For the first time ever, networks are promising to consider the 30 most up-voted questions submitted by Americans.

Currently, it seems like FWD:FWD:Re: style conservatives are submitting and voting the most,as the top questions are more like accusations aimed at specifically Hillary, or prompts for Trump to regurgitate his favorite buzzwords.

We have the Internet too. We have a voice: let’s use it in venues outside tumblr so Trump doesn’t get more advantages.

Vote on and submit meaningful questions that challenge both candidates to talk policy.

Please vote on my first question, linked here and above, which challenges both candidates to offer their opinion on LGBT and suggest real solutions that can work against the “religious freedom” arguments of the Alt-Right.

My second question focuses on how at-risk (poor, often minority) students and students with disabilities fare under high-stakes testing. Please vote for it here.

Please Reblog. Tweet. Facebook. We can do this.



This one-shot 6-pager is set in the rpg setting @g1138 and myself have created/been expanding since 2005 across three editions of D&D. It was made for a comics compilation which will be published in spanish at a comic convention in México, and with permission of the people who asked for it I was able to upload an english version for free. This is one of two other 6-pagers which will be released during the following months, along with another upcoming one-shot called Unfiltr (which is set in the universe of Where the Heart Is), and then there’s big news for WTHI and its future, just to give you an idea of how much comics stuff is coming your way. I hope you enjoy this silly little comic and if you do tell me what you think and reblog!


What if when Vlad was in the hospital he wasn’t close to any windows. So practicing his powers he used them to create his own stars. Also i really like the idea of Danny doubting if Vlad is really a bad person. He’s done bad things but that’s because he has no one to guide him. So is he really bad, or is he just lost?

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