Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis Set for UFC 206 in Toronto

 With UFC 205 and 207 already presenting extremely stacked cards, 206 only must rise to the occasion, and today (Oct. 26th, 2016) just made Dec 10th that much sweeter.

 Max Holloway, who’s currently on a 9 fight win streak will take on Anthony Pettis, whom only has one bout within the Featherweight division since moving from the 155lbs weight class.

 While things are foggy with McGregor’s return to the division and Aldo’s possible retirement from MMA, this looks to be the next no.1 contender fight.

 After a three fight losing streak at Lightweight, Pettis made the move to Featherweight, where he was successful in taking down Charles Oliveira, and now looks to further his win streak in hopes of becoming a two division champion (not simultaneously).

(written by: Adam LeBarr)


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“Arrow 5x04 Thoughts”

You don’t know how badly I want to link Guggenheim to your fic and say, “THIS is what great writing looks like. Take a knee.” Ugh.

Awww, you are very sweet! Thank you so much! What a lovely compliment. <3

To be fair, though, as much as I criticize and harsh on the writing on Arrow, I am very keenly aware of how difficult their jobs are. I spent a few years wanting to be a television writer and learning everything I could about it and trying my hand at writing one-hour scripts, and let me tell you, it is not easy. There are so many places for the train to break down along the way that it’s amazing anyone ever manages to produce consistently great episodes of television. 

Not only do they have to contend with production limitations and locations and run times and act outs and budgets and scheduling, but they’re juggling multiple story arcs across an entire season while simultaneously coming up with 23 self-contained six-act scripts per year, trying to give adequate story time to all of their contracted actors, dealing with producer notes and network notes and studio notes, attempting to write to a broad, diverse, and constantly shrinking audience while also appealing to advertisers, and meanwhile they’re working long hours with almost no breaks for months out of every year. 

It’s easy to see their mistakes when you’re looking at the finished product from the outside, but it’s much harder when you’re in the middle of it, being crushed under the tremendous pressure to produce pages. I totally get why things fall through the cracks or go totally off the rails sometimes.

Writing fanfic is easy by comparison, because fanfic has literally no constraints except my time, imagination, and ability. And even then, writing is so hard that there are days when I feel like I just can’t do it at all.  

Basically what I’m saying is that even when the Arrow writers make me spitting mad, I still have tremendous respect for the jobs they do and all the moving pieces they have to juggle behind the scenes that we never even know about. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop critiquing them, because for me that’s part of the fun. I criticize because I’m invested, and also because I’m trying to understand where they went wrong so I can learn from it for my own writing. But no matter how ragey I may sound sometimes, it’s always coming from a place of respect and compassion.
How Little Choices Make Sorcery! Feel Epic
This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the inner workings of their games. This time, Sorcery! . From Warlock of Firetop

“The reality of most RPGs is that you totally min-max them, because there appears to be no choice,” Ingold says. He contends that you need the best stats to be good at combat and to get all the dialogue options, and also that most RPGs are anxious to pre-warn you of the results of any choice. For Ingold and co-founder Joe Humfrey, these two tendencies encourage min-maxing, something that’s counter to the pure RPG intent of embodying a character and going forth into a world. “So our idea was to provide lots of choice and lots of responsiveness and no pre-choice feedback at all.” The second standpoint lies in when the game should give you feedback on your choice. Often, it comes either far too long after you’ve made it, when you’ve forgotten the context, or far too soon, when the consequences won’t have had time to sink in and there’s too much temptation to backtrack.

On choices.

