A 5sos fan posted her credit card to let some followers buy their songs on iTunes. A K-pop fan screenshoted the picture with the caption, “buy yourself something girlies.” Apparently the K-pop fan was arrested. K-pop fans worldwide had bought items using that cards, items include mac books, K-pop merch, and even pianos. There’s is a 50% that if you purchased something you might be arrested or force to pay. The owner of the credit card is said to be in 55,000 dollars in debt, her account only had $450 when she first posted it.


160829 [HD] CNBLUE THE CLASS 2016 Fall Collection

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“A long, long time ago, there was a kind and beautiful girl named Cinderella. Cinderella was always abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. But on one fateful day, she met a wonderful prince and thus, she lived happily ever after… Yeah, as if! Cinderellas nowadays don't have time to meet princes because of their damned part-time jobs. And on top of that, “princes" nowadays are just huge assholes. They all have Casanova complexes, and are all so damn haughty!”