C2E2 happened! It stands for Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo which means I got a ton of comics, had a bunch of great food, and hung out with people I love and admire! Chicago is one of my favorite places so combining that with comics and friends is a recipe for awesome memories. 

Here are the books I got (not included in the close-ups are the comics from the first book haul I posted), along with another look into the After-Words bookstore, the jazz record store next door, and a random picture of me that I swear was not posed, I was talking at dinner and being weird, but I liked the picture so here it is.

Marvel’s Daredevil, review: ‘meticulously paced and violent’

Daredevil, the new comic book romp from Netflix, is gorgeously gritty, with endless close-ups of Charlie Cox’s titular superhero glowering in the rain or grumpily kneeing bad guys in the groin. It’s violent too, the villains grunting in audible pain as [Read More]

Joel Schumacher Dug Bat-Nipples, Zack Snyder Digs Bat-Crotch

Joel Schumacher Dug Bat-Nipples, Zack Snyder Digs Bat-Crotch #BatmanVSuperman

So the internet is going into a stupid frenzy over the Batman V Superman teaser, add to that an ‘epic’ IMAX screening of the trailer with a whopping 5 extra seconds. People are already calling Batfleck the best ever because of his dramatic poses and robotic voice “do you bleed”. I for one think people need to chill the heck out and wait for the film. And importantly remember, it’s Zack Snyder; so…

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