Day One Hundred and Sixteen

-At the start of my shift, we had a team huddle to discuss store business matters. The first matter, and most important, was us all sampling the new Unicorn Frappuccino. A quality meeting, if I have ever been to one.

-An elderly woman remarked to me that it smelled like something was burning and asked if someone had burned popcorn. As a result, she spent the remainder of the transaction cackling to herself. If she thought that her joke was a funny one, I believe I may have finally found a good audience for my comedy.

-A Chubby Puppy wind-up toy was left at my register. I have named her Juniper and I love her, inability to walk in anything but a circle and all.

-In regards to the card reader before him, an older gentleman noted, “This seems like a pretty nice keyboard. I think I can solve it.” He inspires a great deal of faith in me. I think he can solve it, too.

-An older woman asked me if anything that she had purchased was on Cartwheel. I told her that I did not know off the top of my head, at which point she responded by glaring at me threateningly and telling me that I looked smart, so I had better be sure and I had better be right. Luckily, I know very few things in life, so it is more than likely that Cartwheel offers fall into this category.

-A couple bantered over how much they had each spent. The woman, having bought the most, said, “It makes sense, you are cheaper than me.” After a moment, the man replied, “I’m trying to think of something to say, but you drove and you’re paying.” Not since Machiavelli has one held all of the cards so masterfully.

-A sweet grandfatherly man, sporting a pinstripe shirt that seemed to have been with him as long as his timeless smile, came through holding a purple and yellow rubber ball. He asked me if I thought it would be good for four square before pausing for a moment and asking me if I knew what four square is. Overjoyed when I said yes, he told me of his plans to teach the neighborhood kids and help them be more active. He then said that he was going to go let his friends know that the ball would work. I later saw him with a pair of women, each as happy and smiling as himself. This man knows all that one needs in life, and I hope to one day learn from him.

-A young girl noted Juniper by my register and asked if she could pet her. I naturally said yes, as long as she was careful. Gently cupping the pup in her hands, she complimented me on how soft my plastic friend was.

Chubby Puppy

Today I visited two food festivals! Not one, but two! In one day… And I am now feeling a bit full. First earlier in the day I visited the Munchies food festival with my Mistress and another former slave of hers. While it was great to spend time with both of them again, the festival itself left much to be desired.

Located on the Hester Street area, taking over the small festival area and the adjacent tennis courts, there was a Nordic food area, a Nordic bar and a grouping of food venders that have locations throughout New York. And scattered between all of those were a groupings of tables, all covered in the plastic tablecloth you usually find at birthday parties. First, we walked through the Nordic area and to my disappointment… most of the vendors were selling sea food. We had a few items there, and moved onto the Nordic bar area. This is what we were most excited for because it was so hyped up online. But when we entered into the area and saw the size of the drinks along with the cost, we knew that we had been deceived by a fancy online description. The drink choices were not only limited and bland, but they were also served in tiny plastic cups. So we not only saw our hopes dashed away but we also felt cheated. The one great part about that area was the tree cover. The rest of the festival was out in the blazing sun but in the lounge area, tables were under the trees and a cool breeze ran through. After collecting more food we sought refuge in this area.

In the New York food vendor area, I found food more to my liking but didn’t find anything that really caught my eye. Most of the places I had been to before, and I ended up getting two baos from Bauhaus. Specifically I got the chicken baos, and those were good but nothing new. Now at the end of the day I wish I had settled on ice cream.

Skip ahead a few hours, some walking and foot massages later and I’ve worked up an appetite. This time for ramen at the Japan Festival in Brooklyn! Not far from my apartment, I was super excited for this event. I love noodles, from the bottom of my stomach. Odd that the festival was taking place so far out in Brooklyn, they brought a few international ramen makers – mostly from Japan. I came towards the end of the day and rushed around making sure I tried three different types of ramen and applied to the contest to choose a winner. I choose two ramen places from Japan and one that I believe was from Singapore. The two from Japan were both very good. The first was a chicken broth with fresh veggies and a slice of pork chashu. This was the lightest and cleanest ramen I had.

Next came the ramen from Singapore and I chose this place because the line was so long. Figuring it must be a hit, I stood in line while slurping on my first noodles. And I was not disappointed! The meat was grilled right next to the station, and the whole bowl had this powerful (but not overwhelming) taste of smokiness. It worked quite well with the meat and noodles. They had this distinct BBQ flavor that I would not associate with ramen very often. It only became too much when I realized the broth had that smokiness and it quickly became a drink of smoked meat water.

The last ramen I had was right next to closing of the poles and festival. It was tonkotsu ramen filled to the brim with meat. It was more of a stew than a noodle soup with the amount of meat in there. This was actually hard to eat because it was so fatty and so filling. At first I thought it was amazing, I love meat and a fatty broth, but then it became too much on such a hot day.

In the end, I enjoyed the Japan festival a bit more than the munchies.  The munchies/vice food festival seemed to hype itself up much more but fell short on the delivery. Although they had a decent turn out, it still felt barren in such an open space. Comparatively, the Japan festival felt more like a street festival, but that worked in its favor. It didn’t feel pretentious or had to live up to any standards. I think many people were surprised that the festival was even held this far out in Brooklyn. It felt organic and a bit more fun. Although they didn’t have any seating and garbage cans were few and far between, few could point out many flaws in the festival itself.


omg he’s so tiny and cute can I have one?

Killer stricks again

“Hey there big fella!”

“Do you want a new friend?”

“Hah! Well come on over here!”

“Now hold out your, uhh- paws?”

“Be careful with it, okay?”

“Another one claimed by Killer, the poor soul didn’t even have a chance.”

Okay, do I don’t know it its name will actually be called Killer, but he could easily be mistaken for something that has seen it’s fair share of blood! Too bad that’s far from the truth!


the good drugs - olicity - 1/1

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“Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day…” 

“Okay, well, that was my cheek,” Felicity grunted. She was mostly dragging Oliver across the apartment floor toward the nearest flat surface, which just so happened to be the couch. “But, thank you… I think. I just got a new moisturizer.” 

“You smell good.” 

She snorted. “Now I know you’re lying, because I definitely stink. Lugging you around has worked up a sweat.” 

He hummed. “Like coffee and ink and that hand lotion you use…” 

“The ink is because I had to wrestle with the printer earlier. You’d think with something so expensive, it wouldn’t get so many paper jams, but nope. I won though, just FYI.” Felicity made sure he was comfortably laid out on the couch and moved to his feet to pull off his shoes. “I’m surprised you let them put you under for your root canal. I was expecting more of a fight.” 

He grunted, his eyes at half-mast. “Had enough pain,” he murmured. 

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