Man of Steel Promotional Image
Was feeling nostalgic… Who remembers when this image leaked??? It was a HUGE thing then… WB was so upset they had this image taken down from sites including Tumblr. They took down my post, too, which was annoying. But those times were fun, tho. We got excited with every little thing that came out of Man of Steel while it was on post-production… Awesome. Still my favorite MoS promotional pic. -A

god, i wish they’d left alone zack snyder’s original vision for justice league. i really, really wish they had. the snyder directed, untouched-by-whedon scenes were the ones with the most meaning and artistic merit and RELEVANCE TO PREVIOUS FILMS. I’M. SO UPSET.


but beyond the visual, this scene is lex luthor, this human, fathering a “kryptonian deformity,” an “abomination.”

in justice league, clark is submerged too, again for the intention of rebirth, while the photo of his HUMAN FATHER FLOATS BESIDE HIM.

i just. zack. 


Just because I need a little more positivity about the things that were actually good in Justice League

I do really like that when Clark comes back “confused” he’s able to take down the whole team, including Batman. Because Superman is really, ridiculously overpowered, and that’s an important part of his character that’s often forgotten. It’s not important because of macho reasons, as if being the most powerful makes him the best. It’s important because he’s insanely powerful but also, under normal circumstances, entirely humble about it, extremely gentle, and so, so, good.

And we saw that in Man of Steel, when Clark stops himself from fighting back against the people who bully him. We saw it in Batman v Superman, when he calmly walks into the senate hearing and carefully opens the gate. We’ve been seeing him hold himself back and treat the world with kid gloves in all kinds of ways in the last two movies.

So it’s good to have a reminder occasionally of just how powerful he really his, so that we better appreciate his restraint.

Batfamily/Superfamily Thanksgiving Headcannons

  • Held at the Manor, because it’s bigger
  • Alfred and Martha vanish into the kitchens for their annual passive aggressive bake off/complain about their loved ones tendencies to get injured, time
  • No one knows for sure who thrown the first forkful of greenbeans
  • Damian says it was Tim
  • Tim says it was Damian
  • Whoever started it, the food fight escalates quickly.
  • It’s less of a food fight and more of a food war
  • Alliances are made. The teams are Tim and Kon, Damian and Jon, Jason and Dick, and Cassandra and Kara.
  • Barbra and Steph were spending it with their father and mother, respectfully, but promised to stop by later and say hi to the Kent’s.
  • Clark, bless his heart, attempts to stop the fight and gets a face full of mashed potatoes for his trouble
  • Lois and Bruce, being the smart ones, make a tactical retreat (we didn’t run away, Clark, we are simply able to recognize a lost cause when we see one. Unlike you.) to the wine cellar, where they break out the good stuff. They feel they deserve it.
  • In the confusion, Selina manages to ninja her way into the dinning room and make off with all the pumpkin pies.
  • The food fight is halted by Penguin attempting to take over city hall
  • Imagine his surprise when he is stopped by not just the bats, but several aliens, all of whom are in bad moods and, is that a roll on the end of Robin’s katana?
  • The roll does not make the sword any less sharp, as Penguin’s goons discover
  • The moods of the two superhero family’s does not improve upon arriving back at the Manor and finding out they will be expected to clean up the mess they made. With out using their powers or gadgets.


  • Barbra later hacks the security cameras and sends footage of the food fight to all of the crime fighting community.
  • Thank goodness the villains never got a hold of the footage. No one would be scared of Superman ever again if they saw him get hit by a spoonful of flying mashed potatoes.
The Justice League Movie Night Headcanons:

 Barry being the one to come with the idea of a “movie night”

 The others don’t being very welcome with it until Clark decides to give a chance 

“Why not? But choose a good movie, huh?”

 Barry searchs for a movie that everyone will enjoy and chooses “The Avengers”

“For our first movie nights I thought that would be much cooler if we watch a movie about superheroes.”

 Clark and Bruce would sit together on the couch while Diana was on the floor right in front of them

 Barry would make sure to sit close to Bruce, and Victor sat by his side

 Arthur would be between Barry and Diana

 Barry spends all the night making references about Bruce saying that he’s very familiar to one of the heroes who’s particularly a billionaire

 And of course Bruce would be hating the movie for it

“I’m nothing like this Tony guy, okay?”

“Yes, you are!”

 Diana would be concentrated and absolutely fascinated with the Black Widow’s fight scenes

“She is amazing! For certain she’s the best hero of all the group!”

 Arthur wouldn’t even been paying attention to the movie because he would drown on his own saliva everytime Black Widow appeared 

“Where the hell can I find a woman like that?!”

 Victor also wouldn’t pay much attention on the movie because he already knows the end

“The superheroes save the day, what’s new?”

 Clark would just try to make Bruce enjoy the movie

“Clark, I like you. But I can’t like this movie, seriously!”

 Clark and Bruce would be sharing the same popcorn and Diana would have her own

 Arthur would be stealing Barry’s popcorn that was actually Victor’s

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There seems to be three types of people in the DCEU Justice League:

As Barry points out, he and Victor are the accidents. They were ordinary people until their powers were shoved on them and they still struggle to get a handle on their abilities and how to use them.

Clark and Arthur are the outcasts. Both are the product of two worlds, with Arthur never feeling completely at home in either one, and with Clark being feared and rejected by the world that he ultimately loves and calls home.

Diana and Bruce are the old souls. They have both played the role of the “hero” and lost someone they loved in the process: Steve Trevor in Diana’s case and Jason Todd in Bruce’s. Both had, for a time, given up on the notion of heroism and by the time the movie starts, have only fairly recently decided that maybe they can still do some good.

You know that end scene in “Justice League” (2017)?

Bruce: Can I start buying you things now?

Clark: No, you can’t. But, hey, I’ll tell you what. You can buy Lois stuff.

Bruce: I know you’d like a new tractor.

Clark: Lois would love a new tractor.

Uh huh, Clark.

Also, Bruce buying him things? Canon. And by “things”, I mean real estate properties and stuff. And by “canon”, I mean canon, folks.