professor layton ask game!

simply reblog and your followers ask you numbers!

(if you’re going to reblog this from someone maybe ask them some?)

  1. what’s the highest number of picarats you’ve ever earned on a puzzle?
  2. do you like clive despite what he did?
  3. which type of puzzles do you find the hardest?
  4. do you like to get through the story quickly or spend time finding hint coins, hidden puzzles, etc?
  5. what did you name the bird in lost/unwound future?
  6. what did you call the hamster in pandora’s box/the diabolical box?
  7. did you cry during any of the games?
  8. who is your favourite character?
  9. who is your least favourite character?
  10. have you seen eternal diva?
  11. which ships do you ship, if any?
  12. have you ever had to look up the solution to a puzzle?
  13. do you prefer the original format or the 3ds format?
  14. which game do you think had the best music?
  15. do you like or dislike inspector chelmey?
  16. which minigames do you like?
  17. do you save up your hint coins or spend them often?
  18. which is your favourite game overall?

So there’s this neat program that can enhance anime style art into higher quality. I decided to give it a shot with some of the in game artwork from the DS Professor Layton and Zelda games and the results where quite impressive to say the least. Although it seems to work the best with artwork that include characters drawn from closer up (Which makes sense). I’ve enhanced quite a lot but here’s just a small handful of the few I felt turned out pretty great from Professor Layton and the Unwound/Lost Future as I didn’t want to make this post too long.

If people enjoy these I might post more but I will probably limit it to a few per week.

They do contain spoilers though so be aware…..