dccu lois lane is not getting enough love

she’s phenomenal at her job, she climbed an ice mountain out of curiosity, saw a weird floating machine and her first instinct was ‘i’m gonna take a picture of that bullshit’, stood up to and back-sassed government officials, believed in clark when he didn’t believe in himself, believed in clark when no one believed in him, walked into a hostile situation without hesitation to avoid escalating said hostile situation, figured out alien technology and uploaded jor-el like a boss, blasted her way to safety while simultaneously learning how to stop the kryptonians, and in turn taught everyone else how to, kissed that hot alien boy on the goddamn mouth, and held him while he cried. 



- Batman #43

Okay, so Bruce is somehow back to his roots and tries to explain this to Gordon. I can see that. The Wayns have always been about helping Gotham, about charity and things like that. 

Clark doesn’t understand what’s going on, understandably enough. Like everyone else he’s been held out of the loop. Also, where are your glasses Clark? 

Nice to see Alfred up and about, though.