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I have requests to do and I will get to doing them soon but I was inspired to do this because I happened to watch Justice League War before I went to bed last night! I’m also going to be fixing some of the links on the masterlist because I realized some of the links aren’t where they are supposed to go! If I ever missed any, do tell me so I can fix them immediately!

PS: Also, this made me really want to write a Bruce Wayne x Clark Kent’s sister one-shot/imagine thing… If anyone has anything they want to see from those two, drop me a prompt! Anyways, hope you enjoy!

“I could kiss you right now.”

You raise one of your eyebrows, placing one of your hands on your hip. “What’s stopping you then, Clark?” You challenge him. “You know you are very welcome to do so.”

Clark chuckles before he pulls you into his arms, wrapping an arm around your waist while he uses his other hand to cradle your face. “Well, Y/N, there is your brother for one.”

At the mention of Bruce, your lovely mood sours slightly. That is actually a very good reason so you understand why Clark is a little bit hesitant. Bruce is overly protective of you even though you are a few years older than him. Although you can understand why your brother is fiercely protective of you. You are the only blood-related family he has and back when you were younger, you had been really close to him before you went for boarding school – then the two of you communicated as frequently as you could. You still feel a tad bit guilty for not being with him during the death of your parents.

In fact, during that time, you had been far away from Gotham: in your boarding school. You liked to think there had been a reason as to why you were not allowed to go back by your headmistress at that time and the only silver lining to not being able to go back to Gotham is that you had been trained and groomed to be the person your mother had wanted you to be: a successful lady.

“Penny for your thoughts, Miss Wayne?” Clark nudges his nose against your cheek, nuzzling against it.

His warm breath sent delightful shivers racing across your skin and you look up to his beautiful eyes. “I was wondering if I should do this.”

Clark frowns as he pulls back slightly to really look at your expression. “Meaning?" 

Instead of answering Clark, you decide to show him instead by simply reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose before pulling him down to kiss him daintily on the lips. You can feel Clark tensing slightly before he melts in to the kiss.

Once his initial reaction is gone, Clark puts both of his hands on your hips, pulling you flush against him, angling his head better so he can kiss you deeper. All thoughts of how Bruce is going to react gone from his mind. He threads his fingers in your hair and gave himself over to the feeling of your kiss, warm and pliant under his.

You drop your hand from his nose in order to run your fingers through his thick black hair, moaning slightly because this is so much better than what you had thought. You are not ashamed to admit that you have been wanting to kiss Clark for the longest time, even imagined how it would be like to be held by him and to kiss him but this is really far better than your imagination.

Clark slowly pulls away when the need for air rises. He chuckles when he spies the pout on your lips and presses his lips against yours chastely a few times. “I think I should bring you back now.”

Your mood visibly flattens after hearing that. You had thought Clark is ready to take that step with you – you know he has feelings for you, he has shown you these feelings before too, otherwise he would not have kissed you like that but hearing those words from him, it was almost as if someone had poured a bucket of cold ice water on you.

Clark feels you stiffening in his hold and he frowns before he realizes what he has just implied and hurriedly rectifies his statement. “What I mean to say is I should bring you back to my place now, Y/N. Not bring you back to Gotham, it is much far too late and I think you can do without your brother tonight.” Clark presses his lips on your forehead, smiling to himself when you relax and lean against him. 

“Not afraid of what Bruce might say about that?” You could not help but tease him. His words made you feel better.

Clark tightens his hold around you, chuckling at your jab. “I’ll think about that when we cross the bridge, Y/N.”
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Batman had been making himself scarce since the media storm started, but he shows up for an interstellar mission when no one else could go. Clark just wishes he knew what to say to fix things, but that can wait until after the mission.

Unfortunately unfriendly aliens, crash landings, falling trees, and the freezing cold makes everything much more difficult. Now Clark can only hope they can stay alive long enough for the rest of the League to find them. There are worse times to have a heart to heart with his best friend, right?

(There is a much worse time. Figures that’s when Bruce would stop avoiding it.)

I was going through a bit of a rough time a little while ago, and decided to try to find a community/fest, because having other people to talk to and encourage always helps. I’m aro/ace, and was a bit exhausted from writing so much romance in my last fandom. I thought it’d be nice to go back to the start with a new fandom, where I wouldn’t have to force a romance if I didn’t get that far. I found a big bang fest that looked like it would work for me, as I had an idea I’d put on the back burner a while back for those two characters. The rules said nothing about gen (only relationships, which the relationship was the primary focus for that idea, even if ambiguous on romance), so I sent the mods a message asking if that was okay. Most fests I’ve been in tend to accept gen, or really any fic so long as it’s within the proper fandom and/or characters, so I wasn’t expecting a no.

I was told no. I was told romance was the only thing they accepted, though pre-slash was okay. Pre-slash still implies romance though. When I spoke with the mods directly to clarify, I told them I was aro/ace and uncomfortable with trying to force a romance at the moment. I was told once again, no. It had to be romantic, but I could post during amnesty week with all the late people and no chance to be matched for art, because they were a small fest and always welcomed new people. I was told they had nothing against gen fic, some of them even wrote it from time to time! This was just not the place for it. So I could either force myself to pretend to not be aro because they could sometimes write fic with no romance, or I could give them free advertising by posting with them, but no matter how hard I worked on my fic, it would never be worthy of actually being part of the fest. They were all very polite about it. I just had no space in their little group.

I left feeling broken. Like if I could only be normal for once, I could have a space there. I had already started writing a bit, but even before the fic was more than three pages, before anyone knew what the plot was, it was denied.

Things got worse before they got better, but when I got my head above the water, I knew the fic had to change. I couldn’t stop writing it, because then I’d be silenced. I also couldn’t keep writing it as it was, because every word hurt. So I kept the plot I had planned from the start, then added Batman being outted as Ace. It was going to add roughly 10k to the word count, but I’d seen so much aphobia recently that it needed a place to go. Every word still hurt, but it now had a reason to.

This fic is to say I’m here. I’m not silent. And because it’s no longer for a fest, I could and did add more characters for team feels. Friendship is a valid and important relationship, more important to me than romance ever could be. And friendship is just as deep and meaningful as anything a romantic pairing could be. So there’s no romance in this fic, though there’s a few ambiguous relationships you’re welcome to take however you like. There’s no art for the fic, because I wasn’t allowed in the group as I was, but the story won’t be erased because of that.

I’m not broken.

koritoprime  asked:

i been trying to find somewhere to watch the Legion of Super Heroes because the most important thing i remember from it is 14 year old Brainiac 5 having the BIGGEST crush on superman/superboy

I can not tell you how here for this I am, The Legion has always been an odd hold over from the sliver age full of goofy shit like “Matter Eater Lad” and “Bouncing Boy” but the one character that I’ve always liked and found interesting is Brainiac 5 and the idea of an awkward super genius nerd boy having a crush on a clueless Clark Kent farm boy is adorable