CJ Johnson

Y'all when oa is talking to the therapist the first time when he says to take time trying to heal and she says she can’t do that (implying time pressure) he says “I understand. more than you know”. More than u know???? Um Mr therapist sounds rly fuken sketchy and I don’t trust him

GTA:SA | Sweet vs CJ (rap?) | ft. Beverly Johnson
Sweet is not a funny guy. So I didn't even try to portray him as one :) ► Enjoyed the video? Make sure to tell me about it! Leave a like/comment/subscribe fo...

After a short break (brace yourselves - exams are coming), another rap has been uploaded. 

This one is all about Sweet’s view on certain things :)

Beverly Johnson also appears in this one in some kind of blue-light-sample-from-google-images form to state her opinion about her children as well. Cj won’t like it, but at that very end his mom appears to say the truth - he once again has proved his (running dog, yo!) name