There are some days where you just want to relax and take it easy…..and then there are other days where you just want to pull an Anne Hathaway and come in like a wrecking ball.

Also it seems to be that in like every movie… Tony somehow gets into a fight with someone bigger and stronger than him  and needs help.
Fuck around wit terrorists -> Get kidnapped and tortured-> Yinsen and Rhodey help
Obie fronting -> Arc Reactor jacked -> Dum-E and Rhodey to the rescue
Obie douching it up further -> Tony barely scrapes by -> Pepper blows Obie up
Vanko comes in like a wrecking ball -> Tony gets smacked around -> Happy hits Vanko with his car.
Hammer sweatin Tony and gets rejected -> Vanko gets called in again ->Rhodey??? -> Natasha helps -> then Rhodey helps.
Tony vs his own damn demons -> Rhodey tries to be concerned boyfriend -> Tonys a dick -> Rhodey helps Rockem Sockem style.
Steve and Tony measure dicks -> Threats?? -> Blueberry??? -> Clint blows shit up -> Steve forgets anger and helps Tony so he doesnt fall again
Tony sasses Loki -> Loki sasses back but fails -> Erectile Dysfunction jokes -> Tony gets thrown out a window -> Jarvis saves him
SHIELD and Alien dickery -> Nukes -> SPACE -> Falling -> HULK HELPS(x2)
Tony science flirting -> DEADLY FICUS -> Happy saves Tonys life from explosion
Happy gets hurt for reals -> Tony threatens terrorists -> Gets his ass blown up -> Saved by Pepper then Jarvis
Tony gets in over his head with glowing lady -> Gets shot at by glowing guy -> Saved by Harley
Killian sweatin Tony and gets rejected -> Killian festers -> Relentless onslaught against Tony -> Jarvis(multiple times) and Pepper save their damsel in distress.
Avengers 2-

Tony is a small old man and needs to stop getting into fights.

I, I been gone I been gone too long singing my songs on the road.
Another town, one more show and I’m coming home.
Don’t give a damn what these keys I hold
I’m gonna knock down that front door, and

I'ma find out what that house is made of.
Been too many nights since its felt us make love.
I wanna rock some Sheetrock, knock some pictures off the wall.
Love you baby, like a wrecking ball.

I just like the idea of the ot7 going on a road trip and Matt is listening to the guys sing to the radio. And either Wrecking Ball or Blank Space comes on and the guys are mumbling their way through it, and Matt just fucking belts out the song, he knows it, it’s on his music player and the guys are stunned. Little quiet Matt knows the lyrics and his singing voice might be shit but it brings grins to the guys and a rounded atmosphere to the car. So when the chorus comes on its all of them fucking smiling and screaming out the lyrics with no sense of tune.

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New reader here so you might have answered an ask like this before but, what do you think about the whole Gideon being a vampire thing? (in canon I mean)

i’m not very familiar with that theory? and it doesn’t matter to this AU cause he’s a human here.

tbh i think gideon is frightening enough without any supernatural intervention. even when he didn’t have a magic amulet or special crystals or a demonic ally, he was a formidable opponent. remember, plan “B” after his deal with bill fell through was just to come at the mystery shack with a wrecking ball. 

he’s already a stubborn, manipulative megalomaniac; i don’t think vampire powers would really add anything to his overall villainy quotient.


GEMSONA TIME! (One of two gemsonas I have going, so in the backstory part it will include Azurite but I will post her later. Other sketches of topaz to come too :) ) Gem type: Imperial Topaz Gem location:back of neck Alliance: diamond authority Weapon: scorpion like wrecking ball thingy that emits down spine Other power/ability: able to make anyone spit the truth, basically a human lie detector Personality: level headed, stubborn, bit of a prideful little shit at times. Takes her duty as lieutenant very seriously. Is easily agitated and becomes jealous way too quickly. Dominating but extremely humble and recessive to those obviously ranking above her. Values trust and respect out of others. Back story:(like I said, Azurite is included in this story and is another gemsona of mine I will post later) basically what you need to know: while being dubbed into her lieutenant rank, she had meet Azurite, a servant of yellow diamond. Makes a fool of herself flirting with Azurite not know her purpose as servant, but fall for each other all the same. They are mated decades later and they diamond authority has started mineing the earth. As the rebellion starts and topaz serves the homeworld gems, Azurite joins the Crystal gems suddenly without warning. Azurite is soon killed in one of a major battle with topaz as general. The Crystal gems retreat, but topaz refuses to let them get away, going behind enemy lines with her finest soldiers to do as much damage as possible in revenge. The mission fails and Topaz is captured and drag far away from her armies who now have no leader. Crystal gems win the war and topaz returns to homeworld without a rupture in her gem, but not her mind. Never coming to peace with Azurite’s death her mind slowly became corrupt and wrathing with rage towards the Crystal gems, blaming them for starting the war and Azurites demise. She eventually plots a attack on earth, taking a lone transporter to return to earth to sceme her plans for avenging her lovers crushed gem.soon after arriving alone she tussles with a Crystal gem, (my friend oc who is not yet named, we’ll just call her Crystal for now) and transporter is destroyed. Crystal knowing the homeworld be coming in search of their general, she seeks to show topaz the wonders of earth and why she shouldn’t bring her armies to destroy it, but slowly realizing topaz’s near corrupt state, she also wants to mend her mind and bring her to peace before she she going fully corrupt. (Sorry this includes a headcanon that gems may be able to live for thousands of year alright, but not their minds and they can eventually snap and are then closely watched by officals until they confirm that they will soon be completely corrupt and will put them out of their misery)(if this gets enough notes I will post the full detailed story)



