“When I open up, he meets me where I am.” -Katsuki Yuuri

Buffalo | 3.9.15

Inktober 25 - I found the concept of Galra!Keith quite cute and interesting at first but now… Now it’s gotten to a point that I need to periodically remind myself this is not canon yet. In fact I think I’ll be v disappointed if this doesn’t happen..


Interview with the Hetalian characters:

Question to America 

“in the five people here (Japan, Italy, Germany, England, himself?), who would you most likely not marry?’ 

America’s answer 

“hmm, I guess England? I feel like his emotions becomes too heavy for whatever I do” 


Just a reminder that England is not the only tsundere, America is also a tsundere 

By Heavy, it can be taken in many ways, like for instance: love 

America and England used to be a ‘family’ and now they are ‘strangers’ but it must be scary for both of them to become a ‘family’ again in a different form.  

England who’s scared he’s going to lose America again through independence(divorce) 

England’s love becoming too heavy because he doesn’t want to lose America 




Keith gets panic attacks really easily. His anxiety is always on edge because of how different everything is.

Everything is so different up in space and so unlike his rickety old shack that he can’t get comfortable or used to it at all.

His throats clogs up and his hands start sweating and shaking whenever he smells something that reminds him of home or even something that smells like nothing he’s ever experienced.

He thinks he can hide them pretty well but when he returns from a mission where he saw blue grass and green skies he stumbles into Red’s mouth and collapses. Lance comes looking for him and finds a shaking sweaty mess.

Keith can’t even find the time to be embarrassed because holy fuck his vision is blurring and he’s two seconds away from vomiting the air he ate for breakfast.

Lance brings him back by humming a lullaby his mama used to sing whenever his baby sister couldn’t sleep and rocking Keith in his arms gently.

Now whenever Keith feels like he’s going to break down Lance is there, or he finds Lance. And he is always welcomed with warm open arms and a soft voice.