@shhh-art-lene is selling her super cool Coraline drawing ! Since it has been one of her most popular pieces for so long, and it is a one-of-a-kind original , with no prints made, we decided to put it up for bid!

Starting at $15 , reblog with your best bid (or reply to the post if you’d rather) and the highest bidder wins ! If this gets over 7 bids, I will include a piece of wire wrap crystal jewelry from my etsy store, Alien Supply Inc,

and ANYONE who places bid will receive free access to my private blog (if wanted) after the contest is over!

Only rules are, mbf ME and @shhh-art-lene ,
if you bid, be prepared to buy it if you win! and
Minimum bidding Increase is $3 :)

Have fun!!


hello friends, so FROOT has been leaked, and since that happened I decided I would do a give away to support Marina, I am going to give away the FROOT vinyl box set, and the FROOT crew neck. 


must be following me

reblogs only please

you can like though to keep track

contest ends April 3rd 2015 (the day FROOT officially comes out) i will message the winner they have 48 hours to reply

10 Things I Learned From Taylor Swift Songs

1) Even individuals that seem to have strong, confident exteriors can possibly have the biggest insecurities. (Tied Together With a Smile)

2) People will have blunt opinions and snide comments about a relationship of yours. You will need to learn to dismiss them. (Ours)

3) Individuality can sometimes lead to loneliness. (The Outside)

4) Memories have such an emotional depth, that they can be recalled vividly and without expectation. (All Too Well)

5) If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it as personal. (Shake it Off)

6) Admitting your mistakes with the knowledge that an apology may not follow is brave. (Back to December)

7) No relationship should ever feel one-sided. The toxicity of someone who demands the upper hand is boundless. (Dear John)

8) Knowing what you deserve is more important than getting what you always wanted. (White Horse)

9) Everything is temporary. (Never Grow Up)

10) No storm lasts forever. Pain is inevitable, but it makes us stronger. (Clean)

—  I love you Tay


Hey everyone! Jae here again. First off don’t panic, the contest is not cancelled! We’re just changing how we’re doing things. 

The change comes for two reasons: The first is that I didn’t realize at the time of the contest’s creation that contests relying on the like/reblog function were against tumblr’s ToS. I was modeling the contest off of those I’d seen circulating before, and I should have done more research. 

The second thing is that I didn’t realize just how many new followers this would bring in. Hi everyone! We’re glad to have you. 

Since there’s no getting this post back now that it’s in the ether, I can only hope folks see this change to how things are being done. As before, we’ll reblog this periodically for the duration of the contest, to help let people know how it’s going to go.

Most of the below rules still apply - no contest-only blogs, et cetera. However, rather than five winners, we’re going to have one winner every two days until March 25th. Likes and reblogs no longer matter.As long as you’re following Tammy, you have the same odds of winning as everyone else. We’ll be picking at random from her followers, rather than from those listed on this post. I must be able to reach you via ask or fanmail. If I can’t, I’ll pick a new name. All winners must respond within 24 hours, or I’ll choose a new name. We’ll reblog this post each time we pick a winner, to remind people to have their ask boxes open. The rest remains the same! You can pick from any of Tammy’s currently-published novels and will receive that book signed. The books pictured above are not the only ones you get to choose from, since that seemed to be a point of confusion for some. 

I’ll message the first winner today, so watch your inbox!

Hello, everyone! This is Tammy’s assistant, Jae, here to announce something the two of us started kicking around as an idea when we saw how many followers Tammy was getting.


3,000 Follower Giveaway Celebration!

To celebrate passing this tumblr landmark, we’re going to be giving away 5 signed copies of her books (one for each winner). Here’s how it’s going to work.

1. There will be 5 winners total. Each will get to pick ONE of Tammy’s currently-published novels for signature. 

2. You MUST be following her blog in order to participate. After all, this is a thank-you to all of those who pushed us over the 3,000 mark.

3. Each individual is allowed TWO entries, NO MORE. That’s a reblog and a like. 

4. Entries will be allowed until March 25th, and this post will be periodically  reblogged on Tammy’s tumblr until then to give everyone a fair shake. 

5. Contest-only blogs will not be named winners.

On the 26th, I’ll pick 5 usernames at random and message the winners. This means you have to have your ask boxes open at that time. Winners will need to get back to me within a week with the book that they want signed and where I should send it. If I don’t receive a message from a winner within that week, or I can’t reach them via ask, I’ll pick someone new. Once I’ve heard from everyone, we’ll post a public congratulation to let everyone know that the contest is over.

