Commercials are good in Japan.

Peter O'Toole
- News Clipping of Fintry Sports and Recreation Club -

**Veteran British actor Peter O'Toole imparted some of his knowledge - in the field of rugby - to a young player on the set of a British Lion’s ad to promote their tour to Australia this summer. Rugby fan O'Toole, 68, who plays a wizard in this, his first-ever TV commercial, spent a week being flown around secret locations in Scotland. The ad opens with the boy slumped in a field before O'Toole magically transports him to play at Twickenham.**

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Fuck yeah,

after a very long time I finally finished my Michael drawing. I also wanted to post this extremely long story about how amazing and wonderful he is, but let’s face it. We all know this already. Michael Clifford is a fantastic human being and that is all.