Clement left his hotel after the baking lesson ended, humming a pleasant tune as he walked along the road. It went fairly well and he even managed to make himself a new friend!. Haru Miuna was a sweet girl, and he’s glad they managed to exchange emails before parting ways.

There was still some time left before his sister returns to their hotel, but the red head didn’t want to confine himself in their suite for the rest of the trip. Nope, he was going to do some solo sightseeing of his own!

He halted in front of a cafe shop and peered into the window. At the same time, his stomach began to rumble. Looks like a little snack and refreshment is in order. He’ll go around touring Namimori once his stomach gets some tasty cakes. 

It’s not until he sat himself down a table when he realized a problem.

…Clement can’t read Japanese. How’s he going to order anything now?!

And last pic of the night or … Morning, is this small drawing of Stuffed Bertholdt .w. Which was a gift for the fabulous and my all time inspiration till I die @kink-master-enuna

I know you already saw this but I drift to post it on here .w.“ Whoops. ((Also, sad coloring is sad coloring urghhhh))

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Nickname: Ammu, Bhavs, Monks (abbrevation of monkey, courtesy: my dad -_-)

Star sign: Taurus.

Gender: Female

Height: I really don’t know. 0.o I guess 165 cm?

Time and date: 1:34 pm, 26th May.

Lucky number: 5

Last thing I googled: A really awesome one-shot I can’t remember the name of. :/

First word that comes to my mind: Air-conditioner?

2 favourite fictional characters: Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno/Uchiha, Sarada Uchiha, Leo Valdez

Favourite Celebrities: Ryuji Sato. Hands down B)

Favorite books: Percy Jackson, Heroes Of Olympus (All hail Leo Valdez)

Last movie I saw in the cinema: Ek Villain (Freaking ages ago.)

Dream Holiday: Japan! Andaman and Nicobar islands(I’ve been there before, and I highly recommend it for people looking out for a nice relaxing vacation ;))

Dream Job: ANIMATOR. Manga artist :p (I’m not good enough hehe)

Wearing right now: A weird Indian print pink butterfly sleeved shirt and white pants.

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For all the Ensemble Stars fans who were disappointed by the lack of rhythm-game, your time has come.

Idol boy armageddon is on its way.

『アイ★チュウ』 “I-Chu” is a new rhythm game with male idols coming to both ios and Android in the summer. The gameplay appears similar to Love Live.

Currently eight units have been announced, with one being a solo-artist. You can see all the characters and their units here. Click on the blue stars for their intro voices, and a few units have a song preview in the corner of their screen!

Check out the trailer, it looks really good! The music also sounds like it’s going to be really cute from the sound of the trailer and the preview songs.