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Robert Pattinson will appear as part of a special round table this Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017, for the Hollywood Reporter “Contender” series in support of Good Time. He will be alongside other A-list talent with films in Oscar contention this year, including Margot Robbie, Octavia Spencer, Diane Kruger and Armie Hammer. The discussion will be videotaped and appear on THR site at a later date.

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What's the lettuce thing about?

Alright, so. Get ready for weirdness, because Egyptian mythology has a lot of that.

One of the most prominent and foundational myths of ancient Egypt is how the god Osiris was killed and dismembered by his brother Set (in some accounts, after an affair with Set’s sister-wife, Nepthys, who then gave birth to Anubis), put back together by his sister-wife Isis, then made the god of the afterlife. When she was piecing her husband back together, she found all but one of the fourteen chunks of him that had been scattered across Egypt by an enraged Set. That chunk would be his penis. But never fear, for Isis is the goddess of fertility, so she made her husband a new one out of wood (thus explaining why embalmers would make false ones for the actual dead). So completed, she rode him and became impregnated with a son, Horus (the Falcon, not to be confused with Horus the Elder, the Hawk, who was these four’s presumably-long-suffering brother). Osiris then went off to be ruler of the dead somewhere in the vicinity of the stars we call Orion, leaving the question of who was to rule the land of the living - his elder brother and semi-justified murderer Set, or his legitimate yet posthumous  son Horus?

This brings us to The Contendings of Horus and Set, which is ostensibly an epic battle of order vs chaos, but mostly involves a lot of letter-writing and whinging back and forth between the gods because some liked Horus (who was the last king’s son and generally a guy who liked order and not usually killer [except that one time when Isis got too involved and actually wounded Set herself which Horus was not about for some reason and so decapitated her] ) and some liked Set (who was powerful and experienced and had good relations with foreign powers [being that he was the god in charge of them] and had proven himself to be a great protector to Ra against Actual Evil God Apophis and his night demons and whatnot). There were a lot of pointless squabbles between the two involving weird god things like who could hippopotamus better or build ships out of stone (spoiler alert: Set actually built his ship from the top of a goddamn mountain and managed to make it float long enough to get halfway down the river, Horus just made his from pine when no one was looking and just plastered the thing to look like stone. Who was the better dude in that one? You decide.). One time Horus got his eye ripped out and Set lost his testicles - an incident which involved what is probably the oldest recorded pick-up line in history: “How lovely your backside is. How broad your thighs.“ Smooth, uncle Set. Smooth.

Anyway, after eighty years of this the supreme god version of Ra got tired of their shenanigans and told them to lay off for at least one night, for all of their sakes. Set looks at Horus and goes, “Yeah let’s do this thing. Party, my house, tonight.” Horus looks at Set and thinks, “Seems legit.”

So they go party at Set’s house. Just them and the servants and lots of honey and beer and the single bed made up all nice just for them. Halfway through the night, Set rolls over and puts his dick between Horus’ thighs. (Er, depending on the time period you’re reading the myth from, this act is either consensual or not. It mostly depends on how vilified Set is by whichever cult’s in power at the time. In any case, Horus is awake and unrestrained for this.) Horus catches the semen in his hands, and when he gets home in the morning shows his mother. Who promptly freaks out, cuts his hands off to toss into the Nile, fashions him new hands of clay, and then jacks her son off into a pot.

I could not make this up.

This is where The Lettuce Thing comes in. The lettuce species that the ancient Egyptians had was a long, hard stalk that secreted a white, milky substance when cracked and squeezed. So you can see where they would get the idea that it was a phallic aphrodisiac. Well, it so happens that when Isis went to Set’s house, she found out from his gardener that Set loved eating lettuce every day. You know where this is going. Now, I’d like to point out that she didn’t just randomly overhear this and got a wicked idea. No. No, she went and asked outright what Set’s favourite food was, because she was gonna give Set a taste of his own (or well, her son’s) medicine no matter what.

Fast forward to the next court session, and Set - being the asshole that we know and love - decides to announce to the room at large that he should get the throne, because he totally tops. Well, being that ancient Egypt was a highly patriarchal society it - like most ancient cultures - looked down on the receivers in male-male relationships. But while everyone’s boo-hissing at Horus, he just calmly requests a Magical Pregnancy Test for both his and Set’s semen. They do it, and Set’s shows up somewhere in the river (wherever Horus’ old hands are), which perplexes Set and somehow doesn’t phase anyone else. Then they test Set, and lo and behold Horus’ seed reacts from within him!

In very old versions of the myth, this is where the god Thoth is born from Set’s forehead. In others, it’s Thoth performing the test and so the semen emerges in the form of golden disc, which Thoth promptly takes and puts on his own head as a crown. *shrug* Egyptian mythology is a weird case where a jillion different cults formed, then came together, then fought/reformed/vilified/reconciled/destroyed/assimilated one another over millennia, so the origins and motives are a bit wonky. Thoth is one of those deities that had been worshiped before writing was even a thing [although writing became his Thing], and so has many conflicting origin stories - mostly he just seems to appear at some point due to the power of his own voice. I like to think that, since he is also a master of Time, that Thoth may have actually created Himself in that instance, but his presence got spread out through time - back far enough into the beginning that he could trick the moon into giving up five extra non-month days each year, so that Nut could birth his parent-grandparents without repercussion.

