Here is to all the aces

The transgender aces.
The nonbinary aces.
The lesbian aces.
The bisexual aces.
The heterosexual aces.
The intersex aces.
The POC aces.
The young or old aces.
The closeted aces.
The aces who enjoy sex.
The aces who are sex repulsed.
The aces who don’t like being being aces because they feel like they’re missing out.

To every ace out there, you are so beautiful and amazing. Your identity is just as valid as anyone else’s. 


“The Doomsday Machine:” Original effects vs. CGI enhancements


Frank in the style of Beetlejuice for halloween

why is ford’s physique so aesthetically appealing…………..

like his thicker thighs just make him look softer somehow?? it makes him more fleshed out and round. like you could comfortably use them as if they were pillows almost

When you accidentally create a new hairstyle for David while doing some absolutely disastrous editing…

…and it reminds you of

I am on the floor.

Hating you would require an emotional commitment, and I’ve got no time or energy for that.
—  Misono to Mikuni

joyedtobeforlorn  asked:

YOU'RE SO RIGHT EVERYONE CRUSHES ON JADE she's a 10/10 karkat is now demoted to 2nd most crushed-on character in hs

i know! rose was very clearly gay for her; dave, davesprite, and davepeta all had crushes and/or makeouts with her; karkat, kanaya, feferi, and nepeta all had an obvious thing for her, along with eridan but who seriously give a shit about him, and tavros even admitted it to her

and i’m sure terezi would be all over her pitchways

it really is too bad she and aradia never got to speak, i feel like they’d be good for eachother for the same reasons her and davepeta are

“Look– “ Rocco grinned, showing the first person he saw what was on his phone. He had a Ouija board app that was probably complete rubbish but he was still pretty excited about it. Maybe because he’d smoked quite a bit of bud earlier on. “I wish I had a real board but anyway– do you want to try it out?”

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Hartmon AU, taking place in a universe where Hartley worked for Stein instead of Wells, and they meet at a conference/party/science event.

Cisco sighed heavily as he walked into the convention hall. He’d tried so hard to get out of donor duty, Caitlin was so much better at schmoozing people than he was, but this convention was focusing on technology and that was Cisco’s area. As rich as Dr. Wells was, science was expensive and they could never pass up an opportunity to get new donors.

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sapphicdianaprince  asked:

who the heck elontori

she’s an artist who has previously gotten her account deleted for drawing nsfw billdip (that’s a 12 y/o kid) and other offenses. i can’t find the post wrapping it all together with the links and everything, but i’ll keep looking, if i find it i’ll link it here!