I’m so excited to finally be able to talk about this! I’ve been working on a kid’s comic book called Tiger vs Nightmare that I wrote and am illustrating for First Second Books. They have put out a lot of my favorite comics of recent years and I’m thrilled to be working with them. You can read the announcement here.

And I’ll be posting some updates here, but probably a lot more on my twitter, where I’m @EmilyTetri - I don’t want to completely flood this Tumblr with working updates, so if you’re into a lot of process stuff, I’ll probably post that stuff over there.

Mystic Messenger “MC” Fan Comic Day 00 Pg 12

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Thank you for reading my fan comic! ^^ ~Mari

^^;;; so sorry~ …. she doesn’t remember them…MC had to forget about her past life~ and playing this game before….but hey~ this is why she doesn’t have a back story! hahahaha…. she literally doesn’t know her own story and why she just voluntarily stays at Rika’s apartment with no complains -_- anyways~ I’ll stop talking now~

Extra for clarification: she forgot her previous life after waking up the second time, because of the shot the doctor gave her… ^^;;;