Stydia AU: MIT and George Washington finally shuts down classes for Spring Break. After nearly a month of not seeing Lydia, Stiles wants to photograph every moment. 

Okay, because everyone’s talking about the vidcon dad joke battle with Thomas/Patton. Here’s something I noticed while watching it. I don’t think Patton was the only one at the battle.

Considering Thomas’ reaction to the first dad joke was this:

Before he even pulled out the glasses. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that face before.

And then later, there’s these:




And the most convincing one in my opinion. Very annoyed.

If that’s not Logan Sanders showing through at the horrible jokes, then I don’t know what is.

consider: peter p just taking the window instead of the door in any situation possible

like not even as spiderman. just as peter. he climbs in through the window and anyone who doesn’t know him is like

’???????? this normal?????’

literally all of his classmates who have seen Too Much Weird Shit: oh ya thats just peter he does that


Yes, Fullmetal Alchemist characters told us multiple times that the Truth is cruel. But it is not. The Truth doesn’t take anything from them that they couldn’t have with the help of their loved ones.

So, yes, Ed lost his leg and his arm? PINAKO AND (mostly) WINRY ROCKBELL GAVE HIM THAT so he could still stand and fight!

Oh, Al lost his WHOLE BODY?! But his brother kept said body alive, and Al could still fight with Ed in order to get it back. He wasn’t alone, no. He had his brother and his friends and the warmth of their hopes.

And Izumi, she couldn’t be a mom anymore?! WRONG! Because Ed and Al stepped into her life and set her free from the burden of thinking she’d killed her baby twice, and they gave her pride and joy and she loves them like sons!

And finally, Roy. What a shame, he lost his ability to see. No problem, he simply had Hawkeye’s eyes. HAH. Best vision of the whole country for you, thank you, eyes that she used to protect him, eyes of the person he trusted with his LIFE, I mean. I’m even sure he trusts her eyes more than he trusts his own.

The Truth isn’t cruel. The Truth was showing them they were not alone. The Truth is wise, my friends.

You’ve now seen

Deku=All Might’s secret love child

Shinsou=Aizawa’s secret love child

Tokoyami=Hawk’s secret love child

But what about

Bakugou=Best Jeanist’s secret love child