But I’m getting ahead (behind?) myself. The point is, now all the gods think their Powerful Guy Set is a big fat bottom, which ~a king shouldn’t be~ and Set is all butthurt about his trick backfiring on him. He sulks off to the river, where he issues the stone boat challenge mentioned earlier but then his boat sinks and he rips up part of Horus’ and realizes that it’s just disguised wood, and it looks like the shenanigans will continue until someone gets the bright idea to just fucking write to the dead king about what his wishes were (apparently it’s Thoth who suggests this, which is why I buy the myth that this is when he was born, since why did no one else - even Isis who resurrected the guy - think of that? Finally, a god of Sense!). Osiris sends them a letter back to the effect of “What the fuck do you think my wishes are. If my son isn’t instated, my next gift basket will be an army of zombies, I swear to myself.”

The council is convinced.

Set’s put in chains and brought before them by a gloating Isis, but he cedes with as much grace as he has left. In most versions of the myth, he’s set free and reinstated as Ra’s bodyguard to thunder away happily in the desert, and in a few later ones (basically after Lower Egypt takes over Upper Egypt) he’s punished somehow, like being taken to the north and bound there by his other wife (in something rather similar to Loki’s fate with Sigyn). In some, he and Horus reconcile and even bless pharaohs together, tying their lotus and reed together around the living king as a symbol of unity and strength between Upper and Lower Egypt.

And that, dear Anon-chan, is The Ancient Egyptian Lettuce Thing.

Bit of a Rant ahead

No offense but I’m really /REALLY/ tired of seeing Eren portrayed as a woobified cute little innocent baby who can’t do shit in fics. I can understand if he’s a little less intense in modern au’s but it gets really annoying (and fetishy) when all I see is cutesie baby Eren who is constantly crying and needing Levi to come save him.

Eren “Killed three people at the age of nine, canonly stated by his own dad that he was antisocial as a child, watched his future best friend get beat up from around a corner, got top in hand to hand, ranked number 5 in the 104th squad, plugged up the wall TWICE” Jäger is a cynical asshole who doesn’t need to wait for some prince (or princess depending on the ship) to come save him. He’ll fucking stab his captors, take all their shit, and find his own way out while screaming bloody murder.

Transiting Saturn in Capricorn ♄  ♑

Saturn transit contract for Rising signs  
December 2017 - March 2020

“It’s time to repay your debts. I hope you were sensible enough to take out insurance. But then you were senseless enough to trust your energy in other people’s hands.”  

Astrological tradition marks the significance of Saturn’s transits across the horoscope as distinctive life epochs. This is especially so if Saturn is crossing one of the angular 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses. Capricorn is the astrological sea goat. The goat climbs up the mountain to symbolise the rise of the sun. The mermaid tail is residual of the water that fell as rain in dark winter. The day is now longer to accomplish the task. But the memories and reminders of the darkness are never forgotten. The birthday of Jesus was thus associated with the birth of Capricorn and the birth of our highest selves. Saturn slow blooms priceless wisdom and awareness in the area of life where this energy is felt. And it’s often the force of Saturn, rather than the inner development and change taking place that commands the attention. Sometimes years can pass before it begins to make sense 

Saturn has come home in Capricorn. If you were born with Saturn in Capricorn, you are venturing into your Saturn Return, an astrological rite of honour and passage of time. This is not a transit to be feared but rather fill you with a sort of readiness and will that anything is possible. Saturn is where we face our obstacles, karma, and tests of resilience. There is no better place for Saturn to be than in its own sign where your greatest potential, resolve, and wisdom resides. You don’t have to merely survive Saturn in Capricorn, you can absolutely master it. Saturn is a slower moving cosmic energy. This change is like walking from one room to another. In this room, you will meet parts of yourself that you don’t like in circumstances you don’t like. Demands, unconscious resistance, and severe responsibility comes with  the agreement we made with Saturn for all-round physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual development. Saturn rules mortality, its areas of influence can accelerate to such a degree they can seem to become life or death matters in our perspective. In this room, you will also meet a part of yourself that you will relish in, one wise beyond your earth years, with the resolve and qualities you never imagined yourself containing.

It’s important that you check your own transit chart for confirmation of Saturn’s position, because some people have signs close to the house cusp and intercepted houses that change the position of the planets, or have transiting Saturn making significant aspects to outer natal planets

🗻 Aries rising - Saturn in or entering the 10th house and crossing the midheaven 

🗻 Saturn supplies his most exhaustive, powerful, and quality resources for a mountain peak ascension so profound it will feel like flying  

🗻 Saturn has been reunited with its progeny, and you Aries rising have the gift of this as well as the assets that only Saturn knows how to find in his own house. This is the first time Saturn has been back in 30 years, so be prepared to start straight away. Saturn is crossing an angular house in your horoscope - the midheaven, so expect an extensive, vigorous, and uncontrollable change in the dominant focus of your life, the way you perceive yourself, and the way you construct your ultimate reality