Good luck, and thank you all for being here!


Lola and Andi’s Giveaway
Celebrating our first 1000 followers, we are doing a collab giveaway!

The gifts include:
-The XX, The Great Gatsby soundtrack, and Lana Del Rey LPs.
-Books: Humans of New York, A California Childhood by James Franco, and Girl Interrupted.
-Original exclusive Beetlejuice drawing by Andi + she will make the lucky winner (2) custom drawings of their choice.
-Jewelry items: Real brass knuckles, silver ring with purple gem, leather two-faced Urban Outfitters watch, new gold rings from Icing, silver elephant charm bracelet, small classic Cameo earrings, intricately designed chandelier earrings, some bracelets, and a pair of groovy sunglasses.
-Red floral dress with back cutout (LG), Urban Outfitters printed lounge pants (M), size 7 Forever 21 dress shoes, and a vintage red bag.
-Amethyst crystal obelisk.
-Various new makeup palettes (pictured above, courtesy of Andi).
-Feminist patches from Philadelphia.
*Most of these items are used but are all in GREAT condition.

-Must be following both of us: This is my blog, and hers is whitewinesandwhitelines
-Must reblog this post.
-Likes count as bookmarks.
-If there aren’t enough reblogs, we must cancel the giveaway.
-The lucky winner will be chosen by a contest randomizer, ANY blog type is eligible to win these little gifts from us!
-The more you reblog, the more your URL will appear in the randomizer.

The winner will be sent a private message asking for all shipping + contact info. Shipping is free to the winner, we will cover everything.

Deadline: August 1st, 2014

Thanks to all of our lovely followers who inspired the giveaway! Good luck!!



Check out the cool box for the Advance Reader Copy of Lady Midnight, the next book in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. And find out a little about how to win one! The full contest will be posted Friday.


So, apparently Lisia is Wallace’s niece. Didn’t expect that… though, I suppose I can see the resemblance. I really like the contest side stories. 

(Other cute notes: Lisia seeing Wallace do contests is what got her to do it–he’s her mentor and the one who taught her everything about contests. Wallace’s mentor is Juan. Lisa is the daughter of Wallace’s elder sister who no longer lives in Sootopolis.

Also, Wallace said Lisia was better at them thus he went to fully put his time in as a gym leader, but he may enter them again or steal your title is Hoenn World Champion :P)

Edit: Just to add as I’ve seen a lot of people thinking this makes Wallace really old… Uncle is given as long as you are a sibling to the person who had the kid. He could’ve been just born and still be an uncle. He could be younger than someone and still an Uncle. And he does say Older sister. 

Submit your poems to our chapbook contest! Winner receives publication, $500 honorarium, 50 free author copies, and an invitation to perform at a Button Poetry event and be filmed by Button.

Not sure about a full chapbook? We’ve launched our first-ever video contest as well! You even can (and should!) submit to both. Check out all the details here.


What You Get:

One copy of Down in the Willow Garden, hand-bound by me. 500 pages long, fully illustrated. Autographed by Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and (if anyone cares!) myself.

How You Get It:

  1. Reblog this post before 11/20/14 at midight, EST. Multiple reblogs ARE allowed.
  2. You must be following me at the time of the drawing. I want someone to have this who appreciates the story–not just the signatures.
  3. You must be willing to provide a valid mailing address. International addresses are fine with me!
  4. You must have the “ask” feature available for me to contact you. I will select the winner by random number generator. If that person does not provide a valid address in five days (by 11/25/14 at midnight EST), I will select another winner in their place.

Signal boosts from staff-run (as opposed to personal) Caryl/TWD/Reedus/McBride fan blogs would be appreciated. Don’t worry–I can remove those reblogs from the drawing to prevent a skewed result.

Good luck!!!!!
The Felt Family - WeLoveFine -T-shirts designed for fans by fans
Please vote for my shirt design!

Hello everyone, Happy 4/13!

After 7 years of being online, Homestuck is finally over! But @welovefinetees is having another design contest for t-shirts and merchandise to celebrate, and I’m entering a design that I didn’t get to finish in time from the last contest to enter this time!

If any of you enjoy the Felt from this webcomic, or know friends who do, please vote for my design! I might try to put up more designs if I have the time, but in the meantime definitely give this one a look! Thank you so much and good luck to everyone else who’s entering designs!