This is an official project run by the admin. We want you all to write letters to the Korean Culture Center UK and CJ E&M, telling them why you want them to bring Kcon to London.

Either type them up and send us the document or scan us your had written letter to bringkcontouk@gmail.com. In the subject please add kcon letter

The deadline is 30th May 2016

Things you could include:

  • Why they should bring Kcon to the UK?
  • Why you think it would be a success?
  • Which groups you would like to see?
  • Thank them for all the hard work they are doing
  • Make it as persuasive as possible (in all honesty these companies are just interested in making money ~ so we need to show them that it would be a huge success if they came here)

Thank you ~ Fighting!!! ♡ ♡

Admin A


Rising K-Pop star Eric Nam says “Can’t Help Myself” in latest MV!

Are you loving this catchy pop ballad?
Also incoming jelly Solar in upcoming “We Got Married” Episodes GUARANTEED!

CCM Entertainment Changes CEO. FINALLY.

T-ARA, SPEED, 5DOLLS, GANGKIZ fans have long shown their dislike for the poor management led by Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwangsoo.

While 2014 has been a year of bad news in the Kpop World, we are happy to learn that Kim Kwangsoo has finally stepped down, with all the CCM artists now under the management of CCM subsidary MBK Entertainment, which has stepped up to replace CCM has the major label of CJ E&M Group.

Whose happy about this news? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

#GirlsGeneration Currently in Talks to Have Their Own New Show

CJ E&M’s cable channel OnStyle is currently in talks with SM Entertainmentto create a program featuring Girls’ Generation.

According to OSEN on June 18, a representative from OnStyle shared, “We are currently discussing a program for Girls’ Generation with SM Entertainment to broadcast around the same time as their comeback. Specific details such as the genre or concept have not been decided yet.”

The representative continued, “We are thinking about airing the show around mid-July, but this could change depending on when Girls’ Generation makes their comeback. We plan to have all eight members of Girls’ Generation appear on the show.”

Meanwhile, the group will be making a comeback after their last Korean single “Mr.Mr.” which was released around a year and a half ago. Also, they last promoted a song during summer in 2009 with “Tell Me Your Wish.”


2016.03.08 - Gui Gui’s Plans for 2016

iQiyi Entertainment: “[Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie Signs Under South Korea’s CJ E&M, Will Release an Album in July] Yesterday, @Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie and CJ E&M held a contract signing press conference in Bejing. It was announced that right after the press conference, Gui Gui would be hurrying to South Korea to start her training. In the future, she will be giving her all for dramas and movies, variety shows, music, and more. It was also announced that Gui Gui will be releasing an album this year.”

(via Weibo)

so about the the new contact..

i knew b2m was having some problems so when spica didn’t comeback in 2015 i thought they’re going to disband and get signed up to different agencies :(
but looks like B2M is trying to get their shit together, back in june there was some taking about merging w/ CJ E&M (”merging” is a really nice word for, it’s more like CJ E&M took over B2M cuz they ran out of money!)
so B2M “sold” some of their artists (eric nam got signed w/ spica too) as part of the merging contract.

i really hope that the new company is gonna treat all the members right & know how to promote them well. 

#SPICAsavekpop2016 here we come!!!

some other random stuff about the company..

- Chief Ahn Suk Joon of CJ E&M’s music department stated, “We have signed a contract with SPICA as a girl group with possession of outstanding talents so that it’s possible for them to even have individual activities.  We will do our best for SPICA to go beyond being national stars to global ones through CJ E&M’s music infrastructure.”

- CJ E&M manages SG Wannabe, Davichi, Roy Kim, Son Ho Young, Hong Dae Kwang, Park Bo Ram, and WABLE. (and promote some other agencies too.) 

- CJ E&M won the “Music Distributor of the Year” trophy at the 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards in 2014

- their site


People stop panicking about AOMG joining CJ E&M, and please read the article. It says clearly that “The label will continue to create music and operate freely, while CJ E&M will be responsible for aspects such as marketing, global networking and relations, with the plan to bring their hiphop and R&B music to the global market”

Besides that, I highly doubt that Jay will ever gave up his freedom as an artist again, he knows better than us - he’s been there before. So this deal is actually a good thing - better promotion for AOMG (JYP won’t probably fuck with them anymore like this) and higher chances for a world tour, so.. nothing to cry about. 



2016.05.24 - Get Excited for a Beautiful Gui Gui Hosting M Countdown in China!

CJ E&M: “On May 28, #M Countdown in China# will be held. #Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie# will be waiting to see you all~ [love you]”

M Countdown in China: “#M Countdown in China# Our beautiful host! Haha, I heard that her outfit for hosting is drop dead gorgeous. [dizzy] Get excited for it!”

Gui Gui will be one of the hosts for M Countdown in China, which will be held in Shanghai on May 28. The concert will feature popular Korean and Chinese groups.

(via Weibo)