bruh like everyone knew clark kent was superman, you think everyone at the daily planet was that dumb??? nah. they knew. you don’t give up eye candy like that tho. where else are you going to find a swoll reporter with good manners?? that is rare and if i worked there i wouldn’t say a word. superman who? i don’t know him. listen i would need something to look forward to on mondays


Karamel (Kara and Mon-El) is a problematic ship because:

• It’s lowkey incest. Kara and Mon-El are adoptive cousins. Have none of you ever question why Mon-El’s name is rather similar to Kal-El? Well, here’s what his name is actually an abbreviation of Monday and the ‘El’ came from Clark who did name him that as a passage that he is now of their kin. So if you wanna ship incest then go ahead. Don’t even put the ‘comics and the tv show are different’ excuse on me. DID I MENTIONED ADOPTIVE COUSINS???? THAT’S WHY THEY’RE LOWKEY INCEST. I NEVER SAID THEY WERE RELATED. And to clear it all up, Clark adopted Lar Gand into the family.
• It’s rushed and forced. They have just been together for two weeks and Mon-El already says ‘I love you’ to Kara that just seems hella rushed and forced at a certain level. They really need more development as a couple before one of them should truly blurt those words out.

Okay, before anyone asks or comes at me, the whole Karamel is abusive doesn’t seem to ring yet. I’m no Karamel shipper but I get that they’ve punched each other like maybe a few times, comics included. But during some of those times they weren’t exactly a thing yet, and the others were either one of them was provoked, defending themselves, or under mind control. Also let’s not forget that in some parts of Season 1 James kind of was dictating Kara on what to do so…yeah!

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Idk why but recently I've been thinking what it would be like for Clark to come back from the grave to find the fully formed justice league. Like what the fuck. Why do we have a club now. How did you guys even find each other we all have secret identities? Was this all Batman or was there like a nominating committee or something? what the hell I wasn't dead that long who are these people.

clark’s so new to the game, i doubt he’s actually looked into other heroes outside of batman - i get the feeling that was his first real broadening of the horizons, so to speak. he knows they exist, but he doesn’t know much about them, aside from basic powers and a nebulous MO - actually, depending on how present aquaman is, which i feel is not at all, i’m thinking the only heroes superman may really know about are batman, wonder woman, and the flash. and he doesn’t actually know wonder woman, she’s just this armored lady who showed up and kicked ass that’s with neither him or batman. i don’t…. think he actually knows her hero title is wonder woman, actually. 

um. wow. clark’s going to look at batman and be like “are they with you?” and batman’s going to be like “no, they’re with you” and barry’s going to be like “but you’re the one who broke into my house in the middle of the night” and then superman’s gonna be -.- and that’s it that’s the movie

If anyone wants to comment or add, feel free!

Marvel!DC Characters:

-Clark and Kara were many things. They were the future and hope of a loving and successful family. They were tight knit, and Kara learned English with Clark at Clark’s mother’s knee. They were German, once. But they were also Jews, and became orphaned when their world burned. They made it to England, and then America, with some help. They were advised to pretend they were siblings, and were adopted by an American couple. They had to change their last name, but Clark and Kara Kent thought it was worth it to help get into America.

They settled in NYC, and were glad to be relatively safe. While the USA was not without its flaws, they came to love it with all their might. Clark didn’t even remember his first home, not really. Kara grieved, but found comfort in her religion and community. They grew up with strong senses of right and wrong, but Kara was more cautious and protective of Clark than anything. She couldn’t lose more family.

Of course, the Kents ended up getting too sick to survive, leaving Kara and Clark on their own. But they had each other, and that was what mattered. Then, of course, came the war…

-The All Father knew many things. One of which was that his son, Thor, was arrogant and unworthy of Mjlonir. Instead of creating a new identity, though, Odin decided to make Thor share a body with one who was truly worth. Young Billy Batson had no idea what would happen when he picked up that walking stick, but sharing his body with a Norse God was not one of them.

-John Stewart was a simple military man, who loved to talk with his best friend and work at the space observatory with him. John never realized his friend was an alien until an incident gave John the powers of the Kree.


-Peter Parker was working late in the lab one night, experimenting on his own at school. As fate would have it, lightning struck both him and the chemicals he was reaching for. When he woke up, he realized he was faster than ever. Really, it was him and not Eugene Thompson who deserved to be called The Flash.

Years later, Peter felt he should have expected it when young Miles Morales ended up replicating the accident and became Kid Flash.

-Tony Stark was a brilliant prodigy. His parents were rewarding him for his latest invention with a night at the movies when tragedy struck. Being brilliant, Tony knew that he wanted to make sure something like that could never happen again. As he continued inventing, he also trained himself in various martial arts and detective abilities (although he totally cheats by having his computers loaded with information and having access to all the latest information). With his power armor and stealth tech, he is known for patrolling the night as the wise-cracking Batman.


Zatanna (2010-2011) #1

“I’ve run the mystic underworld in San Francisco of the last forty years. Now I’m taking the mortal half.”

“Because you think you an?”

“Because know I can. The hit was my way of saying I own San Francisco. Though I’m disappointed the daughter of my old friend John Zatara rewrote my message.”

“My father called you many things, Brother Night, but ‘friend’ was not one of them.”

“His loss. Yours, too, if you don’t remember you’re only allowed her as my guest. You intrigue me, Zatanna. You walk among ordinary people as if you were one of them. They marvel at your fakery with no idea of the true miracles you perform.”

“Hide in plain sight; every good magician does that trick.”

Not gonna lie, these sorts of verbal fisticuffs between adversaries in comics is kinda the stuff I live for. I love it in all of its messy glory. And I love the reinforcement of that theme I mentioned before – Zatanna’s unique spin on the superhero tale is that she walks that line, defending the ordinary from the mystical. And all the balancing that that line inspires her to do as a result.