CLAMP 30 Day Challenge


30 days of CLAMP- Day 9 - Favourite Slash couple moment

Touya and Yukito/Yue - after giving powers 

I can’t really call this a moment but its a step in their relationship that I love. I am personally a firm believer that these two are cannon (read the manga people) and here is where they admit their love in different ways and to different people. 


30 days of CLAMP- Day 6 -Favourite Het couple 

Sakura x Syaoran

Unpopular opinion but I like these two from Tsubasa. For me this is when I saw them as a couple way more then in Card Captor. This two are just meant for each other and so much happens to them (like any Clamp couple -___-) that I just want them to be happy. 


30 days of CLAMP- Day 5 - Favourite Mascot

Kero-chan / Kerberos 

This little guy won my heart as a kid for being cute ad funny and re-won it when I was an adult with that Osaka-ben. He is a great guide helps Sakura grow. Not only is he just a little mascot but a lion, and a protector and that is something I know I imaged and wanted as a kid.


30 days of CLAMP- Day 10 - Favourite secondary Character 

Tomoyo Daidouji

Tomoyo really is one of those characters who I think is a perfect friend. She is a guide through all of her appearances in the CLAMP universe and like many other pairs in the CLAMP universe I believe her friendship with Sakura is soul linked. 


30 Days Clamp Challenge

~09. Favorite slash couple - [½] Kurogane x Fai~

This relationship, I swear.. they’re masters in both- making me cry ‘n making me laugh. To me, kurofai share one of those rare truest bonds, like, srsly. ono And it’s not like this popped up out of nowhere, no, they needed to get to know each other, building up a friendship under the worst conditions and with almost completely opposite personalities, but in the end they closed up to each other in a really wonderful way, k~