Christmas In The Manner ☃

It was 6 am, Christmas morning and all of the alters were eager to wake up and see what they had waiting for them under the tree. It’s very rare but for one day each year - that day being today. Each alter get’s their fair turn out with no interruptions. It’s tradition that every morning they all sit near the tree and Arizona will call out each alter one by one after that alter has opened their presents. Just so everyone get’s to open their presents on Christmas morning and no one is left out. It’s also tradition that Sanny is /always/ first out. Mainly because she’s just a baby and she’s the most excitable and usually has the most presents considering her’s are all little toys and the others are more expensive stuff. The house was quiet, all of the maids and staff were preparing for dinner, breakfast and lunch. All the decorations were gleaming and shining and suddenly a little Sanny, dressed in a pretty pink night gown, a full diaper and pigtails arose full of excitement. She flung herself over her cot railings and legged it into the kitchen gasping she grabbed the now empty plate of cookies and half drunken milk. She took them quickly to her mami’s room and slammed the door open “mommy! mommy! Look! Santa ates alla dem stuffs we gifs hem!”

My name is Moe.

I’m from San Luis Obispo, California.

I’m 19.

I sing, write, & produce. 

My influences are J*Davey, Muhsinah, Little Dragon, Modest Mouse, Frank Zappa, & the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 

My goal is to provoke thought.  To create music with meaning & substance. Music is extremely powerful & I feel that many have forgotten how impactful music can be on one’s life. 

Many people have become accustom to mindlessness in what they listen to & accept it because they feel there are no other options. 

People aren’t feeling anymore.

I believe passion and compassion are the most beautiful things about being a human.


Whether it be happy, angry, sad, or what have you. 

Music is such an amazing way to take people on a journey inside themselves.

Everything you hear on this EP came from my head and my heart. I just want to share it with you.

Coffee in the morning - Charlie & Ross

[Ross would never admit to it but she was kind of nervous to actually meet up with Charlie. In her room even. This was not like seeing the blonde girl in the kitchens shortly, praising her food, this was them actually hanging out. And though Ross wasn’t the least bit shy or insecure around people, her crush on Charlie had blindsided her. When Charlie smiled at her, Ross’ stomach flipped and fell over her words. It wasn’t like her and she was annoyed by it but then Charlie smiled at her again, and Ross figured it was okay as long as the blonde would smile like that. She glanced down at herself, wondering if she should change to something more nice, instead of the simple grey sweats she was wearing. But it wasn’t a date, they were just drinking coffee. Still she changed into a dark washed pair of jeans going for casual much rather than slouch. Zipping up a black hoodie she figured that couldn’t hurt. She didn’t need to look like she was trying to hard. She was simply trying to get closer to the girl. Knowing exactly which room the girl slept in, she grabbed her phone and room card key and made her way over to the other girl.]