way. Derek’s also separated from Stiles throughout 3B –– the one person Derek actually trusts, the one person he might be tempted to let his guard down with.

Derek can’t open up to Scott because, despite being allies now, despite being friendly, how many clumsy attempts to reach out did Scott smack down over the past year? Derek’s attempts to be “brothers,” his angrily offered advice… and let’s not mention the one time Derek really opened himself up, brought Scott to his vulnerable uncle’s hospital room and told him how their family died… and Scott said it was probably their own fault somehow. *calming breath* So yeah, even though their relationship’s changed, I can’t see Derek making himself emotionally vulnerable to Scott. And he can’t talk to Isaac, maybe the most obvious choice, after having thrown him out. Can’t talk to Peter for obvious reasons. So the pain stays bottled up even more, all leading up to the clearest snap of emotional detachment that we see in the season:

Emotional detachment often arises from psychological trauma and is a component in many anxiety and stress disorders. The person, while physically present, moves elsewhere in the mind, and in a sense is “not entirely present” [X]

And seriously, what moment does that make us all think of?

At the end of 3B, we see Derek completely dissociating from reality to deal with the reappearance of Kate. And this is an important point: the sight of Kate again is enough to make Derek retreat into his own mind (to his safe space, to Stiles) be able to cope.

But later on, after Derek’s been captured by Kate, had his body and mind altered and abused again by Kate, when his very wolf seems to have been tampered with by Kate…

He’s totally fine.

This does not add up. Yes, the 3B dissociative episode was caused by shock as much as anything, but are we seriously to believe that Derek would come out of that kind of experience with no emotional fallout? To come out oddly… happier, more friendly and personable, more trusting and willing to be vulnerable than he’s ever been on the show before? Or is it more likely that Derek’s slipping back into that unhealthy behavior, burying his pain, distancing himself –– consciously or not –– from his feelings, falling into bed with Braeden as part of an old self-destructive spiral (see link above for thoughts on Derek sleeping around in New York) and then pushing himself into a relationship with her because “that’s what healthy people do, isn’t it?”

Derek’s personality and behavior in s4 only make sense if he’s covering something up, if the trauma’s pushed down somewhere deep under the surface, and I don’t know what’s going to happen to our poor boy when it slams its way out.


Operation Chameleon

So, as most of you know I have introduced my assistant to Once Upon a Time with hilarious results and she is almost completely caught up.

So I figured what better way to welcome her to the fandom than mercilessly Cora’d-ing her.

So yes, I did indeed hide pictures of Barbara Hershey in ALL of her things. These are the best pictures from that adventure. She has vowed revenge.