Failure is no longer an option, and overused self-deceiving excuses are no longer tolerated. There is the pressure to become the ultimate authoritarian of their own life. Saturn here stimulates the desire to make an impression on the world and give a face to the name that has worked its way toward success. There is a harsh realisation of passing time and unmet potential. The can be a haunting awareness about unrealised dream and potential. The individual is primed to be unwilling to accept anything less than the best from and for themselves. Success will be very real and substantial, following only extensive hard work and sacrifice. There may be a promotion, advance in title, or goal accomplishment. A promising opportunity, long term position, or stable stream of can be interrupted by Saturn here. This is ultimately the case of one door shutting to make room for another, but this room can take significant time in construction. This will be especially relevant if the individual has become stagnated, dissatisfied, or lost sight of vision and goals. The 10th house is a family house so family issues or the birth of a child can interrupt the pace. However Saturn is the father, so this unveils a whole new dimension of  wisdom because it accomplishes the task in the form of responsibility, accepting and growing into self-sufficient maturity. The trigger may also sense of being undervalued or accepting less than they are worth. This can be directed to the profession, but also inward themselves as they contend with harsh and epiphanic reality checks about their actions and choices until this point in time. Self-excuses and blame that once worked fail to hold up to any weight or variable, they are no longer permitted to sacrifice their potential and birthright gold for the cruelty they have experienced at the hands of others and giving into the setbacks that control them.There may be intimidation, severe criticism, or tense relationships with superiors, teachers, and one of the parents. The power struggles confronted with superiors may be rooted in the feelings of inadequacy, shame, and disapproval conditioned in childhood. There may a resolution of long term parental disputes, or the resources to confront residual childhood parental issues and criticism. This is the time to relinquish the pursuit of their expectation or approval. There is intense scrutiny placed on social conduct and impressions. The grand question is, “If I died today would I be proud of what I have accomplished?”

🧙 Taurus rising - Saturn in or entering the 9th house 

🧙 You are free to roam but the flight schedule is painfully strict. Be cautious of arriving on time, because Saturn won’t wait for you  

🧙 The awareness of this transit is extremely beneficial, because much of this activity is covert and unclear in its ultimate message 

The mind has the will for development, expansion, and acquiring the cosmobiological range of vision. The critical task is the constructing the foundation that can pursue and develop an authentic philosophy based on personal experience and truth. Truth and inner realisation must be acknowledged and integrated. The person can obstruct this spiritual and cosmic realisation with great resistance due to their attached beliefs that  provide a a source of comfort, safe framework of reality, and fleeting self-gratification. This sense of comfort eventually dissolves beneath dissatisfaction along with a sense of loss inherent to retaining self-deceptive beliefs. The provocative pressure to find and see something more, that they are something more can trigger one’s active quest for the first time or relentless experimentation with teachings. An atheist may have a vision. It may also cause a renouncement in one’s long term faith. An evangelist may have a disenchanting realisation. This transit can be a painful betrayal, epiphany, or liberation in the realisation of religious and spiritual deceit from trustworthy figures, family, or teachers. This realisation not only undermines religious beliefs but also the way they view their existence. It may trigger identity crisis or psychological overload. They can begin questioning every aspect of the reality they have accepted. There are substantial reconfigurations and re-orientation in perspective, the conscious experience, interpretation of reality, and universal frame of mind. There is a need to integrate dual identities that have become trapped in the unconscious. The unconscious roots that produce behavioural patterns of excess and immoderation are revealed. The 9th house deals with matters of the higher mind, law, and psychiatry. The individual can approach their own mind with the tools of this great mental philosopher. Deep and purposeful self-reflection is pivotal to this transit. There can be personal enquiry regarding the true meaning behind their thoughts, responses, beliefs, and actions. The larger context of this is discovering the higher purpose of their existence and their function in the greater universal operation. Sagittarius energy inflates on contact. It’s possible for mental activity to shutter into paralysis. Saturn is the materialiser, and it brings the fruits of the higher mind into the experience of reality. Ancient symbolism and spiritual law take the place of minor details and physical time. You can see how this can make it easy to lose touch with responsibilities and commitments during this period. There may be the desire to pursue higher education or continuing education masters or doctorate study. Abundant resources are in supply for research, expanding the knowledge and perspective base, and gratifying the acclaim that the mind desires. Teachers can become close mentors. And these teachers are very adept at re-directing the individual back to the true teacher - the spirit inside. Possible obstruction to the study period, there may be course changes to better realign with values, renewed perspective, or disillusionment. The study course may not reflect the greater goal. There may be a long drawn out process due to challenging course content or lack of will and focus to attend and study. There may be issues with mobility surrounding study. The 9th house is the card of fortune and the individual may receive some backpay from the karmic bet. Saturn offers little indulgence to those who choose to trade resources with thieves, so testing their luck comes with consequences. But this is not unlucky by any means, and the fortune bestowed by Saturn will be in the form of resource, wisdom, and a lifelong renewal in self and universal perspective. If traveling, it’s possible the person will find a place to settle down in for a while

🐍Gemini rising - Saturn in or entering the 8th house

🐍You won’t feel young again until this is over. You will feel like you have aged a lifetime. Approaching an 8th house is always daunting, but Saturn has just finished crossing your 7th house - an angular house in your horoscope so the intensity of Saturn is rather less severe 

🐍Yes you are dying. No you are not dying any physically quicker than you were before, but your old self, and all those hiding inside that are dying. Arenas of Focus: Unconscious activity, Destructive patterns, Resources, Relationships

