Recently I’ve been modelling, and trying to find work in that field, though I really miss doing art and I’m still interested in creating a Cartoon Network comic, featuring grown Powerpuffs, Dexers Lab, Ed Edd n Eddy, Cow & Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Billy & Mandy, and possibly some others. I’ve wanted to do this idea for a few years now and have some great ideas for it. (And I would love to hear YOUR ideas as well!)

The thing is, I need support to do so. I have tried to start this a few times now, but I always give up because it’s a large project and lets face it, I need to make money afford materials. I just recently moved and have only a sketchbook and pens. I wonder if any of you have ideas to help me market my comic? Or if there is a way to collect donations for such a thing?

If you know of anything that could help me out, or have any ideas for my Cartoon Network Crossover comic, please let me know! You can leave me a message or note here, email me at , or contact me through my tumblr account: . (Email will be the fastest response, but I will check each account everyday)
Also if you’re interested in seeing my modelling photos (And a lot of selfies haha) my Instagram is auzzieauzborn . (Finally have long orange hair like Blossom ❤ )

Thank you very much for reading and still remembering me after all this time ❤ Looking forward to hearing from you all!