the fact that Jasper’s suicide note that he had written for Monty at the beginning of season 4, was found by Clarke after Praimfaya at the begging of season 5 and later on delivered to him in ep7 so that we all finally discovered what he had written makes me believe that Clarke’s notebook with all the drawings(Bellamy!!!) will eventually be shown to him and I just can’t wait to see his reaction


Bellamy & Clarke | Faux

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they are not invisible, and neither are you 💖

  • Lexa: Clarke texted me “your adorable” so I texted her back and said “no, YOU’RE adorable”.
  • Anya: And?
  • Lexa: And now we’re dating. We’ve been on six dates. All I did was point out a typo, but I like her so I’m not gonna say anything.