The Devil is waiting to have his debts repaid and you cannot die until you pay him back. There can be pressure to financially self-sustain, repay loans, and surrender reliance on other people’s resources. No transit of Saturn or the 8th house is unchallenging. Survival instincts are activated, along with self-destructive tendencies. All enemies are unseen, parts of yourself, or haunting memories. Traits and behaviours that are disadvantageous to spiritual ascension and preserving the physical body become these toxic forces to be excised. This poison is also distilled with the unconscious suppression and  activity containing experiences of violated boundaries and psychic, psychological, or emotional intrusion and invasion. Internal toxicity reveals itself by unleashing a furious wave of self-destruction that threatens the individuals goals, relationships, resources, or reputation. Partners can also be the psychic punching bag in the place of inner demons. One critical lesson is the awareness and development of coping mechanisms that were once useful to the person’s environment, and have now become insufficient, defective, regressive, destructive, and inappropriate to their environment. This is largely when both survival and self-destruction converge. The Survival instinct provokes self-destructive behaviour in a survivalist response to expose disarray of this behaviour and capture the exorcising light of consciousness. Remember that it was only the light, the light of consciousness that could slay the Hydra’s heads. This initiates the desire to confront and change behaviour. Someone who is at the end of their life may prolong or exist comfortably for a longer period. Death is typically a taboo for people and their families, it’s something people would rather not talk about. This transit may stimulate the first circumstance where the subject of death is present, becomes a reality of life, and a subject that can the person can no longer hide from. This dynamic and unconscious gravity can increase fears regarding mortality, the resources and heritage left after death, the type of death one would like to have. The critical task is ultimate acceptance of this life, death, and rebirth cycle that is inherent to their existence, and the evaporation of identification with ego. This facilitates the individual’s capacity of surrender the ego to invite sacred transformation and spiritual evolutions and preparation for living this out and experiencing this in the 9th house. Part of this absolving of ego is active in the intimate experience. There may be a substantial growth in one’s understanding of intimacy, its power and significance is revealed. The body and spirit resists to superficial, emotionless encounters, or more than one sexual partner. Instead of satisfaction there can be the sense of internal contamination and disgust. The ego is sacrificed to vanish the physical and converge two souls into one. The sexual appetite can be difficult to stimulate and arouse, it seems to operate through very covert and subconscious activity, so they are only provoked. The partner’s finances can be stimulated, the partner may have a family death or revelation, the person may financial support the partner. Family secrets and skeletons that have directly affected the individual unconsciously can reveal themselves. 

🎭 Cancer rising - Saturn in or entering the 7th house and crossing the descendant

🎭 You will come face to face with shadows cast over the faces of those who hold your heart in their hands. Saturn is crossing an angular house in your horoscope - the descendant, so expect an extensive, vigorous, and uncontrollable change in the dominant focus of your life, the way you perceive yourself, and the way you construct your ultimate reality

🎭 Arenas of Focus: Relationships, Psychological awareness, Subconscious behaviour, unconsolidated qualities

The 7th house is the house of marriage so it can solidify the commitment of relationships and indicate marriage or long term allegiance. Relationships that enter this transit embark a shadowy hall of mirrors. Some who walk in as a pair emerge out on their own. There will be significant tests of commitment, it can arouse the darkest and most difficult characteristics of both partners. Saturn honours time, and Saturn is questioning the viability and potential of this relationship outlasting the trials of life. You love your partner at their best, but the relationship will only endure for the long term if you are willing to accept and still love them at their worst. Relationships survive this transit are therefore primed to outlast the odds. Sometimes it can evoke the feeling that ‘something is missing’ and evoke one’s desire in having a relationships that may have seemed unimportant or unnecessary until this point in life. There may also be an active decision to rely on self-sufficiency, single life, and to gratify the independence and personal growth that takes place when there is nobody in the background to impress. Because the Saturn standard is real and meaningful, the individual may have a difficult time finding a person who moves the spirit. Or there may be disillusion following a mirror merry-go round of incompatible encounters. This act of relinquishing the fulfilment of a partner is the very process that can invite a valuable relationship because the person is capable of giving their whole selves and not depending on another source of completion. Partners may become very demanding, projecting, critical and persistently frustrated at the individual. A disadvantageous relationship is often too unsatisfying and detrimental to keep participating in. The individual becomes strongly sensitive to their unmet needs, feeling emotional, desperate, or hollow around the partner. Relationships are stimulated to reveal hidden and unacknowledged parts of the self. The partner and loved ones can become open enemies that provoke them in the subconscious spots that force the surfacing of internal personalities or undeveloped qualities they have never met before. It means that relationship conflict can trigger extreme, regressive, and undeveloped, uncontrollable behaviour. It will also be where their contaminated self-consciousness is demonstrated through other people. There may be initiation of a new relationship, possibly involving an older partner. It is also possible for supportive relationships to resolve childhood emotional and bonding issues with one or both of the parents. The decision to leave a relationship may be extremely challenging, highly pressured, come with a grief process and fear of future regret. Breaking a heart can hurt as much as having a heart broken. There may also be a return and regression to the most primitive and unresolved personal needs that manifest as re-enacting destructive relationship patterns. This transit may stimulate the desire to change a repetitive cycle of broken relationships and become more aware of what they are willing to offer and what they authentically need from a partner so they can welcome the right person in. One of the tasks is identifying and establishing what they are prepared to accept for themselves in relationships. There may be the establishment of a long term and beneficial business partnership or agreement. These are primed for success enabled by a proficient display of competence, negotiation, and collaborative values. One of the critical lessons is developing awareness of the responsibility and inherent power beheld in relationships, and that this area of life has a profound influence over their own lives and sense of internal completion. There may be instances when the individual is confronted with the profound effect of their actions, behaviours or intentions on loved ones in a way they have never been before. They will see just about everyone at their worst. Loved ones may become tired of repetitive or lack of changing behaviour. They can become very tiring also, because it can feel like being blamed for everybody’s bad day.  If you wouldn’t accept hearing that from somebody else, why do you allow it from yourself? 

