Alien Glossy Eyes WIP

I’ve been kind of angry with aliens lately, since their accessibility to CAS content is spotty and complicated most of the time. But today I got the urge to try making alien default replacements finally, and here is a look at one of the colors. What do you all think? 

I also think that I figured out what the issue was with the vampire eyes as well. But I didn’t really care for the first versions of them that I made, so I think I’m going to remake those along with the alien eyes.


Soledad Machado

I made Soledad for @tinwhistletoo‘s San Myshuno Westside story; she was asking for thieving, brawling bad guys/girls to add to a rival gang.

Backstory:  Soledad comes from a renowned crime family: her dad is a notorious hitman, her mom owns an exclusive “escort” business, and her stepdad is the president of an infamous biker club – so she’s very familiar with the underbelly of humanity.  Soledad is tough, whip-smart, and a skilled fighter; she makes a formidable criminal and god help the person who is her enemy or target.  But she also respects the criminal code of a bygone time and believes violence should only be directed at those who deserve it (although in her mind a lot of people deserve it).  She has a weakness for protecting underdogs, but she swears she just really enjoys kicking bullies’ asses.  The criminal life is partly a means to an end for Soledad; she has bigger dreams of being a legit entrepreneur and opening businesses all around San Myshuno.  

Likes:  tattoos, street art, strong Mezcal, insanely spicy food, Cowplant berry weed, quick-witted bad girls and dumb pretty boys, lowrider cars, fast motorcycles, throwing knives, grindhouse films, black, dogs, boxing, oldies music, creative cursing, Grim Bunny, bar fights, collecting shoes and weapons.

Dislikes:  “There’s only two things I hate in the world: people who are intolerant of other people’s life choices and the furries.”  Also, snobs, flamboyant townie style, people who don’t know when to shut up, pastels, romance novels and movies, bullies, excessive cheerfulness, spiced pumpkin lattes, Simstagram and cell phones (she likes to maintain an air of mystery and also drop of the face of the earth every now and then), experimental food, Freezer Bunny, Tween Pop, alien night at bars.

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One another Haikyuu!! Click&Drag. Aoba Johsai version this time !

Nekoma and Karasuno will be out very soon !  I hope you’ll like it. Aoba Johsai is full of great players ! I love all of them >//v//<

Nekoma | Karasuno