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Is the "Jungkooks ideal type almost being Jimin " even real? Like... did he said in somewhere? Or just imagination lmao

Yes, it’s basically a compilation of all the things he’s ever said about his supposed “ideal type” other than it just simply being IU. Kookmin World made a video of it recently which is why it’s getting all the attention so you can find a compilation of it all here.

So I made a trash post about it before, but basically we all know Jungkook’s ideal type is IU…yet whenever he actually goes and describes traits for his ideal type none of it really correlates to IU, and he always mentions it like once and never says it again. 

So the list of thing that Kookmin World mentioned that Jungkook finds in his ideal type:

- someone who likes him 

- someone who feeds him food

- someone who makes him laugh

- someone who is cute but can’t do aegyo

…yeah, idk anyone like that. ;)

As well, the video I mentioned exists somewhere. Idk where anymore, it was hidden in one of those jikook compilation videos (Smirk Cookie????) and it was basically Jungkook being awkward on a radio show and saying his ideal type was someone with abdominal muscles and tan skin, while Jimin was in the background repeated saying “like me? so like me?” I didn’t think much of it at the time, only that me and my sister were dying because we were like “IU who? How does this correlate?” but that was just us being cynical XD

But yeah…now you know the story about Jungkook’s supposed ideal type. Perhaps, he just has no idea what he wants and is throwing about bs whenever the question is poised. But it’s just a funny coincidence, and that maybe, just maybe, he has someone in his mind whether consciously or subconsciously. ;)

…and finally since we bringing up “jungkook’s ideal type”, and there’s one thing we must NEVER forget when addressing jeon jungkook’s ideal type…

The baggy white T-shirt.


smooth sailing

He felt still rather like a man waiting for the axeman’s blade to drop; his body had become accustomed to this breakneck coltish pace, and nothing had convinced it yet that the danger had passed. 

some mid-episode-87 percahlia. 1.5k words. gentle pwp guest starring a Very Bad Nautical Joke* and a copious helping of fluff. explicit, but not as explicit as some things i have written! enjoy.

*to fans of patrick o’brian: sorry. you can already guess what joke it is.

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Ex To See

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words: ~520
Warnings: kinda angsty but also not at all
Summary: Based on Ex To See by Sam Hunt for @impalaimagining ‘s 1k Gif Challenge (finally)! Gif’s in the fic (:
A/N: I’m sorry that it took so long and that it’s short and shitty but I hope you like it! Also, please let me know if you’re getting notifications if you’re tagged.
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Tonight was date night, which meant you and Jared were finally taking time away from work and focusing on each other. You had been waiting for what felt like forever. You bought a new dress, bought some sexy new lingerie, and you even got your hair touched up. You doubted that he’d notice, it was a barely noticeable difference.

You slipped into your lingerie and stepped in front of the mirror. It did wonders for your breasts. You pulled your red dress on and stepped into your heels before heading into the living room where Jared had been patiently waiting.

“Wow. Baby, you look so… just… wow.”

You giggled as you came down the stairs, draping your arms over his shoulders as you pulled him into a kiss. “You ready?”

“You sure you don’t wanna just stay home?” he bit his lip as his hands running down your back.

You smiled, your fingers twisting in the hair at the base of his neck. “I spent way too much on this dress for it to end up on the floor in less than twenty minutes. We’re going out.”

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interconnectedness, coincidence : a dirk gently fanmix

life out of balance : cristobal tapia de veer journey of the sorcerer : eagles who are you : the who i’m gonna win : rob cantor meditative chaos : cristobal tapia de veer face to the sun : galahad kiss the sky : shawn lee’s ping pong orchestra saint claude : christine and the queens deserted skies : s u r v i v e