Gone - Pt. 2

Pairing: Aaron x Reader

Word Count: 1,610

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Warnings: None

Summary: Recap: Y/N is devastated when Aaron and Jack flee into witness protection to hide from Mr.Scratch, who has been stalking Jack.  In order to keep her protected, Hotch tells the reader via note to stay put and not try to look for or contact him or Jack.  Oh, and she just so happens to be pregnant with his child.

Part One

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You’d only been inside the BAU a few times, usually to surprise Aaron on his birthday or to bring Jack on his.  

But this time, when you walked through the doors to the bullpen, your legs felt almost as if they were going to collapse under you, knowing the weight of the situation, and seeing Agent David Rossi carrying boxes out of Aaron’s office just made the realization of your worries worse.  He wasn’t here.  Of course, in your heart you knew he wouldn’t be, but something in you told you to check, told you that maybe he would be waiting for you in the BAU to give you a real goodbye.

Penelope Garcia walked up to the door of Aaron’s office, her red eyes were evidence that she’d been crying.  Slowly, she pulled his name plate from the door, sighing and holding it close to her heart.  When she turned around, she caught your eyes, a confused look crossing her face.

“Y/N?” you heard beside you.  You looked over to see JJ walking towards you with Dr. Spencer Reid.

“Where is he,” were the first words that came out of your mouth.

“He’s not here,” she replied, looking at you with concern.  

“Ms. Y/L/N,” David said from Aaron’s door.  He motioned for you to join him, and you hesitantly did so, feeling the eyes of your boyfriend’s coworkers on you.

“Where’s Aaron?” you asked as soon as you got to the door.  He motioned for you to step inside, and when you did, he came in behind you and shut the door behind him.  “Why did you move his stuff?” you asked between your tears.

“I need you to listen very carefully, Y/N,” Dave said.  “You might want to sit down for this.”  You obliged and sat in the chair across from Aaron’s - or what used to be Aaron’s.  

“What’s going on?” you asked, still unable to wrap your head around the fact that he was gone.  That Jack was gone.  They were gone.  Vanished.  Gone.

“Aaron turned in his resignation this morning.  He came to me and told me that Lewis was at Jack’s school today,” he started, leaning against the now vacated desk.  “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but he and Jack have been admitted into witness protection.”

Your heart felt like it sank into your stomach.  

They’re gone.

“It was ultimately his decision.  He didn’t want to drag you any deeper into the situation, so he decided to keep you out of it.”

They’re gone.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N.”

They’re gone.

The mantra continued to play in your head, over and over you heard the words you were most scared of.  

Instinctively, you put your hands to your stomach.  Tears flowed freely to meet the fabric of your shirt, soaking into the blanket over your unborn child.

“They’re gone,” you said aloud.  It was the first time you spoke the words aloud despite hearing them so clearly in your head.

“I think it would be best to lay low for a while.  We can get you a protective unit if you’d like,” David told you.

“I- I need to talk to him,” you said, clutching at your stomach, wanting the little bundle of joy to have a father.

“I’m afraid you can’t,” David said sadly, inching closer to you, careful eyes watching yo as if you might break, but the truth was, you’d broken long ago when you found the note on your kitchen counter.

“No, you don’t understand,” you said, standing up, your legs surprisingly not failing you.  “I need to talk t-to him, please, you have to know where he is.”

“I don’t, Y/N, I’m sorry.”

“Then you have to know someone who knows where he is, p-please David,” you said.  You were backing to the door, trying to keep your balance

“Y/N.  I’m sorry, but there is no way to contact him.  He’s gone,” he replied, his voice slightly raising.  He didn’t want to hurt you any more than you already had been.

“Please,” you whispered.  “Please.”

He only shook his head and sighed, not know what else to tell you.  The once strong and fearless woman he once knew was crumbling in front of him, and despite what he did for a living, he suddenly didn’t know how to handle telling you that you may never see your boyfriend ever again.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his voice slightly shaking.  Rossi was hard to break, but here you were, managing to do it.

“I have his baby,” you said, your voice still a soft whisper.  David looked at you, shock evident in his features.

“You’re pregnant?” he asked you, his voice rising in pitch.

“I didn’t get to tell him,” you said, burying your head into your hands.

They’re gone.

Alone and pregnant is not exactly how you pictured spending your birthday, but you were glad you weren’t at work with all your annoying coworkers.  Instead, you thought it would be nice to have yourself a bubble bath, candles lit and Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

Once you spent the day relaxing and eating cake by yourself, you thought it would be nice to head to the BAU.

Ever since Aaron was admitted into witness protection, you kept in close touch with his former team members.  Having them made it easier, especially since the loss of their team captain wasn’t exactly easy on them either.  They were able to comfort you, and you them.  

Walking through the doors of the bullpen, you were met with the sight of the whole BAU team sitting around a desk that was decorated with balloons and cupcakes and confetti.  They were all huddled around, moving things around as if to make it look more presentable.  

When Dr. Reid looked up from the present JJ was holding, he saw you and sighed.

“Uh, surprise?” he said.  The rest of the team halted their actions and turned around, all seemed upset when they saw you since the surprise was ruined.

