Haru, there’s no water here….?

haru getting turned on because it isn’t regular water dripping from makoto, but makoto’s sweat, makoto’s own water

Based on what Maki wrote me on twitter when we were talking about the possibility of seeing Makoto playing basketball in Eternal Summer


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libby whats your #1 ship

i’m sorry i can’t i love everything so much 




Anyone else have questions?

Coz apparently we can ask questions…

Here’s your chance to ask the writers, producers, and artist of the #RevolutionComic your questions! What would you like to know about the making of the final installment of the series? Leave your questions in the comments below.


this kid that I used to go to church with when we were younger always told me how great Naruto was and that I just had to watch it, but now he’s all grown up and is a preacher and he even preached to my church the other day and all I can think of is that this baptist preacher told me to watch a show where two dudes kiss

Cosplay and Race over the years
  • Non-poc:*blackfaces*
  • Poc:*lightens skin*
  • Me:stop that.
  • Non-poc/Poc:okay.
  • Poc:*cosplays a non poc character*
  • Non-poc:you can't do that! You're not the right color!!
  • Me:stop that
  • Non-poc:okay.
  • Non-poc:wow your cosplay is great because of your skin! uwu
  • Me:stop that
  • Non-poc:okay.
  • Non-poc:*cosplays as a poc character without insulting any race*
  • Poc:you can't do that because ur not a poc!
  • Me:stop that
  • Poc:you're a stupid traitor!! Whiteys put you up to it!!! Kanye!!! Cooning!!!
  • Me:stop that
It took way to long for Lance to be able to lift his arm and not have Arthur flinch....
  • Ok so i need help from the people following be that like Mystery skulls.... or even who don't. Anyways, I'm planning on making a comic got Arthur's back story buuuut.... my scanner is broken and my laptop got stolen. So, either you can wait a reeeeally long time foot comic or i can start writing it out like a fanfic and post it that way (truthfully, that may be better because my drawing sucks...) anyways.... plz tell me by wensday?
  • (I have to thank darkfire-kai for the line up there.... little teaser foot yall)

After a terrible event in which Tanaka found a tiny cavity in one of Ciel’s tooth, all candies, pastries and cookies were prohibited in the Phantomhive manor.
Each servant was trained by Sebastian to not give in to the demands of the young master. No matter how much Ciel whines, demands, threats or cries, no one gives him what he wants… until one evening in which a tiny plate with cheap cookies was left at the bottom of Ciel’s bedroom door. Yes! YES! Ciel has someone on his side! Some twigs and leafs gives him a clue: FINNIAN

The youngest of the servants can’t stand how his cute young master suffers for the lack of sugar in his life. Since then, Finny gives Ciel all kind of candies ( the ones he can afford) every time he meets with the kid.
Their relationship gets closer with the days and the encounters are more frequent and suspicious, until two facts become too evident: 1.- The cavity is getting bigger and 2.- Ciel’s getting fat.

Excuse my english. I attended public school.

I’ve never been really interested in Arrow (Justin Hartley’s Oliver Queen has always been too close to my heart), but with the way they’re fleshing out the on-screen DC universe lately with characters I love and have always wanted to see, I may have to give it a chance (also The Flash)

{ look @ her,,,,,,,the most important superhero,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

mosylufanfic I love that gif! And it is an accurate representation of my feelings at the moment because KILLERFROST. KILLERVIBE ANGST. KILLERVIBESTORM ANGST. 

I have this sort of petty, spiteful vendetta against xkcd because so many people I’ve met irl who exuberantly enjoy that comic are elitist nerds, and as a result I find myself rooting for it to lose in the comicmix thing

I saw Age of Ultron yesterday and honestly even looking like a super-smooth god-human with skin like lava I would still 100000% bang Paul Bettany

so i go through periods of wearing jewellery and not and at the moment i am tending to wear it and usually i wear two rings but i couldn’t find one before i went out this evening so i only wore the one only it’s the one that goes on my ring finger and is a silver band with a clear stone (and to anyone not looking close enough to see how cheap it is probably looks kind of engagement ring-y?) which is clearly what my fellow comic soc committee member thought when he looked over and saw me wearing it and then pulled an expression of congratulations/surprise/befuddlement at me.

aaa i had a pretty nice time at the convention today, but ended up spending more time back at my friend’s house - which is why i’m on so late. i’m incredibly tired so i’m heading to sleep right now. just wanted to pop in & hope you all had a great day ! i hope you all get enough rest & smile a ton, you fabulous person ♥

(( the more i look at these panels the more pissed im getting at Rock. Like tone down the ableism there maybe???

 I mean if Rock is addressing him as Blues then I’m assuming he knows his backstory at this point so he really shouldn’t be surprised or ANGRY that Blues woudl try to cover up that he’s damaged like jesus christ the last time someone tried to repair Blues he thought they were going to change his personality so he has every reason to avoid repairs fuck off ))