Toxic Musical Fans

honestly the worst thing about the musical fandom is how much people hate on those who love DEH, Heathers, BMC and Hamilton

and yeah they’re common and have a large fandom


sometimes they’re just new, maybe they haven’t heard of Newsies, or Le mis or Miss Saigon yet

calm down

just because you know more musicals does not invalidate their fandom

hey i love heathers, it was my first musical and it’s still very much my favourite

and whenever i tell people that i get snarky remarks or get called a fake fan

really? who cares if it’s popular or not

new or old

these days unless the musical is from the 80s or 90s you’re a ‘fake fan’ and honestly i hate that

Whelp, there goes my heart 💔

Out to steal your girl’s heart: Mike Faist

Out to steal your mother’s affection: Ben Platt

Out to steal: Will Roland


i havent slept yet its 8:30 am hope you enjoy this completely canon animatic i made

audio is from parks and rec