“You know when the time is right. You have to learn to let go, and reject the ways they have left you feeling like you won’t exist without them. You existed through all of those demands, undeserved hostility, and being a psychological punching bag. So you really are more capable of existing alone. Actually, you are deserving of it, because you will love yourself again for being capable of letting go”

💊 Leo rising - Saturn in or entering the 6th

💊 What is toxic to the mind will be felt in the body, what is poison to the body will contaminate the mind. The 6th house has a dreary reputation, but Saturn prefers this earthy rhythm and active energy supply for personal development more than most places 

💊 Arenas of Focus: Daily routine and working life, Pets and domestic animals, Health and link between Body and Mind

All matters of work and working reputation are stimulated. It means that the fear of loss of employment or purpose can become an anxiety. The desire to commit to a role with long term viability that provides development into the greater purpose become matters of importance. The loss of job can be self-induced. These unmet conditions can force the decision of resignation or job change pressured by intensive dissatisfaction, limitation, melancholy, and depleting energy and self worth. Fear of job loss can also be the resulting of self-devaluation and concerns about incompetence. This transit can provoke the question of being good enough. They can begin to feel dispensable and replaceable in their role. Nerves can compromise the position due to self-conscious preoccupation and uncharacteristic behaviour or mistakes. This can also generate the pressure to practice and advance the skills and qualities that can make a larger contribution. The energy supply is responsive to repetition, learning with the hands, and focused on turning the skill into an automatic process. The working life and employment schedule can also be disrupted by mental or physical health matters. The body has an increasingly vulnerable response to workplace stress, self-sacrificing in or responsibilities, burn out, and inadequate rest and recovery. There can be evasive aches and pains, digestive changes, and somatic symptoms. It is critically important for the person to realise that they can only offer and expect their best when they are restored and feeling their best. There are generous resources for constructing a health, physical activity, diet, and well balanced daily routine that provides long term sustenance and the re-engagement and communication of mind and body. Saturn is also an obsessive energy, so it’s possible that health anxieties activate and previous health anxieties accelerate. The appearance of physical symptoms and panic can initiate or exaggerate this. It may generate a fear of visiting the doctor regarding the outcome or the denial of symptoms. On the other hand, it may cause the individual to adopt health practices that can advance into extremist and fanatical rituals. There may be punishing or restrictive eating or exercise patterns, a dangerous intake of supplements, frequent doctor visits and invasive procedures, and fear generated decisions that ultimately put their physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing at risk. This excessive behavioural pattern can be more pronounced or present in perfectionist types. But everybody experiencing this transit will be directed by the pursuit of perfection active in the unconscious. Often this area contains immense shame, guilt, and unworthiness. A life circumstance can also activate change in the approach to health and diet. Something like a pregnancy, health scare, or job change may do so by forcing a detox to substances and moderated awareness of physical intake. Just as a cleanse in the body must occur, there must also be mental purification. The mind is highly focused during this period and it can eventually distil into paralysis. A regular routine of meditation, breathing techniques, and mental relaxation is pivotal to wellbeing. Organising and refining the surroundings is a tidy out for the mind. There can be a kind of satisfaction and sense of tranquility when they get into the rhythm of re-arranging, de-cluttering, and purging what is no longer necessary. The individual can substantially minimilise their environment, belongings, and no longer require what takes up space. Problems with nerves or mental distress that have been self-managed or dismissed can reach a threshold or breaking point. It does so with the purpose intent that they no longer accept this for themselves, refuse to be defeated, and make the active decision to overcome or confront this experience with the best resources they can acquire. There may be increasing agitations in the immediate environment and a loss of internal control that can generate compulsion to control their external environment. There is emphasis on identifying and refining the psychological source of somatic symptoms, appetite, and digestive upset. It is also critical that professionals are the first point of consult with any health concern. This may be a beneficial period for finding a trustworthy doctor and allied health team. The individual has tremendous will and resolve to take control of their health and confront chronic health concerns. This transit can stimulate and surface unconscious ideals manifesting as personal expectation, unconscious activity and residue that reveals itself as attachment to routines and coping mechanisms that become ritual, and the powerful wisdom that conducts their instinct toward making the contribution that they ultimately desire

💎 Virgo rising - Saturn in or entering the 5th house

💎 Rise and shine even when you haven’t slept all night, the producers have become delirious and unraveled… but the show never ends and you are the star. The dark and coldness of Saturn is never welcomed by the 5th house, but Saturn has just finished crossing your 4st house - the imum coeli in your horoscope so the intensity of Saturn is rather less severe

