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“What?” Reid asked taken back by your words and almost sure he’d heard wrong. “I-” you trailed off before taking a deep breath. “I love you Spence, I do” you nodded. “I didn’t know how to say it, or when the right time was and I was afraid of how you’d react and I didn’t mean to just blurt it out” you huffed shaking your head. “I love you too” Reid whispered. Looking up to him you saw him smiling sidewards. “I was worried about all those things as well. I thought about telling you somehow in a magic trick but Morgan told me not to” he breathed a chuckle. “Stupid Derek, I would have loved that”

You: “I know what I did and.. it’s not good. But it’s something I have to do.”
Spencer: “And your mother? What would she think? My mother is going through the same thing yours is going through. And although I did some bad things, I got better. I really think you can get better too.”