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Roy Kim - Ego Warning MV (Sub-title song)


Mnet’s PRODUCE 101 trainees who just missed the cut debuts as JBJ in “Fantasy” MV!

Do you love that they took the sexy route?

I have nothing against wanna one, I truly don’t, but it really grinds my gears how they’re getting so much more time together than IOI did. People are saying “ofc they get more time since they’re so successful” but was IOI not as successful during their time together? I feel like I wouldn’t be as mad if IOI actually got a whole year together, they were active from May until early January. Now Wanna One is getting 3+ albums when IOI only got like 3 or more singles and a mini album. I just wanted to get this off my chest.


PRODUCE 101 & I.O.I’s dancing queen Kim Chungha debuts solo in “WEEK” MV!

Do you like this soothing ballad?

[170830] soompi article

EXO and BIGBANG were featured in the Guinness Book Of World Records for the most MAMA Daesangs won.

MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) is one of the major annual music awards ceremonies held at the end of the year. Organized by CJ E&M through its music channel Mnet, it aims to celebrate K-pop and other Asian musicians and celebrities.

On August 30, Guinness World Records tweeted their congratulations to the two boy bands for making it into the book.

EXO won five Daesangs, winning Artist of the Year in 2014, as well as Album of the Year every year from 2013 to 2016. This matches the record of BIGBANG, who won Song of the Year in 2007 and 2015, as well as Artist of the Year in 2008, 2012, and 2015.

Congratulations to both groups!

Hwang Minhyun thoughts

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

Okay, so I am actually just going to go straight to the point because when I saw the news, I was actually disappointed and a little angered by it. Unfortunately, this might seem to be a biased point of view, considering that my ultimate bias in Wanna One is Hwang Minhyun, but I’ll try my best to make this as balanced as possible. 

As you guys might have already noticed, despite the love that Minhyun has been getting from Produce 101 Season 2 and Wanna One for his sharp musical sense, talent, visuals and especially his personality, he is also getting the same amount (if not more) of hate from what we call “akgae fans”. In other words (I had to google the definition oops), these are known as the fans who support ONE member of the group without caring for the rest and in my opinion, Minhyun has been getting the most number of these fans for a very very simple reason and that is because he is from Nu’est. 

On the recent episode of Happy Together 3, he had opened up about how he truly felt towards the Nu’est members and how he felt sorry for them because of the fact that he had debuted alone. It was clear that he missed them too and think about it, these were his “brothers” for 6 solid years and more. He has never dated (officially) and never had a part time job because his youth was literally spent with Nu’est despite all the hurdles and obstacles that they had to overcome to get to where they are today. Indeed, this already shows how deep their friendship goes and besides, he was not given a choice whether he wanted to talk about them or not because the hosts had asked him about Nu’est and also the time when Minhyun experienced an emotional breakdown. He was being honest and even we saw it with our own eyes. Why is he getting all this hate then, just for expressing his true feelings? 

Secondly, “akgae” fans also went absolutely crazy with the fact that Minhyun had logged onto the Nu’est fancafe, possibly to write a thank you note for all the fans that have supported him in both Wanna One, Nu’est and even throughout the course of Produce 101. He did, only to get shot down by fans for not being “loyal to Wanna One”. At this point, I don’t really have much of a comment because I was in too much disbelief at that point to see how they viewed him. 

If he was not loyal to Wanna One, why would he even bother taking care of them? As the Wanna One members have agreed (with Daehwi’s input), the first thing that came to their minds when Minhyun was unsure of what to say for his role in Wanna One was “Appa” or also known as “Father” or “Dad”. This might not seem like much but it’s already clear that he truly cares for his members, even going to the extent of cleaning up the dorm for them (partially because of his own love for cleanliness) and just being a proud parent, in general, to cheer on the younger ones of Wanna One. Furthermore, in his fancafe message, he even called himself “Nu’est’s and Wanna One’s Minhyun”. Doesn’t that already say enough?? 

Thank you for reading through another one of my long posts on my personal thoughts once again and if you guys have any questions or would like to start up a friendly discussion, feel free to drop me a message or even an ask in my ask box! I’m open to your views as well and hopefully, I will get to know some of you guys better as well! 

Seriously though, he doesn’t deserve the hate and he’s a wonderful human being, inside and out. In fact, I’m surprised that some still cannot see that smh.

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BTS' Awards;

I made a quick compilation of the awards that BTS has achieved so far from debut year to this year!


New Artist of the Year { MelOn Music Awards }

Rookie of the Year { PCKI Awards }

Rookie of the Year { Soompi Awards }

Breakout Artist { Soompi Awards }

Best Rookie Group { SBS PopAsia Awards }

Best Debut Male { European So-Loved Awards }

Best Single Album Release { European So-Loved Awards }

Best New Artist { German Korean Entertainment Awards }

Best Breakthrough (Debut) - Male Group { Hello Asia! K-Pop Awards }


Newcomer Award { Golden Disk Awards }

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I am your worst nightmare and your wildest dream 

-Sonya Chloe

First thing’s first, let me just mention that this music video was extremely hard to capture, especially with many of the shots being out of focus, incredibly shaky and just focusing on more eyes and lips without the entire face. Nevertheless, here are 10 of my “best” screencaps of Burn It Up! :’) It’s a little late (once again), especially with all the high-quality gifs that have been flooding the “Wanna One” tag. :’) This song is such a bop really and thank you YMC for actually releasing it nevertheless. 

Congratulations Wanna One on your official M! Countdown stage yesterday and may you continue walking the path of flowers! :) The stage was not only mind-blowing, but it was executed incredibly well by our 11 boys. :) For those who have not seen their MR removed videos, you can check Burn It Up HERE and Energetic HERE! To me, it is one of the best videos that I’ve ever heard because it just proves how talented these boys truly are, amidst their variety skills and blessed visuals. 

If you guys have not noticed yet, Energetic is one of the contenders for this week on a music show and are currently in 2nd place on Show Champion! :) Do vote for them when you can! ^^ Wanna One hwaiting!! ^^ 

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Evolution of Kpop 
Students from Wheaton College (IL) perform at annual campus-wide Lunar New Years Festival event celebrating their Korean heritage and paying tribute to the growth of the Korean pop music genre over the course of 20 years. 

94 김건모 - 잘못된 만남
96 HOT - Candy
‘07 WonderGirls - Tell Me
'09 Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
'09 소녀시대 - Gee
'09 Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
'11 2ne1 네가 제일 잘나가
'12 Psy - 강남스타일
'12 Big Bang - Fantastic Baby
'13 CRAYON POP - 빠빠빠 (SME // CJ E&M Music)
'13 EXO - 으르렁
'14 Orange Caramel - 까탈레나 (UMG)
'14 2PM - 미친거 아니야 (Go Crazy) (JYP Entertainment)
'14 AKMU - 200%