haesoo is really one of the most irrational, selfish and just flat out stupid female leads I have ever seen, and i’ve seen very many kdramas within the past years. she tries to view everything from solely her perspective; wang so is simply, and clearly trying to clean up the mess that wook and yo left behind while they were screwing around, treating the position of king as if it were game to be leading a mass group of people.
wang so dotes on haesoo every moment that he can, even as king he still makes time for her and flirts with her, trying to keep her contended. he literally almost let the criminal who killed his brother, the CROWN PRINCE, the first born son, the old KING, go only because haesoo cared for her, he almost looked past it because he loved her. but she chose so stay attached to haesoo like a leech and he had no choice but to be mature, recognize his position and punish her for MURDERING A KING. he loves haesoo so blindly and she just continues to be more and more selfish with each passing episode, as if “empathizing” with everyone, except she’s just….. literally ruining everything and everyone. i try and try to understand her character but I simply cannot, she’s so awful.
chaeryung MURDERED THE KING, i repeat, is that too hard to understand? that she killed a very, very, /very/ important figure. aside from being one of the few people so cared about and that cared for him, he was a KING. of course the person who murdered him would be killed in this time period, her punishment fit the crime. the king’s death wasn’t quick, he died slowly, his energy deteriorating slowly for TWO YEARS, two years where he grew more and more incapable of doing day to day tasks, yet he continued diligently doing his job until the poison and the attitudes of his family made him grow paranoid, lose his head, and eventually die. the poison was administered by chaeryung who KNEW exactly what she was doing. “blinded by love”? are you kidding me? she was perfectly sane. each time she did it, when they showed her, she was nervous, nervous of being caught because she knew what she was doing was incredibly wrong. there’s no excuses. not a single excuse, “being in love” is definitely not a good excuse if any. so stupid on haesoo’s part, speaking of haesoo – how does haesoo feel empathy for chaeryung being “blinded by love”? in her life, in the future, her boyfriend leaves her for her bestfriend, they too were “blinded by love”. in her previous life she didn’t feel empathy for them, so why is she suddenly feeling empathy for a murderer? the punishment she was given, fits the crime. not to mention that chaeryung was spying on her the entire time and trying to ruin her life, that is why wang so finally had enough, he was thinking of HER, of haesoo, and yet she still remains completely selfish.

wang so is killing all the men who sided with yo because they can clearly be easily manipulated, they are all CORRUPT, and are were trying to keep him from the position he holds now, there’s no doubt they would easily plot against him. wang so is doing his JOB as KING. he is removing the threats to him so that he will be respected, he is not killing innocent people, so how does she still manage to cry, throw herself pity parties over how awful he is and paint him out as an awful person? i don’t understand haesoo, how is she in so much misery? wang so is going against what he needs to, to consummate his marriage, birth an heir, all because he’s so in love with her and views her as his only queen. wang so is looking out for her and trying to protect her in every single way he can, and she just keeps complaining about how tough life is, really? coming from her previous hell, she dares to call her current status hell? i really don’t get her.
HER misery is so grand that she’s going to call jung and selfishly put HIS life in DANGER, now? jung was already being punished but to take haesoo, knowing how so feels for her is so selfish and irrational.
if anything, i’m awaiting on a plot twist stating that haesoo, is in fact gwangjong. seeing as each of her actions are correlated with bad endings. wook, who seemed sketchy from the start, truly only dipped into all the malice he displays now because she made him paranoid.
and now what, they’re going to make wang so the villain for feeling betrayed by her in episode 19? all she does is cry and suddenly everyone else is horrid asides from her, she’s really the worst. she overthinks everything but though over-thinking usually leads to viewing every possible solution, even the impossible, and choosing the best one, she still manages to select the worst possible ending. she truly over-thinking? about anyone’s safety asides her own? probably not. i really can’t stand her and all her terrible decisions, her way of thinking is completely twisted, she’s so stupid.


Say good bye to Feral Heart and Impressive Title servers, for there is a new contender in the field: Meadow!

Brought to you by the people who made Shelter, Shelter 2 and Paws.

It’s multiplayer and multi-species!

You can be a Badger cub, a Frog, a Rabbit and a Goat- and if you have both Shelter 1 and 2, an Adult Badger and a Lynx- if you have Paws you can become a baby bear and a baby lynx! and- if you manage to have everything by Might and Delight- you can even play as an Eagle!

Meadow- only £1.99/$2.99 on Steam

Kevin Pillar and R.A. Dickey finalist for Gold Glove.

Rawling Sports announced the finalist for the Gold Glove Award and both R.A. Dickey and Kevin Pillar were name for their respective positions. As I write this, Rawlings has yet to announce their finalist for right field but I’m fairly certain that none of the Jays that played RF will be a contender so let’s focus on this two. Also I want to note that I have no clue how to assess defense. I don’t really understand the defensive stats and so this all on eye test.

Assessing pitcher’s defense is always a little weird for me. I mean as long as they’re fielding doesn’t cost the team runs(cough, I’m looking at you Stro and your weird throws during the middle of the summer) I mean what else can you ask for. I always like it when the pitcher runs away from the ball and let the guys who are paid to play defense to take care of it. Dickey has always fielded his position well and already has gold glove from 2013 and I guess folks from Rawlings agreed. 

