TOP 13 Roles Given To Other Actors/Actresses 

Role (Kdrama) | Originally | Currently 

13. Choi Young Do (The Heirs) | Yonghwa (CN Blue) | Kim Woo Bin 

12. Yang Seo Yeon (Architecture 101) | Seohyun (SNSD) | Suzy (Miss A) 

11. Baek Gun Woo (Warm & Cozy) | Kim Woo Bin | Yoo Yeon Suk 

10. Ki Ha Myung (Pinocchio) | Kim Woo Bin | Lee Jong Suk 

9. Choi Joon Ki (High Society) | Park Seo Joon | Sung Joon 

8. Jang Yoon Ha (High Society) | Moon Geun Young | Uee (After School)

7. Noda Megumi (Nodame Cantabile) | Yoona (SNSD) | Juri Ueno

6. Kumiho (My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tail Fox) | Jun Ji Hyun | Shin Min Ah

5. Kim Hyun Jun (Iris) | Kim Jae Joong (JYJ) | Lee Byung Hun

4. Goo Jun Pyo (Boys Over Flowers) | Jang Geun Suk | Lee Min Ho

3. Han Yi An (School 2015) | Minhyuk (CN Blue) | Nam Joo Hyuk 

2. Oh Cho Rim (The Girl Who Sees Smell) | Suzy (Miss A) | Shin Se Kyung

1. Hong Seol (Cheese In A Trap) | Suzy (Miss A) | Kim Go Eun 


150512 Kang Minhyuk Twitter, Instagram  & Weibo Updates:
[Eng Trans] @MR_KANGGUN: Arranged the flowers after a long time! So beautiful!! from the unblossomed to blossomed peonies all are really pretty, putting the flowers on the car like this gives me “honeymoon” vibes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
@MR_KANGGUN: After a long time (did) flower arrangement! Together with my shiro
@kangminhyuk91: I did a flower arrangement after a long time!! Pretty?!

[Spanish Trans] @MR_KANGGUN: Haciendo arreglos florales después de mucho tiempo! Muy hermosas!! desde peonías no florecidas hasta las florecidas, todas están muy bonitas. Poniendo las flores en el auto así me da la sensación de “luna de miel” ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
@MR_KANGGUN: Después de mucho tiempo hice un arreglo floral! Junto a mi shiro
@kangminhyuk91: Hice un arreglo floral después de mucho tiempo!! Lindo?!

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160504 Lee Jonghyun Instagram Updates - In Macau
[Eng Trans] @cnbluegt: - Gray-scale
- Slightly cloudy
- Road
- Great air
- Amazing tree
- Artificial flowers
- Old house
[Spanish] @cnbluegt: - En escala de grises
- Parcialmente nublado
- Camino
- Buen aire
- Árbol genial
- Flores artificiales
- Casa antigua

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150319 ′MCOUNTDOWN′ Welcomes SHINee′s Key and CNBLUE′s Lee Jung Shin as the New MCs with Special Performances
Starting Today, March 19, MCountdown will be hosted by Key and Lee JungShin.
Lee Jung Shin will perform his cover of Kim Jo Han′s I Want to Fall in Love.

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cr: Mnet Mcountdown, Mwave


150227 Coal Wreath for Jung YongHwa One Find Day 1st Concert at AX Hall, Seoul is happy to have been able to be part of this awesome Coal Wreath project organized by CNBYonghwa for today’s Jung Yonghwa 1st Solo Concert in Seoul. All the other fanclubs/websites (and CNBLUE.CL) collected 800 pcs of coal.

cr photos: CNBYonghwa


150315 Kang Minhyuk Twitter & Instagram Updates:
[Eng Trans] @MR_KANGGUN: Good night~
Instagram: ttatta-as pretty as the flowers
[Spanish] @MR_KANGGUN: Buenas noches~
Instagram: ttatta es tan linda como las flores

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