Soap’s Freedom Pals team + Butters WIP

Left to Right:

Captain Diabetes (Scott Malkinson),
The Human Kite (Kyle Broflovski),
Buttlord (Soaps/MC),
Professor Chaos (Butters Stotch)
and Mysterion (Kenny McCormick).

Scott is an amazing tank. It’s a shame he isn’t more of a regular character and frowned upon by the boys.

Kyle (and sometimes subbing in Stan) is a great healer/defence buff, saved my ass many times.

Kenny, well ya know, a total badass who has really really good moves. His ultimate is just ❤❤❤❤❤❤.

My Buttlord is an all-rounder, with plantmansers knockback and ultimate heal moves, the cyborgs shocking punch and the Blasters line attack (I don’t know the names by heart).

I had extra space and I wanted to fill it in woth someone else. Butters is just too damn sweet not to add, plus in SoT, he was my fav companion.