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“It’s a little like watching a puppy eat a treat,” Lois said.

“Mmmm.  I’d made the same connection myself,” Cat replied.

“Hey!” Kara said.  “I’m standing right here.”

“I take it yours is the same way?” Cat asked, completely ignoring her.

“Not with Pot Stickers,” Lois said, “but Superman ate two entire trays of the Swedish meatballs about ten minutes ago.  I’m pretty sure you could have used the sounds he was making to score a porn film.”

Clark “Actual Puppy” Kent in Superman Family #201:

“Bruce is coming! Bruce is coming! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’m going to stand right in front of the elevator doors so I’ll be the first thing he sees when he gets here and I can finally tell him how much I missed him! He’s almost here, I can’t wait, oh boy, oh boy!”


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He’s not as mobile as he used to be at 25 weeks pregnant; his belly is getting heavy. He can’t believe he’s stuck in a room on a station in space, monitored at all hours of the day, and considered fragile. The doctor was right, though. Clark visits every night, usually he comes in with a good mood, cuddling him, peppering his face and belly with kisses, placing his hands on his belly, talking to the baby, and tells Bruce of promises that he and the child will always be safe, healthy, and provided for. He makes promises Bruce wants to believe, but doesn’t.

But sometimes Clark comes in angry. He doesn’t touch Bruce when he’s angry. He just paces in front of Bruce’s bed and tells him of what pissed him off. Bruce doesn’t reply to Clark’s rhetorical questions or react to his ranting. When Clark is angry, his belly tightens and cramps, but doesn’t say anything.

One day, Clark is angry. Bruce gasps, groans, grimaces and holds onto his belly. Blood stains the blanket sheets. Clark calls in the doctor and he’s asked to step out. Another doctor talks to him later, saying he’s not allowed to share his negative emotions with Bruce. Bruce bled a little, but he’s fine now.

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Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great year, and wish you all the best. As for the prompt...SuperLane; Lucy playfully teasing Louise about getting the better Kryptonian.

Thank you! :)

“I just really don’t think it’s a contest,” Lois huffed in annoyance at her kid sister.

“It shouldn’t be, they’re both great Kryptonians,” Lucy replied. She then smirked, and followed it up with, “But Kara is definitely better!”

Lucy stuck out her tongue at Lois and ran off, heading over to where Clark and Kara were waiting for them. Lucy was pushing her buttons, that was clear, but Lois couldn’t help smiling when she saw Kara lovingly embrace her little sister and Clark waiting for her. 

TV Show Supergirl : The Last Children of Krypton

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