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What school did you go to to become a midwife? If I became an abortion doula, would I go through the same schooling? Thanks!!!

There are 3 different types of midwifery:

  • Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) – start as Registered Nurses and get a 2 year masters degree in Advanced Practice Nursing that specializes in midwifery.  They can prescribe medications, diagnose, and perform procedures.  CNMs work in hospitals, birth centers, and homes.
  • Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) – undergo a 2-3 year training at a midwifery institution.  They can work in some birth centers and homes.
  • Lay Midwives – train as an apprentice under another midwife for many years, with no formal education.

Doulas do no medical care, whether they are abortion or birth doulas.  Doulas provide informational, emotional, and physical support during trying experiences such as birth, abortion, the postpartum period, certain medical procedures, and in some cases death.

If you train to be an abortion doula you will go through a 1 or 2 day workshop where you will learn vital skills in supporting patients throughout their experience.  That might mean good language to use, pressure points or massage points, tactful ways to counsel patients, ways to empower patients to ask the questions they need to hear the answer to.

I am a Certified Nurse Midwife, which means that I went through a 4 year Bachelors, then I attended Yale School of Nursing for an 11 month long accelerated nursing program after which I became a Registered Nurse, and then a 2 year Masters in Midwifery (also at Yale).  I am a Licensed Independent Provider, which means that I am solely responsible for my patients.  I work with MDs in certain circumstances, but the patients are entirely under my jurisdiction.


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