You’ve got a goddamn nerve


It is possible for a beauty to love a beast.

And then Jack was like, “Okay, now I’m really suspicious…”

AU where Jack and Gabriel get to be old and happy together or something!! Inspired by this lovely post by @edgewatch76. I’m sorry that it got infinitely cheesy in my hands!!!! OTL


Having a bad day? Feeling down? Need something to cheer you up? I know just the thing!

Star Trek: The Original Series, episode 01x15, Shore Leave.

Because how can you fail to laugh at McCoy with Alice and the White Rabbit. Spock being an absolute little shit and tricking Kirk into beaming down. Sulu getting excitable about his antique gun. Kirk having the time of his life fighting Finnegan. Bones getting his gentleman on with Yoeman Barrows and her princess gown, then with his cabaret girls later.

I mean. Just look at them.