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Imagine: Oneshot where you and spencer are on the team together been dating ages or married or engaged or whatever. And you find out your pregnant and
only Garcia or Morgan know and tell you to be super careful or you back
away from a fight or Morgan like protects you or something so spence
knows something’s up so when you’re back at the hotel he gets really
angry you’re keeping a secret from him but then you tell him you’re
pregnant and it takes a minute to actually register with him and

Word Count: 846

Warnings: cussing, pregnancy I guess idk if that’s a warning, anger, idk angst maybe no idea man


I excused myself from the team, they were talking about the unsub, profiling him as a narcissist, mid-40s, average intelligence, should be approached with caution.

I stepped into the bathroom, sitting down and sighing. I pulled a piece of paper out of my pocket, unfolding it and staring at it.

“Pregnant.” I mumbled to myself. I looked over at my ring clad finger. An engagement ring and wedding band. I was only married for a year. How was I going to tell Spencer? How will he react?

I had told Morgan, only because he was there when I got the call and asked for my results to get faxed over.

Morgan sat next to my desk, keeping company in the chair and making small talk. My phone rang. Without thinking, I asked him to answer it; I was doing paperwork before we had to go.

I payed no attention to Morgan or what he was saying, sure he would tell me after.

He cleared his throat, “Uhm, Y/N? It’s for you.” He looked uncomfortable as I took the phone from his hand.

“Hello? Y/N Reid speaking.” I cleared my throat.

“Hello, Mrs. Reid. It’s Dr. Thorpe. We spoke the other day?” A cheery voice spoke on the line.

“Oh, uh, yes.” My face deepened in color, my body getting unreasonably hot.

“Well, I would like to congratulate you.. The test came back positive. You’re pregnant, Mrs. Reid!” My stomach dropped, but I couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh. Can you fax the results over? Please?” I laughed, covering my mouth, tears of happiness threatening to spill over. I gave him the number and bid him goodbye.

Moments later I got the paper, confirming it. Bringing it to life.

I folded the paper neatly, putting it back in my pocket, standing up and leaving the bathroom, and rejoining the team.

“You okay?” Morgan asked, concern sweeping his face, his body tense.

Spencer stared at me, newfound worry filling him. Why was Morgan asking if I was okay, Spencer was most likely wondering.

I gave them both a reassuring look, both of them going back to discussion. The team filled me in on everything.


We closed in, chasing after the unsub. Gunshots rang out through the air, piercing through the sound of panting and heavy footsteps. We reached him in the back yard, just in time to see him trip and land on his face, quickly rolling over and backing up against the fence behind him, gun pointing at all of us.

He looked manic, mad, insane, desperate.

“Back up, all of you!” He screamed, threatening to shoot.

“Put the gun down, Howard. Put it down. It’s over.” I coaxed, trying, taking a step forward.

“No!” Another gunshot rang out, this time aimed at me. Before it could reach me, Morgan jumped in front of me, catching the bullet with his chest as he shot the unsub with his gun, falling to the ground himself, winded and in a lot of pain.

“Who got shot?” Reid was running up, gun pointed down.

“I saved your girl, kid.” Morgan laughed.

“I didn’t need saving. I could’ve taken it.” I shrugged. I started walking to Reid, followed by Morgan, when I saw a folded piece of paper on the ground.

I hurriedly rushed and grabbed it, shoving it in my pocket before returning to Spencer.

“What was that?” He looked concerned, confused, even.

“N-nothing.” I shrugged it off, laughing.

“Let’s go.” Paramedics and agents filled the small backyard.

I stepped into the hotel room behind Spencer. He looked on edge the ride here. He took off his shoes and neatly placed them by the door. I kept mine on, taking my jacket off and putting it down.

He turned around, looking me in the eyes.

“What the fuck was that earlier? You’ve been acting weird all day. Why are you keeping something from me?” He barely raised his voice. His jaw was tensed up, locked.

“I- I don’t,” I started, but couldn’t finish. His eyes gleamed with anger, light bouncing off of them.

“I’m…. I have news.” I looked at him. He still was angry.

“What kind of news, Y/N? What could be so bad that you didn’t tell me?” He sounded less angry, but still upset.

“It’s not that bad…. I’m…. I’m pregnant, Spencer.” His face went blank for a second, mouth opening slightly. He had stopped breathing. He looked like a deer in the headlights.

“Oh, I- That’s… That’s wonderful news! When did you find out?” His face lit up with joy.

I unfolded the paper, handing it to him.

“This morning, my love. I just didn’t know how you’d react… With your fears and all…” I mumbled the last part.

He stepped towards me, wrapping his arms around me.

“It’s still wonderful.. I love you, and I married you because I love you so much. If our child does confirm any fears, we’ll get through it together.. I love you.” He whispered, his face buried in my neck.

“I love you too, Spencer.” Wonderful.