Did you guys know that I am a reformed Chloe hater? I hain’t proud of it but it’s true. It may have something to do with the fact that EVERY boyfriend of mine in the 90s had a total bone on for her. It may be the weirdly absent, anodyne characters she played in her early films that functioned solely as ciphers for the pervy Lolita fantasies of the male leads. It may have been her association with Harmony Korine, who just seems like the most tiresome, self-satisfied phony artist asshole on the whole entire planet to me.

But like now? I just love her. She’s adorable and always perfectly tan and her collections are getting better every season and she seriously will not take a role these days unless she gets to play a total prig, but in real life she can and does out-party any 20 year old, and I love those glasses she wore in Zodiac, and she’s just this awesome, cool girl who’s running around, following her own weird whims and being great at everything she does.

I’m 15 years too late but I give. I fuckin love you, Chloe. Here she is taking a bow last night at her first-ever runway show, and I am so happy for her.

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony’s Resort 2012 collection, via


Chloe X Opening Ceremony:

Chloe Sevigny released her most recent campaign with Opening Ceremony. Designed all by Chloe, the collection encapsulates her 60’s look with a modern twist.

The double faced coated mini is shiny chic and on our wishlist for wearing this fashion week. Make a statement with the bright red Cropped Peacoat. You will be sure to hail a cab wearing that this winter.



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