The immediate experience can become very shadowy with Saturn consuming the solar light. The mood can descend. The response and recognition that they receive from other people can seem to change. Long lasting, residual personal issues regarding self value, self-respect, and cruel self talk are surfaced and projected in the performance around them. There can be experiences with people who embody these inner shadows. When these demeaning aspects of negative self-talk are heard said aloud by another person, or becomes enacted on them, the task is to realise they don’t willingly accept hearing this from another person, so why do they tell it to themselves? This transit can activate increasingly excessive desire for attention, possibly from the form of parents, superiors, teachers, coaches, and romantic lovers. There may be elaborate or extensive measures undertaken to gratify this. This may further associate with search or attachment to parental figures or lovers that provide the individual with unmet childhood needs. There is stimulation to construct an authentic identity display, and remove anything that is occluding the genuine visual definition. And additionally, to relieve the self-imposed limitations built by self-consciousness, perceived lack of ability or talent, and internalising other people’s expectations or what they believe is expected. This process can allow for the unregulated experimentation and pursuit of natural bliss, pleasure, and therefore talents. Creative skills and talents that have are stagnated as unregulated hobbies are supplied with the resources to focus, practice, develop, and materialise these qualities. There will be an increased desire to acquire recognition, commendation, or constructive criticism for creative and ego demonstrative pursuits. This is also the period significant for relinquishing the approval that is desired from others. The process of doing so can sublimate the attention that the ego demands. Vain and fleeting sexual encounters can fail to provide the same climax of satisfaction. There may be an increased desire to make a commitment with exclusive intimate partner. Self-gratification will be less instinctual and viscerally satisfying than respecting, honouring, and creating something meaningful with the other half. The individual may sense strain or tightness around the heart. Tension and stress directs here. Despite the lack of vitality and energy that seems available, a commitment to routine physical activity, contact with sunlight, playing with their children or pets, and practicing mindful breathing techniques nourishes, rests, and relieves the heartbeat, mood, and inner pressure. There may be strange experiences with the parents. One of the parents could get a promotion, have a change in fortune, make a big life decision, put their reputation at risk, or even exhibit strange behaviour. The parent even conduct themselves in a way or choose an avenue that can give the individual the impression that they have been neglected, overlooked, or forgotten.The relationship with children is stimulated with this transit. There is no better development point for wisdom in this transit than in the company of children. There may be a great longing for a child that finally eventuates. There may be the surprise birth of a child that the individual never realised was so essential to their growth and existence. There may also be the surrender of the dream of a child after extensive obstacles. The maternal love never dies and still longs to be given. When this is re-directed through to children of friends, nieces, nephews, cousins, and in inspiring, germinating and an authentic creation which is ultimately themselves. It’s possible that in this very act of inner fulfilment and peace they unknowingly develop into the parent that their future child is waiting for. 

🌒 Libra rising - Saturn in or entering the 4th and crossing the imum coeli 

🌒 The lights are on, but nobody is home

🌒 Saturn is crossing an angular house in your horoscope - the imum coeli, so expect an extensive, vigorous, and uncontrollable change in the dominant focus of your life, the way you perceive yourself, and the way you construct your ultimate reality

Nowhere feels safe, nowhere feels like home, and nowhere seems to want them. There can be a lack of dream, or dreams that involve significant and forgotten memories or family members. Taking their problems to bed only causes nightmares. There can be a resistance or difficulty with sleep.  Unresolved issues can surface at this time. They may overthink or worry about the issue of falling to sleep or getting enough shut eye. There can be extensive wakefulness and then long periods of what seem to be hibernations of physical and mental exhaustion rather than regenerative sleep. A well-balanced sleep schedule is very beneficial. The individual may be forced to learn how to develop some way of closing or alleviation residual anxiety and emotional and psychological discomfort before trying to sleep. Enduring anguish, pain, and unresolved childhood issues with one of the parents can surface. It can create the experience for validation and reconcile to finally be offered, although a little late it is constructive, substantial, and enduring. One of the parents may become very demanding or controlling in some form. The response and management of emotion and residual reliance on primitive conditioning is tested and dissolved beneath relentless weight. One critical lesson is the awareness and development of coping mechanisms that were once useful to the person’s environment, and have now become insufficient, defective, regressive, destructive, and inappropriate to their environment. This is largely sourced from cultivating emotional self-sufficiency, not practicing coldness and discipline as you may expect from Saturn. It is rather nurturing, recognising, and responding to the needs of the inner child with the archetypal parent inside who now contains the capacity for self-expressing these desires. If the contract is followed, this transit facilitates the inner child’s reunion with the inner mother and father. This is a resourceful convergence of powerful internal polarities. It is enlightening in a spiritual sense, but in a physical sense, it may dilute fears of abandonment, aloneness or separation, emotional intrusion, and the dependance of external sourcing of emotional recognition and dependency. Self-sufficiency and emotional development is ready to be attained. The person can spend a lot of time seeming to float in the ether, unsure of where they have gone and what they are doing there 

🔬 Scorpio rising - Saturn in or entering the 3rd house

🔬 The author in the mind seems to have fallen asleep, but who is awake in there? 

