Pkmnartweekly Winner: airpants-pkmn

Congrats to airpants-pkmn for their fantastic piece for this week! WE enjoied all the submissiond and hope that next week is even better. You can check out the winner’s piece here. don’t forget to like, reblog and follow them!

Speaking of next week….. we will be announcing the next competition tomorrow night due to some issues causing a delay. pokemon-i-choose-you isn’t feeling very well so be sure to send her lots of love and support!!! 

also, the winner will need to message me in the next 24 hours to receive their prize.

LAST DAY to Enter and WIN StashRiot’s Photo Caption Contest

The winner will receive this sweet bundle of Catbug and PuppyCat goodies! (as shown above)

Enter here:

Good Luck!!

- The StashRiot Team


aya-emotionsdetected and I entered entered our first cosplay contest today as Razer and Aya from Green Lantern: The Animated Series. It was such a fun experience, and we ended up winning the grand champion award!!

Since this con was located in our local library, we took the opportunity to get some pictures with various books that relate to Razer and Aya! We’ll be making a post with those soon!

2010. This photo of my amazing beard won me a signed copy of John Dies At The End. Subsequently, I mentioned my victory in my college applications and now I’m a college senior with a full ride to a Little Ivy university. Thanks David Wong & John Cheese!

(Does David Wong have a Tumblr I can link to? John Cheese had one but he left when Tumblr started showing sponsored posts (ie. going into the shitter) Should I tag cracked or something? I don’t think he runs that one though, they’ve got a bunch of media interns chained up in the basement for that. Whatever, get yourself Wong’s books if you can, his new one, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits can be pre-ordered on Amazon!)

Hello Whovians! Last week we held a #ScienceofDW contest and the entries that we got were so science-y that we found ourselves consulting old textbooks for the first time since leaving school. 

We read about the growth cycle of Silurians, how Adipose are formed (and how we got our name), why regeneration is a thing, how reversing the polarity of the neutron flow is paradoxical, and so much more. You Whovians are a pretty smart bunch!

Thanks everyone SO much for participating, Whovians are some of the most creative fans in all of time and space! As always, we’ve randomly selected 10 entrants to win, and here they are:


Congrats to the winners and thanks again to everyone who participated!

working in a bookshop and having a free day in the middle of pre-school shopping madness is like having a week of holiday in another season (oh, wait there’s still christmas shopping madness, oops, forgot), so this is a cause to celebrate. so,


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While the two of us go on an epic adventure round and through and across Europe for two weeks, you all get to participate in this epic thing. Yay for us, and yay for you. This is going to be awesome. (✿◠‿◠)


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Week 5: Jigglypuff’s Greatest Hits!

Hello guys and thank’s to all who have participated in the last few weeks of pkmnartweekly. And thank you to our latest winner ursa-machina, great work! This week is going to be an interesting one I guarantee it! What is it you ask? The task is simple: draw a Jigglypuff to match a music genre. Whether it be pop, rap, metal, rock, etc, the choice is yours! Have fun playing around with all the possibilities and then submit your work using #pkmnartweekly so we can view it.

also remember to read our rules before entering and also make sure you fully understand the task for this week. (we had some confusion last week so).

If you have any questions, please ask me or pokemon-i-choose-you. Good luck to everyone! And don’t be discouraged, your art talent is valuable and worth the practice. Reblog to spread the word if anything!

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