The Pepsi logo throughout the years.

It’s always the same, isn’t it. Pepsi or Coke? Beatles or Stones? DC or Marvel? Microsoft or Apple? Choose your team, and we will tell you your personality. It never worked like that for me. Everything exists alongside each other, it’s a chaotic, colorful universe. I’ve never belonged to any team, group, band, color, flag, or club.

All these logo histories are from the book Logo Life by Ron van der Vlugt. It’s a great book, it contains tons of these.


Here’s what I did last night on stream!

Four ship cards, a drawing of Buff Chubs from that applebees au Modern AU, and a slew of sketches because I was getting tired (featuring ocs from @young-creative-pixels, @lizzyscribbledoodles, @shortythescreen, @oh-boy-cups, @sweetmugs, @kittyacelia, and @clockworkrogue)

I may do a regular, sober Chappy drawing bc I love them too much to leave it at “a drunken fling”. Thanks for coming out everybody!