“Is this all for me?” you asked, setting your leftover cake on the table with the rest of the goodies.

“Yeah.  I was going to call you when it was all set up and we were going to turn the lights off and everything.  Big surprised ruined,” Penelope said with a slight frown.  “But happy birthday !” she said, smiling and pulling you in for a hug, your eight and a half months pregnant belly making it harder to get close to your friend. 

“Aw, guys.  This is amazing thank you,” you said, giving each member of the team a hug, feeling tears prick at you eyes.

“Hey, now, don’t you cry on us,” Dr. Lewis said, squeezing your shoulder.

“I’m just so glad I wasn’t alone in all of this,” you said, motioning to your protruding stomach.  “Thank you all.”

“Anything for you, sweets,” Penelope said, handing you a present.

“You guys didn’t have to-” before you could finish, there was a sharp pain in your abdomen.  You stopped and held it for a second, wincing at the aching.

“Oh, no.  Are you okay?” Luke asked, holding onto your elbow.

“She’s going into labor,” JJ said calmly.

“No I’m not, I’m not due until next month,” you stated.

“Doesn’t matter, hon,” JJ said simply, pulling you towards the door.

Thirteen hours later, your baby boy was born.  He had your eyes, Aaron’s nose, and his dark, dark hair.  You smiled down at your son, happy tears running down your cheeks. 

JJ was in the room with you the whole time, walking you through the process.

“He’s beautiful,” she told you, grinning down at the two of you.

“Isn’t he?” you choked out.  He was so calm and small and beautiful.  Just incredibly beautiful.  And he was all yours.

And Aaron’s.

But Aaron was gone.

“Aaron,” you said down to your baby.  “Aaron Jack Hotchner.”

“Hi baby Aaron,” JJ said, waving to the tiny boy who was opening his eyes.  “I’m your aunt JJ.”

“Can we come in?” Penelope said from the door, grinning from ear to ear.

“Yes, please,” you said, wanting your practical family to meet the newest member.

“Oh my goodness,” the bubbly blonde said after laying eyes on Aaron Jr.  “He looks just like you.”

“And his father,” Emily said with a smile.

But his father isn’t here.

“Congratulations, Y/N,” David said, giving you a peck on the forehead.

You couldn’t contain your happiness.  You had the most beautiful son in the world in your arms, and although his father was absent in the moment, you felt everything but lonely surrounded by the ones you loved, knowing that every agent in the room would help you raise Aaron as if he were their own.

He was the son of their former partner and unit chief, of course they would.

But he was gone.

“Can I hold him?” Reid asked sheepishly.  You grinned and nodded your head, holding up your son carefully to let the doctor take him.

His dad was not here, but Aaron Jack Hotchner was surrounded by the people who love him and will go to the ends of the earth for him, and that was all that mattered.

Aaron was out in the world somewhere with Jack hopefully safe, but wherever he was, he had no knowledge of the baby boy just born with his name.  He didn’t know that you thought about him every day, and probably didn’t know that since he left, you spent every night crying yourself to sleep.  He didn’t know any of this because he was gone.

They were gone.

Right Here

Pairing: Alvez x Reader

Word Count: 1,264

Request: yep!  Request here my darlings

Warnings: none but that I am only on season six of the show, so I’m very very rusty on my knowledge of this alleged cupcake known as Luke Alvez and that of the other characters I have yet to be introduced to.  I hope this tickles your peach nonetheless!

Summary:  Anon requested:  Hey there! Could you maybe write something where the reader is a war vet and something happens when they’re on a case to trigger a panic attack/ptsd and Luke helps them through it (because he probs has/had them too). Thank you!

A/N: Once again, I’m only halfway to season 12.  So I’m sorry if I’m wrong about anything or anyone.  Also, I’m sorry these request are coming slowly, I’m loaded with work, school, and requests, trying to juggle them all, so bear with me!

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“Another bombing?” Luke asked, sitting down at the conference room table.

“Bombings.  Plural.  Three have made the Oberlin news in the past week, no casualties have been reported yet, but they’re still looking through the damage from the most recent, which was at a library last night.  There were two cars in the parking lot at the time of the explosion,” JJ said, briefing the team on the new case.

“Was the library open?” Reid asked.

“It closed about an hour before the bomb went off.  The lot surrounding it was vacated, and the cars have been identified to belong to Darcy Winters who owns the library and Shelby Mathers who works there voluntarily.”  As JJ said their names, pictures of said women popped up on the screen.

“What about witnesses?” you asked.

“None.  Like I said the lot was mostly vacated and the closest housing unit to the library is at least six miles away. People report hearing it, but that’s all we have.”

“What about the other bombing locations?” you asked, flipping through your file folder.

“All similar.  They’re in vacated areas with a low to zero body count at the time of the explosions,” JJ stated.

“Looks like our unsub isn’t trying to actually hurt anyone,” Prentiss said.

“Have the library victims been reported missing?” you asked JJ.

“Just Shelby Mathers.  Winters has no family in the area and lives alone.  I told the detective on the scene to let me know when and if they find any human remains on the premises.”

“Alright.  Wheels up in thirty,” Prentiss told everyone, prompting the agents to walk out the room.

