A song I wrote for my fiancé Cj de Silva who will be turning 25 tomorrow Manila time! Hope you enjoy this!

I was in Sound Cloud listening to my friend’s new song. I got a notification on my own track that got me going over my uploads. I realized everything in my Sound Cloud were from three years ago. I was 23 back then. I had the youthful audacity to learn the guitar, record using my laptop mic and mixed everything in Garage Band. I didn’t care if the final mix had some ambient sound of either a tricycle or jeepney passing by. I was somehow proud of it.

But for some reason, I have shied away from my noctural hobby of learning songs and recording them. I don’t know if it’s because life distracted me. Or it is because I grew older and lost my spunk. So I listened again to all the songs I covered and decided to record and remix one track, “Sabi Na Nga Ba“, an original song by my good friend, Glen Tiopez.

Now, I recorded by voice using Wincy’s spiffy microphone, properly mixed by my husband as well. And I feel that my voice aged a little, which I liked.

This year, I promise myself I’d pick up that guitar, learn a new song and sing again.

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Why Leah Olivar-Medina is not the problem.

I am writing this (excessively long piece) in defense of Leah Olivar-Medina.

A lot of you seem to really hate her the most right now… and I don’t blame you. What I do blame is the society we grew up in; a society that taught us to always pin the blame on the woman.

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