And Kevin Pillar. Let’s be honest if Pillar wasn’t named a finalist for this folks from Toronto would be trowing beer bottles at the Rawlings HQ. Pillar has spoiled us with his defense for two seasons now to the point that when he doesn’t make a catch, even the most difficult ones (the Biagini hit in the postseason is one I’m thinking about), we’re shock. I really hope Pillar wins this one cause the dude really deserves it. 

So I’m graduating from university and my college just sent out a list of 15 the fancy-shmancy people that could come speak at the commencement. They’re polling the students to ensure we’re all pleased with the selection. Contenders include important political figures like:

There are also people who have had landmark impacts on our entertainment, arts, and technology, including:

And then, there is the one who combines both sides of the spectrum:

WOY Villain Leaderboard 10/26

As of the time of this post there were 49 contenders on this rankings round of the Leaderboard. Remember that this is generated using totally real and legit science, and we’re all here for the fun, and to #SaveWOY.

  1. Those Two Guys From That Time
  2. Obsidian
  3. The Schmartians
  4. Rongruffle
  5. Bunny T Marchenhaft
  6. King Vortex
  7. Gentleman Tooth
  8. Mistress Myrna
  9. The Knight Mare
  10. The Twins
  11. Ted from Accounting
  12. Conqueror
  13. The Scuzzbuckets
  14. Kragthar of Kraaaaagtttthh
  15. Styx Asterope
  16. Sketch
  17. SuperNova
  18. Ryba Alameda
  19. Kairos Khan
  20. Linda Whiskers
  21. Countess Slugula
  22. General McGuffin
  23. Little Bits
  24. Greg
  25. Azolla the Plant Villain
  26. O'Yojimbo
  27. Hexsiral Dreemuer
  28. Princess Cellophania
  29. Swifty and Delilah Hare
  30. Captain Novo
  31. Sourdough the Evil Sandwich
  32. A Potted Plant
  33. Jamie
  34. The Night Mayor
  35. Miss Incendiary
  36. Sir Bradly Starlight
  37. Killbot 86
  38. Emperor Awesome
  39. Empress Plum
  40. Eliza Stipe
  41. Lord Hater
  42. Mempha
  43. Emperor Calamity
  44. Mandrake the Malfeasant
  45. Dr. Screwball Jones
  46. Not Pirate Nel
  47. Iggy Starbeam and the Maltars of Flarn
  48. Jinx the Star Nomad
  49. Mr. Slick

Your #1 Villains for October are:

Those Two Guys From That Time

Those Two Guys From That Time will hold this #1 spot for the month of October.

If you want to participate in the #1 Villain prompt, please draw/write/create anything with your Villain OC fighting Those Two Guys From That Time. Remember to schedule your post with this awesome creation for TOMORROW: 8pm EST, October 27th with the mentions @woyvillainleaderboard,@savewoy,@woyseason3, and@disneyxd… and the tags #savewoy, #wander over yonder, and #woy villain leaderboard.

Congratulations, you fearsome finks. And most importantly… GOOD LUCK.

My Turn

When will it be my turn
To face bureaucratic judgement
And be thrown to corporate wolves?

When will it be my turn
To contend with the right-wing wrath
For daring to be alive yet ill?

When will it be my turn
To experience the cruelty
Of a broken system?

When will it be my turn
To risk my short lived life
For the sake of austerity?

The 'un-peggable' Elijah Wood returns to TV in 'Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency'

hen Elijah Wood took on the role of the hobbit Frodo Baggins in the famed “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, he was plunged into the world of Middle-earth where he had to contend with dragons, Orcs, Ents and a Gollum.

Wood’s new project, BBC America’s “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” finds him in the real world, but its weirdness could rival Middle-earth. He plays Todd Brotzman, an unlucky hotel bellhop who is suddenly thrust into a sci-fi flavored mystery populated by an assortment of bizarre characters, including Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett), an eccentric, fast-talking sleuth who believes in the “fundamental interconnectedness of all things” and sees Brotzman as the Watson to his Sherlock.

Read more here there’s also two new beautiful photos of him.

Can you handle all 325 minutes of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Extended Director’s Cut? It screens this Sunday as part of MoMA Film’s The Contenders 2014

[Nymphomaniac: Extended Director’s Cut. 2013. Denmark/Germany/UK/France. Directed by Lars von Trier. Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures]


Transforming Birthday Cake - Optimus Prime

Russell Munro helped create a robotic transforming birthday cake for his son, using 3D printing to help build its frame:

My boy asked for a Transformers cake for his 6th birthday. I decided to up the ante, my wife did the actual cake. 

Here is a short demo of the actual robotic frame itself, complete with Transformers sound clips: