Transforming Birthday Cake - Optimus Prime

Russell Munro helped create a robotic transforming birthday cake for his son, using 3D printing to help build its frame:

My boy asked for a Transformers cake for his 6th birthday. I decided to up the ante, my wife did the actual cake. 

Here is a short demo of the actual robotic frame itself, complete with Transformers sound clips:


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“Ides” by Forever Came Calling

Just make mistakes ‘cause you’ll never be the same again, 
and I’m not worth your while,
but what’s your while worth again? 

I did my best to keep all of your fucking secrets in, 
but now they’re bleeding out from every god damn open end.
I did my best to keep my restless head off of your floor and out of your bed. 
Convinced I’ll die alone, but I’ll do it with a smile on ‘cause I did it on my own.