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After reading @mrevaunit42’s “Nova vs Prequel” from “there’s always a star and a hoodie”. I just had to draw Starco and Covy lying on the ground and butterflies flying above them. I would do this earlier but you know…school work😅.

*sigh* now I had to deal with my sister and my dad.😔 Part 3…gonna take a lot longer.
some thoughts on the htgawm premiere.

  • woah, i didn’t expect wes to go to NY with frank … or frank to manipulate him into going… I didn’t put much thought into wes going to NY but i just assumed he went by himself, just to see/confront wallace. Also i liked this “eve killed mahoney” theory i saw somewhere back in may or something… so if frank really is the one who shot him, I’d be a bit bumped out. It’s too “in-character”, too predictable because we know it’s definitively something he would do! Imo, he’s not the shooter, the writers just want us to believe he is. Frank obviously saw wallace get shot and knew wes/annalise/etc would think he was the one who pulled the trigger and, so, he just fled … Although, if i’m right, then i don’t know why he manipulated wes into going to NY/what was his “endgame”.. ? IDK.

  • i really feel bad for laurel, it’s weird because at first i really didn’t care much for her/liked her but now she’s one of my favs, YOU CAN SEE she is in so much pain about the wes-text thing (and seriouuusly wes, you couldn’t respond to her texts?! even if you associate her to frank?) AND the meggy situation. She just likes wes so much already, and goddammit, i ship them so hard already too. MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT.
    When she responded “nicer than me, you mean” to wes’s “she’s really nice”, it broke my heart. I’m not even kidding. She bared her feelings to him, even more than she probably already has, in that little response… I JUST FEEL YA GIRL. 
    Wes, you definitively KNOW how she feels about the situation and how much she likes you, so pleeeease quit acting this way and stop shutting her out dude. Even if your reason is somewhat valid. AND YOU LIKE HER AS WELL THAT’S THE WORST PART!!!
    I won’t even go into too much details about frank because he doesn’t deserve her. That’s all. I really hope she won’t forgive him. I never really shipped them actually. I just tolerated them, i guess. Frank keeps getting creepier and creepier and i just can’t ship him with someone.   

  •  meggy seems too cheerful. What’s up with that? What is she hiding???? I DONT TRUST HER. (maybe she’s the one who shot mahoney and decided to infiltrate wes’s life - K now i’m just going crazy).

  • i think asher is more into michaela than she’s into him … my poor baby :( and i really really really want to see more of his “dorm life”. Should be funny!

  • i really don’t like the new student, the guy who was second chair. I hope they kill him off. Or just make us don’t see him again.

  • i’m really sad about the coliver break up. I knew oliver “wanted” a break up before connor asked him if he meant taking a break. No, sadly, no. You didn’t see an actual break up coming, poor baby connor, but i did. The scene from the beginning was so hard to watch because i was so sure it meant the end of coliver (for now, at least). But it made sense for oliver to break up. And the whole “connor not being mad at him” that jump-started this entire conversation, well he was right. Connor SHOULD have been mad at him, but, then again, he doesn’t know about all the things connor has done and hides from him ever since. He still doesn’t know connor’s addiction was a lie, he doesn’t know why he acts the way he does. I mean, there are a LOT of things oliver ignores but he’s not stupid and he knows something is “off”/weird.
     And i’m sorry to say; my casher heart was happy. A tiny bit.

  • is it me or connor’s style changed a little ? 

  • also, did connor say about oliver “he’d become new asher” to annalise on the rooftop talk ? I really liked it, I really liked Connor acknowledging that asher changed because of what happened in season two (i want to see more of it) and what he found out. To me, it means that they all know season 1 asher wouldn’t have gone with their crazy schemes. That in order for him to go with it, his dad had to die/get killed and thus make him momentarily lose his shit and royally fuck up. But it also gives me the impression that connor thinks they sorta fucked him up, that it’s their faults. I mean, yeah, if annalise/bonnie hadn’t decided to cover for him he probably would have gone to the police once the shock had passed but … yeah, idk. I just don’t want connor to think he is to blame.
    OR, maybe i’m reading way too much into connor’s comment … Probably, yeah. 

  • BUT, i really feel like connor is really afraid of “tainting” people, with what he said on the roof  AND by being the way he is/was with oliver (overprotective, doesn’t want him to have anything to do with the practice, worrying about him ending up like them, etc). And i keep wondering why … seriously, why ? Is there something bigger underneath or something ?

  • at first i thought the guy annalise was texting was frank … and i simply did not understand why she was communicating with him.

  • i’m torn between thinking annalise’s reaction at the end is genuine or an act … dunno yet. ALSO, i’m kinda scared oliver is the one underneath the sheet … My strongest supposition is bonnie but i’m still scared oliver might be the one actually dead.