🔬 Arenas of Focus: Communication, Interactive Environment, Education, Brothers and Sisters 

One of the primary expectations is developing mental maturity. The mind can seem paralysed. This is a symptom of under stimulation and lack of progressive activity. The mental resources are supplied almost exclusively for intellectual development, focus for meaningful pursuits, and practicing and advancing mental talents. The individual is equipped for rapidly conceiving the worth and advantage of information. There can be an intolerance for material that lacks depth or resourceful intellectual assets. There may be some form of communicative disruption and preference to silence. The person may have to overcome tremendous internal resistance to actively participate in conversation. It can result in some form of social exclusion or withdrawal. Thought patterns, psychological conditions, and mental behaviours are tested beneath significant weight. The structure of reality in the immediate environment undergoes powerful changes. This transit can profoundly change the way a person perceives and thinks about the world. One of these changes may be provoked by increasing and commanding self-criticism regarding the mind and common mistakes. There can be a loud replay and intrusive memory of criticism and sense of intellectual inadequacy they were made to feel as children. This is  largely present to promote self-reflection and thorough mental analysis regarding resources acquired across life and contained in the mind. These are not solely academic credentials but also powerful experiences, relationships, the intelligence applied at work, the natural qualities that you express automatically, the same ones that other people spend hours or even lifetimes practicing and perfecting. This deep sourcing of resource makes slow but resounding long term changes in terms of mental confidence and pride. Education is stimulated. There may be a great desire to begin a course of study. Accelerated focus, organisation, and mental will provide assets for success. There may be an encouraging, supportive, and beneficial rapport from a teacher or an older mentor. Because education is focused, there can also be obstruction in this area. A course of study may be prolonged due to challenging content, lack of mental inspiration, psychological stress and burn out, or re-arranging the course outline due to disillusionment or renewed perspective and appetite for something greater. There may be issues with mobility surrounding study. There may also be tension or unfairness with strict teachers and academics that leaves a lasting toxin. It’s possible for one of the siblings to move away or become very distant or unwell. The individual may become the pillar of support for siblings due to some form of parental discord or issue. Drawn out sibling rivalry, separation, or conflict may be resolved with maturity, or the realisation of the possible long term loss that will incur. The mind and pressure of reality can feel like a suffocating force with Saturn transiting the 3rd. The individual has an increased vulnerability to chest colds and sinus problems. It’s important that deep and mindful breathing is undertaken on a regular basis

💸 Sagittarius rising - Saturn in or entering the 2nd house

💸 Money feels better in the hands than the object being exchanged for it. Saturn has just finished crossing your 1st house - an angular house in your horoscope so the intensity of Saturn is rather less severe

💸 Arenas of Focus: Finances, Resources, Internal Value, Creative Capital

There can be tension surrounding self-worth and internal value when Saturn moves into the 2nd. Regardless of the circumstance, the sense of failing to make progress or stagnation is stimulated. The body can become heavy, listless and demand the establishment of an adequate rest and regeneration schedule. There may be an increased or decreased self-conscious with the body and physical appearance. The financial situation is highly focused, there is strenuous tension to ensure long term security and institute sold financial and resource management. There can be a great suspicion that something is about to collapse from right beneath of them. The individual may become the sole financial supporter, or issues may arise with dependants.  There will be a pressure to ascertain resistance to material urges, and learn how to say ‘no’ to providing loans and financial supplements that won’t be repaid. This is a favourable period for repaying debts and devising creative personal business plans and capital. There is a good rationality and sense of preservation when approaching financial and business resources that can pour the foundation for developing something significant. The individual will begin comprehending the value of money in its respective relevance. For instance, someone who has been quite lavish and wasteful with large amounts of money may be forced to experience the value of $20 to someone who has little. Momentary, impulsive expenditure no longer provides the same gratification. The internal value system and sense of power in the world can undergo extensive growth changes. There is a need to demonstrate authentic values through the body, work, and the surroundings. Extensive practice, application, repetition, and energy can be directed into developing the capital of natural assets and resources. There may be dietary or metabolic changes, unusual sensory experiences, sensitivity to noise, light, and environmental chaos, the person may also need a lot of body and neck massages

🤦 Capricorn rising - Saturn in or entering the 1st house and crossing the ascendant 

🤦 There is a stranger staring back in the mirror

🤦 Saturn is crossing an angular house in your horoscope - your ascendant, so expect an extensive, vigorous, and uncontrollable change in the dominant focus of your life, the way you perceive yourself, and the way you construct your ultimate reality

Self-image becomes shadowed, the individual can become very self critical, self conscious, and identify with dark moods and inadequacies. Severe questioning regarding existence, place in the world, and the matter of internal values and qualities being authentically expressed. Disadvantageous personality traits and shadows can be relentlessly active, consuming, controlling, and destructive in order to provoke awareness and change in behaviour. For example, the individual may disregard a promising opportunity out of self-conscious anxiety and lack of confidence only to find out that a colleague much inferior in experience and education received the promotion. The intense discontent that can rise from letting themselves be overcome and directed by emotions, attitude, or false fear can bring about this focus on the need to change self-talk and behaviour. A critical task is surrendering the desire for approval and acknowledgment and allow themselves to spontaneously express the genuine energy that flows naturally through the identity. This is no longer so easy with Saturn pervading the interface between spirit and reality. The vitality can seem weakened and preferable to fading into the background. Resistance is met with sourcing the energy for conducting and interacting with the self-expression, it can seem like there is barely enough energy for anything. This is where the lessons of the 12th house come into focus and source from the light and presence that was formed from the waters of darkness and solitude. People in their lives can become very resistive, oppressive, and rejecting. It can feel like everybody is against them, or that they are too loud or too quiet, getting in the way, agitating everyone, or just an indispensable entity. Social encounters provide opportunity to test the strength and substance of identity growth and development. Patterns of self-deception and and incompatible goals and desires can be abolished. This can become an opportunity to see who in one’s life has unconditionally sincere concern and the individual’s best interests at heart. 

