*Jesus comes back to America tomorrow.* Jesus: “Well, here I am!” (He’s Jesus. He expects a nice applause, obviously.) *Trump* “He’s an evil loser. He’s from the middle-east. Is he documented? He doesn’t speak English. He concentrates on the poor. He wants sick babies to have healthcare. He’s a vile socialist! He’s a bad guy!”

Jesus: “Who the fuck are you?”

Christians who watch Fox News: “Well, we frankly don’t know who to back here. But Jesus should learn English and pick up a gun. Let’s get that straight.” 

Interesting how in CNN’s coverage of the Manchester explosion goes right to Muslim terrorism and whether or not immigrants are sufficiently assimilated into UK culture.

The concert was mostly young girls. How much you want to bet it was some Elliot Rodger “Girls won’t fuck me so I’m gonna kill them” white boy?


CNN chose facts over another appearance by Kellyanne Conway

  • CNN’s communications team shut down Kellyanne Conway, calling out the “alternative facts” specialist for using alternative facts of her own.
  • It began Saturday, when Huff Post reported that CNN actively chose not to put Conway on air on their flagship Sunday show, State of the Union. 
  • The New York Times later quoted CNN’s explanation that turning Conway down was because of “serious questions about her credibility.”
  • Conway denied that report, saying she “could not do live Sunday shows this week [because] of family.”
  • CNN fired back a half-hour later, saying the White House offered to make Conway available for the show, but they “passed” on her appearance. Read more