I’m not the only one who recognizes that literally the only reason they added the (so far rather pointless) login page was to sneak in yet another page refresh with which to show more ads, right?

While we’re at it, I’m pretty sure that was the real and only reason they did the AH “update” too. Not the range searches, not the advanced price searching, not the multiple AH sections, not the entire frigging populace of the site screaming at them for years that we just need a basic damn range/age search tab and the AH will be complete, no, just a poorly disguised excuse to gut the code of that whole (Perfectly functional and honestly much more aesthetically pleasing than it is now) part of the site in order to shove in a million more goddamned page refreshes.

I’m starting to feel like the only reason anything ever gets done at all around here is if the admins figure out a way to sneak in another page refresh somewhere. I wonder just how many page refreshes they’re going to sneak in with the Coli update. My bet is on them ditching the current fairgrounds-esque flash game format in favor of sticking every single screen on a separate frigging page.


Am I the only one who was laughing while watching this one? I don’t know, but there’s something fun about this episode that made me laugh. Sure, it was not intended to be a comic episode. It was actually dark. Why do I have this feeling that when it comes to Sasuke, everything is on the dark side? Maybe because of his black hair. Lol! Or maybe, it’s because Sasuke has gone through the dark side, that’s why. But of course, we all know that he’s now atoning for his sins. And it seems he has been gone for quite too long, that even his friends are getting kind of tired of waiting.

We’re also wondering how long will you still go on, Sasuke. But if it means making you feel better about your self, then take all the time that you need.

But surely, it’s a breath of fresh air to see that Sasuke is now working for the Hidden Leaf again.

I love that exchange, though I must admit, I find Yamato a little creepy. Hihi! Am I the only one?

I still love you though, Captain Yamato. ;)

So this story (the whole arc, actually) is centered towards Sasuke. That is why I understand we get to see familiar faces from his side of the story.

I got to say, I kind of enjoy these three. Especially that “Sasuke Dear” part. Haha! Though, I’m not sure so sure about the Orochimaru part. 

Okay. Let’s not be blunt. Nice to see you again, Orochimaru!

I kind of figured out that Sasuke will be the bait for that Fuushin. And that coliseum scene, it kind of gave me a lot of anime memories. Like, for 90′s babies out there like me. Do you remember Ghost Fighter and Flame of Recca? It’s just very nostalgic.

And then, Sasuke arrived to fight with that Futsu guy.

But when they’re beggining the fight, another exploding human appeared. Argh! Talking about a major cliff hanger. So it means we have to wait for another week for the continuation. Like, what?

But maybe, it’s all worth it. Sasuke is always worth it. Agree, everyone?

And so, another week. Have to remind myself to be patient. But before I forgot, I just have to say. I laughed so much with this episode because of this child… err, girl. Haha! I sure know a lot of viewers also enjoyed her. And for my final screen shots, let’s indulge with this cutee but very wise Chino.


I understand why people want a plague venue, but it’s never going to happen and they need to get the fuck over it. Plague’s theme is disgusting and edgy as hell, and nobody wants to look at vague intestine-like things and puss boils while in the coli. That’s nasty, and if you like the idea of body horror and grotesque themes in a dragon breeding game, then you need psychological help

Fodder Tip

(For newer players, or those who haven’t heard of it, before)

Whenever you’re training fodder, and you have to refresh the coli (whether it be from a bug, low health or breath, or anything), give your fodder stat points. Particularly VIT. It may not seem helpful, but by level 5 some fodder can have a 30 in VIT and can actually tank hits fairly well. 

But it can be better. Fodder dragons with higher health can survive to their turns without needing any points in QCK. This means that they can meditate and contuse the coli enemies, since contuse makes a creature’s attacks deal 25% less damage.

What if your fodder doesn’t have contuse? There’s no need to put contuse or meditate on your fodder. If a fodder with scratch’s turn comes up, click the shield icon that says ‘Defend’. I repeat, you do not need one extra damage on the target. Don’t scratch. Defend halves incoming damage. 

Have a fodder dragon with Anticipate? Use that. Both Anticipate and Defend reduce incoming damage by half, but anticipate gives the user breath.


Your fodder can tank hits for your trainer, without a battlestone or anything. Just use defend on it’s turn, and put it’s points in VIT when you need to refresh, anyways.