🧘 Aquarius rising - Saturn in or entering the 12th house

🧘 Where did you go? Did you vanish down a rabbit hole? Have you ever heard so much noise and sound in silence?

🧘 Arenas of Focus: Solitude and privacy, Psychic and Dream experience, Empathy and Compassion

Saturn in the 12th ignites substantial desire to absolve from the world and be alone. There can be resistance or acceptance to seclusion. A critical task is learning to be alone without being lonely. This generates from the active will to enter the shores of solitude barefoot and alone. Intense, relentless, and receptive emotional conduct can sweep the individual into states of immense guilt and mixed emotional states. There may be an increased need for rest and sleep and a heightened dream state. The feet can become very sore and suffer unusual pain and strains. There can also be trouble sleeping and lack of dreaming, also an increased sensitivity to their environmental stimulus, like becoming very disturbed by loud noises. This convergence can cause a weak grasp of reality, there can be confusion surrounding what is real and what is not. There can be a consuming sense of emptiness, and that something is missing. It is not the energy and feeling they know and they can explain. It’s another force that seems to have drained a part of existence from them. There may be increasing occurrences of sadness or emotional experience that seem to arise suddenly out of nowhere. There is desire to unfold and enhance undeveloped empathy, psychic receptivity, selfless compassion, and identification with something larger-than self. The task is to find and foster unity with the soul of humanity. But much of this process is undergone in solitary. The difficulty is forming a powerful connection without anybody else there, so the energy is internalised into the personal sourcing of light and re-connection with the source. Reconciling this private relationship between outer self and inner spirit ultimately conceives reunion with the collective unconscious. Karmic debt is repaid by your hidden enemies. There will be a desire to use harsh experiences and pain as an opening for empathy and guidance for other people. Another critical task is the development of empathy and responsiveness. There will be forced reliance on internal, invisible support networks. Most of this transit’s energy is directed into cultivating the necessary inner growth that is clear of outside forces and influences in preparation for Saturn’s following transit across the ascendant. When this occurs, the lights will switch off this darkness blooming over you, and reveal the quality of the work you have been doing alone over this time   

🧚 Pisces rising - Saturn in or entering the 11th house

🧚 You were just primed to establish and achieve your goals, now are you ready to see your dream?  

🧚 This, along with the 10th house is another conditioned primed for rich spiritual and physical value during this transit. Saturn is at home with Aquarius and exclusively available for personal, essential, expert sourced Saturn mentorship 

Friendships are highly stimulated, and the ego is better gratified by the re-direction of energy into social, charitable, and humanitarian avenues. There may be desire to re-engage with social circles to facilitate real and meaningful connective experience. There may be a substantial loss of contact with friends. One of the friends may relocate, or there may be difficulties with parents of friends. This is the development and conservation period of deeply intimate, solid, and lifelong friendships. The individual will discover through their own and other people’s behaviour who their true friends are, who can be relied upon, and who can be trusted. The person can withdraw from social groups and online interaction. There may be a dark feeling of rejection, exile, self-consciousness, or disillusion. Unresolved unconscious matter is projected onto their social circle, culminating with great need to make a substantial contribution to the inner circle and the larger circle of humanity. The pressure of this can raise discomfort in group situations, the individual can become preoccupied with the sense that they are unwanted, being excluded, or indispensable. This is the case where online interactivity can seem increasingly safe and preferable. Saturn’s active pressure and relentless desire for the unity relative to the 11th house can self-sacrifice through exhausting the social calendar. One of the critical lessons in this transit is developing self-awareness and responding to the substantial responsibilities, accountability, meaning, and personal contributions that friends have in one’s life. This is also applicable to the individual’s community, and participation in groups and social causes. There may be a great desire to actively contribute, advance, or leave a lasting legacy in these organisations. There can be the sense of lacking inspiration, being overly confined and pressurised with no avenue for outlet, extensive day to day monotony deprived of stimulation, animation, and its element of surprise and shock. The individual must disregard what the world expects out of them and focus on making the world inside them an ultimate reality. There can be a loss of faith in authority, information, media, and cultural conditioning. The individual may become obsessed by strange or unusual intellectual interests that provoke their unusual and eccentric side. There may also be a deepening interest, maturity, activity, fanaticism, or shift in political and ideological dynamics. Saturn here can associate with a growing desire to catalyse mass institutional change. Social encounters take on a whole new importance and provide a domain to experiment with personal conduct, style, and modes of operation to discover the authentic self expression. In the pursuit of the title, acclaim, and rise of success in the 10th house, there was a dream peeking behind that, and a utopia envisioned for your life. This transit can make the wish you have done with hard work come true. Just know the right time to shut the door. Saturn is the benefactor that can supply the resources, networks, and support that brings the dream into life