the signs as badlands tracks;

aries: castle

taurus: hold me down

gemini: colors pt. 1 + colors pt. 2

cancer: i walk the line

leo: haunting

virgo: strange love

libra: roman holiday

scorpio: control

sagittarius: young god

capricorn: drive

aquarius: coming down

pisces: gasoline

Dedicated for the wonderful and agonizing snogfairy​, who is pure evil and a distracting force of nature. You have my part now hohoho~

It went without saying, Natsu had screwed up quite a few things in the past year without realizing it. There was that time he accidentally fried all of the fish he and Happy caught for dinner. The exceed refused to speak to him for a day afterwards. Then again when he was running from a giant bird and ran straight off the edge of a cliff, only to get tangled in a massive spider web.  If the gigantic spider hadn’t been so busy trying to fend the carnivorous feather duster off, he would have been lunch that day.  Luckily Happy was of a generous enough mind to pry him from the webbing and they made their escape.

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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015: Who Is The Favorite To Win

     I sat in the old, dusty cot with my back to the door. Even when I heard it open and the careful steps of a guard enter I didn’t move. I didn’t breath. I’m sure I looked dead anyway. My bones stabbed at my paper thin skin. My stomach was close to eating itself. I haven’t seen my face in…god knows how long. 
     The footsteps stopped short of my cot and I felt the guard lower something on the edge of the bed. A moment later the smell reached my nose and my stomach asked, no, begged for me to turn over and devour the food on the tray. And yet, I still didn’t move. 
     “You need to eat, girl.” His voice was deep. 
     It took a lot of energy to finally move. My hand slid down my side, feeling along the bed until it gingerly touched the tray. I felt the cheap plastic bowl. Then the rest of my body moved until I could see the man. His eyebrows were drew together and his eyes were full of hatred. 
     I almost smiled. Almost. He was about to get a whole angrier. With my fingers already by the bowl it only took a flick for me to send the stew pouring off the edge of the bed and onto the guards shoes. 
     He didn’t waste a second as he lunged at me. His hands were around my neck and my own hands reached out gripping his forearm. “You little bitch!” He growled. 
     I couldn’t breathe. I begun to feel woozy. Regardless, I still smiled when I saw the guard realise exactly what I was doing. I saw his dark eyes grow wide when he figured that I was holding his hands in place, hoping he would choke me. With strength I didn’t know I had, I kept his hands in place for a few seconds longer. 
    But I couldn’t hold him long enough. He tore his hands away from me, holding them out like they were poisoned. A rush of stale air filled my lungs. My voice croaked, scratching my throat. “Oh come on. Kill me.” I glared up at him. “It’s a win-win situation.” 

Multichapters Complete in May 2015

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  • Cole:Warden-Commander Clarel wasn't like you, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra:Thank you, Cole... I think. I never met Clarel, but I will take that as a compliment.
  • Cole:She fell because she fell. That's how Erimond convinced her to hurt people. He made it look like bravery.
  • Cole:She called it a choice, but it was a lie. She was afraid.
  • Cole:You aren't afraid. You won't fall.
  • Cassandra:Thank, you, Cole. I appreciate that.
  • Cassandra:What of magister Erimond? Do you sense a secret pain in him?
  • Cole:No. Erimond is an asshole.
  • Cassandra:(Laughs.) Well said.

So i made a mistake to read a text post in Shaysima tag. Obviously it was some person tagging their hate.

They were talking about how Shay reacted when Cosima started bleeding, saying that “a normal” person would freak out but Shay was calm.

Shay was obviously worried as fuck, but instead of screaming she stayed calm because that’s what was best for Cosima. Getting all hysterical would just make things worse, it would get Cosima panicked even more. Shay put Cosima’s feelings ahead of her own, which is the thing that “a normal” person would do. She stayed calm and tried to take care of her.