National Guard called Ferguson demonstrators ‘enemy forces’ – report

One of the documents obtained by CNN, an outline of the deployment plan dubbed “Operation Show-Me Protection II,” described individuals as being “Friendly Forces” and “Enemy Forces.” The latter category contained the KKK, the RgB Black Rebels and the New Black Panther Party, as well as those dubbed “General Protesters.”


Sunni versus Shia explained

For the longest time, I turned to Anderson Cooper as a compassionate, caring voice in media. But, last night, with the segments on Walter Scott, I was done with CNN.

Last night, the video of Walter Scott’s murder was broadcast, internationally. His cold blooded murder was on a loop, shown over and over and over again. Now, mind you, CNN is shown in airports, at restaurants, in venues all over the world, uninterrupted. Venues where children are; venues where teenagers are; venues where adults are. Where people can look up at a screen, over dinner and see a Black man being murdered, repeatedly. No filter. No warning. No regard for Walter Scott’s life or death. Absolutely NO regard for his humanity.

I have written about this before. Dead Black and Brown bodies are put on full display, but White bodies have a filter over them, or are, in some way, shrouded. Mike Brown’s body on television, repeatedly, lay on that ground for longer than four hours. It was there for weeks as the media kept it there for ratings.

At this stage, it is safe to say that CNN does not give two f***s about Black life or death. Even MSNBC only showed still photographs of the shooting within the first hour of reporting it.

And not just this; Anderson Cooper, almost immediately, started talking about Walter Scott’s non-payment of child support. 

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Hi-Res ! 2015 04 14 - Shanghai - Laureus World Sports Awards Media Interviews by Ian Walton

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Caption : SHANGHAI, CHINA - APRIL 14:  Host Benedict Cumberbatch is interviewed by CNN at the Shanghai Grand Theatre prior to the  Laureus World Sports Awards  on April 14, 2015 in Shanghai, China.  (Photos by Ian Walton for Laureus)

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Response to the CNN numbers that have been floating around.

So this has been floating around Facebook and like, at first I just rolled my eyes but then I decided it was a great opportunity to apply these numbers in a very real way. I mean people were sharing it, hoping to emphasize that more white people were killed and they were right, so we should elaborate on that right?!

For the record, I couldn’t find data on hispanics, nor could I find 2014, or a comparable chart of killings for 2010, so this is just a ballpark figure of course. But I just wanted to shed a little light on this data, as I think it is being skewed/misinterpreted. So I’ll use 2010 numbers bc its the best I could find. If anyone has more recent figures, I would greatly appreciate them, or if I made any errors please do point them out for me. This isn’t meant to be a 100% accurate calculation, so don’t go using it on your book report since there’s a 4 year gap in statistics. Rather, this is to put things into perspective. In 2010, there were 223,553,265 white people. There were 38,929,319 black people. and there were 14,674,252 Asians. So doing the rough math here, using the above listed number of killings, that means .000185% of white people were killed. .000599% of black people were killed. .000102% of Asians were killed. I mean it’s entirely illogical to expect the number to be higher in blacks when they make up 12.6% of the population, while whites make up 72.4% but there are still more blacks killed, proportionately. On top of that, I am quite sure the list pictured is entirely accurate. I don’t know, but if anyone does, again, please point us to some better proof.

Proportion speaks much greater volumes. But I’ll make an even simpler metaphor. Say you have 100 red apples and 50 green. 10 red apples are bruised and 8 green apples are bruised. More red apples are bruised, but statistically, a green apple is more likely to be bruised than a red is. If you put them all in a bucket and closed your eyes, you’re more likely to get a red apple. But if you do get a red apple, there’s a 10% chance it will be bruised. If you get a green apple, there’s a 16% chance it will be bruised. So unless you’re making applesauce, it is still preferable to end up grabbing a red apple. 

Five Ways to Avoid Being Lit on Fire

All too often innocent people are being lit on fire, be it by a stranger or someone they’ve known for a long time. Whether you believe that arsonists are the result of poor parenting or simple genetics, there is no denying that all of us have the urge deep within our hearts to light people on fire. Here are the top five ways to avoid being lit on fire while out and about.

Don’t Wear Provocatively Flammable Outfits

It’s pretty obvious that if you dress like tinder you’re going to get treated like tinder–nothing telegraphs “easy target” to a potential firestarter like the wrong kind of outfit. Wearing easily combustible cotton fibers, dry denim, or bright, fire-suggestive colors like red and orange draw pyrophillic attention and gets the wheels turning in their heads. Stop wearing an invitation and try something more elegant and flame-retardant, like chain mail leggings or a blob of wet wool.

Clearly State Your Expectations

On paper, nobody should be set ablaze without consent. But it’s sometimes difficult or uncomfortable for flame-makers to ask head on, and all too easy to misinterpret or mix signals. That’s why it’s so important to tell the people around you that you do not want to be set on fire. How are they supposed to know if you don’t say anything? Besides, it’s a little weird to say something after the fact if you didn’t have the wherewithal to say something before.

Moderate Your Substance Use

Alcohol is one of the most flammable substances there is–drinking it to excess can be easily be interpreted by potential arsonists and Fox News as consent to be burnt. Despite repeated stories in the news about people getting blackout drunk at parties and finding themselves in gang-flame situations, the same mistakes keep getting made over an over. Remember: if you can’t handle yourself responsibly, then you are responsible for what happens to you, especially if that means getting lit on fire by a college debate team or your coworkers at the Christmas party.

Prepare for Self-Defense

Sure, the pipe dream of a world where people can live their lives without the constant fear of being lit on fire is a grand one. But in the meantime if you aren’t prepared it’s kind of like what did you think was going to happen? Take a fire-prevention class, always travel with a buddy, and always, always carry at least a 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher. Most potential arsonists are easily deterred, but getting lit on a fire is just part of the reality we live in.

Just Say Yes

If all else fails, just consent to being lit on fire at the last second. Then it doesn’t count!

At the end of the day, it will always be easier for victims to prevent themselves from catching fire than it will be to educate people at an early age to not light people on fire.

Hopefully now that you’re armed with these tips you won’t be next!

DNC Chair Slams Rand Paul's Hypocritical Stance On Personal Liberty (VIDEO)

DNC Chair Slams Rand Paul’s Hypocritical Stance On Personal Liberty (VIDEO)

Rand Paul asked for her opinion, and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz let him have it.

After being asked if he supports exceptions for abortion in cases of rape and incest, the Kentucky Senator and presidential wannabe told the Associated Press to ask DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz about her own thoughts on the constitutionally protected procedure.

“Why don’t we ask the DNC: is it OK to…

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