You looked at the pictures for bit longer, feeling the familiar twitch in the pit of your stomach.  The flames looked all too familiar, bringing back the memories of three years ago.

“Y/N,” you heard from the door, Luke’s voice pulling you from your thoughts.

“Yeah?” you asked, oblivious to the amount of time that had passed.

“Jet’s about to take off,” he said.  You looked at your watch in shock, wondering how time got away from you like that.  It felt like you were standing there for only about a minute.

“I-I’m coming,” you stuttered, gathering your files and leftover breakfast.  Before you could make your way out the door, Luke held his arm out to you.

“Hey, you alright?” he asked with a concerned look.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” you replied, shoving passed him.

One jet ride and three hours of pulling together a profile, you, Reid, and Alvez were sitting at a round table in the middle of the police department.

“These are the only places that are as vacated as the other three crime scenes.  There’s no way of know which he’s going to hit next, but he will definitely use these buildings and areas as targets,” Reid rambled off, pointing out the marked places on the map on the table.

“We need to go to each suspected targeted location and ask if there’s been any suspicious behavior in the past week.  If there have been any recurring customers or patrons that fit the profile, then we have our guy,” Alvez said.  He dialed Prentiss and told her the updates.  

You continued to sift through the same pictures over and over again, seeing the seaside from three years ago, the smoke filling your lungs.

You started to cough, not being able to see through the thick black smoke from the explosion.  Your cadet was no where to be seen, and you felt the blood flowing down your face.

“Y/N.”  Once again, Luke’s voice brought you back to the present, jolting you out of your seat.  “Time to go,” he said, a worried look on his face.  You could feel the sweat bead at your forehead, and you knew you probably looked like a mess.

“Sorry,” you said quickly before rushing out the door leaving Luke to follow you.

“Do you have security cameras?” Reid asked the hostess at the breakfast diner.

“We don’t, it’s mainly locals and regulars that come here, so we don’t feel the need,” she replied.

“Has there been anyone new here recently?  Any new faces that you don’t recognize?” Alvez asked.

“No, not that I know of.”

You were busy looking at the people around you.  There were a couple families sitting at booths, munching on eggs, toast, and pancakes.  Two couples sat at the high top tables, sharing large platters of french toast and bacon.   There were two small groups of girls getting brunch.  

“What about men who come here alone, are there many of those?” Reid asked the hostess.

“Yes, there’s a couple.  They have tight schedules, usually.  I only see them like, twice a week.”

“So no suspicious behavior at all?” Alvez asked, beginning to sound defeated.

“Nope.  Sorry,” she finished.

“Not much further,” Luke said, turning to you and Reid.

“Maybe we should stakeout,” you suggested.  

Luke shrugged.  “It’s worth the try.”

You and Luke sat in the SUV outside the diner later that night.  It had been closed for a while, and they let the owner’s know the situation.

Your leg was restless, bouncing up and down a mile a minute.

“Y/N,” Luke said.  “Seriously, what’s up with you today?”

You kept your head turned to the window, focusing on area surrounding the diner, looking for any movement.

“I’m fine, Luke,” you told him in a stern voice.

“You’re not.  Something has been eating at you all day.”

“Give it a rest, okay?” you suddenly shouted.

“Anything?” Prentiss asked through the comms unit.

“Movement,” you said, seeing the dark figure walking too calmly away from the diner.  “He’s planted the bomb already.”  You were loading your gun and opened the door, hearing Luke call for backup.

“FBI,” you yelled at the unsub.  As soon as he heard you, he started running.  Luckily Luke was quick on his feet and started chasing after him.

“I don’t know when the bomb-” you started into your comms unit, but you weren’t able to finish your sentence as your unasked questioned seemed to be answered.  

The air was full of smoke and debris and the impact from the blast sent you flying backwards.  Your head pounded, and you were suddenly not on a vacant lot in Oberlin, Ohio. 

You were back at the seaside, surrounded by sounds of gunfire and screaming of innocent civilians.  You reached up to feel the blood pouring down your face, looking around aimlessly for your cadet, hoping she’s okay.  But she’s not.  You already know that.

“Help,” you heard your voice say.  “Please, she needs help!”

“Who, Y/N,” you heard Prentiss say. “Was there someone in the diner?”

“Cadet Humphrey, she’s drowning.  Please someone help her!”

“She’s having flashback, probably from war,” Luke said.

“She’s going to die,” you cried.

“Y/N!  Look at me!” Luke shouted, holding your face.

“We need to get-” but you weren’t on the seaside.  You were laying on a stretcher.  A doctor was tending to your wounds.  “Luke?” you asked.

“Yes, it’s me, Y/N.  I’m right here,” he said, gently rubbing your face.

“The unsub,” you said quickly remembering where you were.

“He’s caught.  We’ve got him.  Everything is going to be okay.”  

At his words, you lost it, crying out all the tears you’d held in for so long.  You must’’ve been ‘gone’ for quite some time.  

“It’s gonna be alright,” Luke soothed, climbing into the back of the EMS truck with you.

But with your mind, there was no telling if it was ever going to be one hundred percent okay again.


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