Trinity Appreciation.

The importance of this relationship  is not only the different abilities and skills they bring for the greater good or their different personalities which creates for entertaining dynamics. They are a team, yes, but they are also close friends and family. They have built up a lot of trust over the decades, and sometimes have had disagreement, but ultimately they have a lot of affection for one another. Clark is the glue that keeps this Trinity together, I feel.

 I love Clark and Diana as a couple, and their innate optimism and  compassion I think helps Bruce and tempers that loneliness and darkness that surrounds him. That they do this unconditionally is what makes their open heartedness so significant.  For me Bruce sees them as the brother and sister he never had. 

The greatest testament of their trust, love and respect is seen when they ask him to be Godfather to their child in Kingdom Come. The timing of it is perfect too because it is all earned via the narrative of hope overcoming tragedy/ light triumphing after darkness.  Bruce,  of course, says yes. I mean, the idea of training and influencing a Kryptonian/Amazon kid, I can just see a seasoned and older Batman would love that!

It’s also why I think Kingdom Come is such a great story and seen as a perfect finale to the DCU. It ends on a high note and a whole epilogue celebrating the Trinity.


It’s the end of summer and everyone is a bit stressed from the heat and crime, so Bruce arranges that they all visit the Kent farmstead.

It goes…surprisingly well.

Damian takes to farming like a fish to water, and is always running errands and doing farm work for Ma and Pa Kent.

“That boy,” Ma announces after supper, rocking on the porch, “needs space to run around.”

Bruce shifts. “We have sixty acres of woods at the Manor,” he says uncomfortably.

“Only sixty?” Clark comments, eyes on the newspaper.

Bruce raises his brows as if to say “I s2g Clark do not even start with me.”

Clark smiles but doesn’t look up.

From that point forward Bruce is in a sour mood. Especially when they get back to Gotham, and Damian spends hours on end in the library and garden. He’s planted tomatoes. And corn. Who on earth would actually want corn?

This goes on for some odd days until Bruce stops Damian from returning to his studies to interrogate him.

“Agriculture is an honorable occupation, Father,” Damian replies very seriously. “When all civilization is destroyed, what remains? The animals and plants. We must give respect to the earth and work side by side with her.”

This is reminiscent of Al Ghul agenda. Bruce feels a bit sick, but he’s saved from these unpleasant thoughts by Tim.

Tim scoffs, crossing his arms. “You just want farm animals.”

Damian steps aside, turning his back on Tim, nose in the air. “Any other time Drake baiting me would have incited an agitated response, but I am confident and serene in my decision. His immaturity does not shake me.”

Bruce and Tim watch Damian walk off into his room, only for him to return in flannel, a straw hat, and a hoe slung across his back.

“I shall now journey to Kansas, to live among the beasts and wheat,” the boy announces. He tips his hat. “Godspeed, Father.”

Damian makes it halfway across the driveway before Bruce catches him by the back of the overalls and takes him back inside.

The next day, Bruce takes him camping. It becomes a weekly pastime.

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Imagine, clark is taking care of a baby during a time where he is off missions when suddenly gets a call, supes is needed so he hands the baby to bats who just returned from one and is not needed, baby suckle on his gloved fingers cause he/she hungry

I got…a bit side-tracked….

For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s an actual thing Bruce did to a baby


#SuperWonder in the DC Animated Universe

Justice League : War

Justice League:Throne of Atlantis

Justice League vs Teen Titans

*looks around* Okay, but… since I cannot find a canonical age for Lois Lane in BvS… I’m just gonna have to assume she’s about as old as her actress and that means mid 30′s Clark Kent is dating over-40 Lois Lane and you cannot pry this from my cold dead hands. I do not get enough ladies with planet time under their belt with hot young significant others looking adoringly at them. 

For the Clark and Lois reunion kiss in Justice League I want them to run into each other’s arms and they’re just holding each other, probably crying, and then, when they start kissing, I need the camera to do that thing where it spins around them so we can see them from every angle as the beautiful music blasts through the speakers.

A thought: Clark’s Kryptonian system can’t actually process most food here on Earth and he’s basically allergic to everything. He actually runs pretty much 100% on sunlight and his photonucleic invulnerability is all that’s protecting him the effects of being an alien on a planet his systems never evolved to deal with. He can eat, sure, but it’s basically not doing anything. He could eat a soda can and it would have the same nutritional value. 

So, if you hit him with red sun or deprive him of yellow sun until his internal stores are gone the first thing that happens is he loses his powers and invulnerability. Then he starts feeling hungry. Then he starts getting the same asthma and food allergies he had when he was a kid… and finally he starts starving to death. 

So you don’t necessarily have to kill him outright. Just being on earth and not invincible will do it. Just a thought.