Vegastuck 413 meetup photos that me, Milan (No tumblr), and bubbiedubs​ took! 

Click the photos for captions! yOU WERE ALL GREAT IM CRAFTING

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Chapter 01 - 03

The radio broke silence. “Is everyone in position?” Caitlyn’s voice crack onto the small receiver clipped to Vi’s leather jacket. She turned to her team, looking at each member as they nodded. Seven of them, her being Eight. Each equip with s.w.a.t like goods and clothing, except for her. She planned to draw the attention while her team took them from the sides. A usual measure that worked well in other raids, however this raid was much bigger and much riskier. 

The plan that the Sheriff had come up with was simple; Squad one to be the wrecking ball. Infiltrate and make a path, get as far up in the base as possible. Once pinned squad two would bust in the back, since the heat would be directed to the front. They could sneak their way up and take down the big boys. Squad three was to be back-up for squad one, going in after them if trouble began to brew. Lastly ground control would make a perimeter, and a sniper unit on nearby roofs to create cover fire. 

The building was already in rough shape, faded red bricks crumbling and cracked. A rusted fence surrounding the small gravel parking lot that looped the building, making it almost isolated. It had once been a low income apartment building, but recent structure weaknesses had cause the building to close for renovations that never ended up taking place due to lack of funding in the poorer neighborhoods. The back of the building was just off a freeway, making it a noisy area to live. 

This gang however, didn’t seem to mind the sounds. Being the new heavy hitters in the city meant trouble for the police force. Caitlyn had made it her mission to hit every gang hard where it counted, crippling the majority of crime since she started. This group had been tricky, Vi finding out most members were actually quite young and smart. Using their technology know-how to help keep the cops off their trail, messing with countless police bots throughout the city. Mostly hitting up electronic and auto shops, once even attempting on the famous Piltover City Customs- unsuccessfully. 

It frustrated Vi that such young, intelligent minds were being put to use in such a criminal way. Remembering what Jayce had said about how a good percentage of students coming to the city to study in science wouldn’t be able to work in the field. How most would ether leave to Zaun or stay here and work in something completely different. Now some had turned to crime. 

“Roger. Squad one; locked and loaded.”

Why dont they make time traveling movies musical? Like for an example. Imagine the setting like the jane austen novels where the time traveling lead plays the piano. Its a little gathering with her friends and of course, with the dashing and handsome gentleman. she plays mozart, beethoven etc. Everyone listening to her are enjoying then suddenly she hit different keys to change the song. Then BAM! WRECKING BALL. Modern songs come in.

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1. Have you ever come in like a wrecking ball, if so for whom?? 2. Is love an open door ? 3. If I took your pulse rn, would it feel just like a sledgehammer, and why? 4. if I gave it to you, are you really worth it. Also in your mind, who would I look like? 5. Are you really too hot? Almost to the point of “hot damn?” 6. If I stayed with you, am I really all you need? If not, who is?

Can’t answer, too busy making a playlist of all of these songs.

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Send me URLs and I’ll talk about them.

lETS MCFREAKIN LOSE IT – GET OUTTA UR MIND ;;  now that that’s outta the way. excuse u what super lame blog ??? all i see is a v nice and an awesome blog ??? like. ahem.  from what i’ve seen & the little interactions we’ve had, you seem like a super nice person omg. NOT TO MENTION another meme-loving frick. i’m glad i finally managed to ask for ur skypeE. I JSUT NEEDA SEND U STUFF MORE OFTEN. flops on u ;; amazing tanaka & amazing mun, too.

yo this summer is gonna be so tight like I’m going to Pennsylvania for a week and possibly going to TIHC, then to NY and DC. Right after that, I’m going to Atlanta and get to see the greatest guy that I’m head over heels for, and get to meet my closest buds there too while hanging at Wrecking Ball. Plus I think we might be going to Texas finally?? Just really happy that things are continuing to look up