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“Spike?” You questioned in a hushed tone as you lowered your gun. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” He asked just as confused as you. “Tracking you. My team and I have been following a murder case and by the looks if things I’m guessing they were your meals” you huffed as you place your gun into it’s holster. “Sorry, but a vampire’s got to eat” he shrugged, his leather jacket making a slight noise when he did so. “But do you have to be so messy? C'mon Spike” you said shaking your head as him. “I was having a few lazy days. The slayer’s been up my arse nagging me, I haven’t had time to clean up” he explained truthfully. You pursed your lips looking at him before nodding. “Fine, this time you’re off the hook. I’ll sort something out to steer the team away from you. But start cleaning up after yourself from now on, okay?”

(Criminal Minds Drabble)

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Rquested by: the anon with all the Derek requests lol I combined these three into one: 27. “It-it’s nothing, but my favourite character just died…” /  19. “Wait a minute. Are you drunk?!” /  13. “Do you need water? A snack? Maybe a hot bath…?”
Word Count: 375+
Characters: Derek Morgan x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of drinking, vague mention of death of an unmentioned character from (insert your favorite TV show here)
A/N: My first CM writing ever! Hope y’all like it! 

“Hey, baby! I’m home!”

You could hear Derek calling out to you as he came through the front door, but you made no effort to move. An empty wine bottle was lying sideways on the coffee table in front of you, a still half-full glass in your hands, and the show you’d been watching on Netflix had been paused for the last twenty minutes. Tears streaked down your face, and you didn’t bother to wipe them away as your boyfriend came into the living room to find you. He stopped in his tracks for a moment when he saw the state you were in, but quickly recovered and made his way over to the couch to sit next to you. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

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