CMAs 2013

So to the CMA, to whoever made this choice. You’re not only rewarding my hard work and exhaustion, but the hard work of my family and my label and most importantly, the fans who fill up those stadiums. I love you. On behalf of all of those people, thank you. Thank you. I love you. I love you. You’ve made me feel so special right now.
—  Taylor Swift accepting the Pinnacle Award

Love (Or Blake and Miranda’s 2013 CMA Kisses)

I love Vince Gill’s expression in the third one. Everyone’s like, “Hell, yes!”, and I’m pretty sure I caught a guy fist pumping.

Blake resting his head on hers while they’re hugging is just the sweetest thing.

Also, I think that Blake says, “I love you” in between the last two kisses in the last GIF. Gosh, I love them.

So, in order:

1. Album of the Year Kiss
2. Female Vocalist of the Year Kiss
3. Male Vocalist of the Year Kiss