but imagine hearing jimins soft, sleepy footsteps in the morning and looking up to see him walking out of your shared bedroom with sweats hanging low off his hips and a white t-shirt displaying his collarbones and a hand reaching up to scratch at his tummy and even though he looked completely innocent, the shirt that was being lifted up was showing off the hickeys you had left on his hips, proving that he wasn’t so innocent after all

The Morning After

Park Jimin

slightly smutty

Everything felt different the next morning; the sun that walked through the room seemed happier and brighter today, the curtains danced alongside the slight breeze that flowed through the window, and the scented candle that my boyfriend loved still remained in the air from when it was lit the night before.

I blinked a few times to get the sleep out of my eyes as I rolled over to be met by a sleeping Jimin, a pout playing on his lips, his cheek being squished against the pillow, and his body being completely uncovered - except for a pair of boxers that he claimed were his lucky ones.

I let a quiet chuckle slide through my lips as I realize that I’ve stolen the blankets from him, guilt filling me to the brim at the thought of him being cold, even though his body matches the sun’s heat almost perfectly.

I turned to him slowly, careful not to make too much movement, and grabbed the covers to tuck them around him for the remainder of his sleep. I hoped that he could at least have a warm hour or two, but after I covered up his legs and went to cover up his torso, I saw something that made my mind become flooded memories. Memories of tight grips, soft kisses that were placed on every surface, and a warm body that was being pressed into the back of mine.

The memories mixed in with the sight of his exposed chest and stomach, his hips being decorated with the multiple hickeys I  had left. I remember leaving every single one of them. They weren’t hungry or needy, but were perhaps slow and filled with nothing but love. The few things I don’t remember leaving, were the long, dark red scratches that danced along his perfect skin, tangling together in a way that reminded me that, after awhile, soft grips turned into desperate grabs and slow movements turned into hungry ones.

Blush crept onto my cheeks as I thought about the noises that had been left hanging in the air, the thought of his loud whines bringing up butterflies in my stomach as I finished covering him up. With him finally being tucked in, I started climbing out of bed but didn’t get very far until I was being tugged back into it, my back hitting the chest that I had just cover up.

“Where do you think you’re going, baby?” Jimin mumbled, sleep lining his voice and making it sound more rough than usual. His arms found their place on my hips as he pulled me as close of possible. “These marks that I left look really good on you,” he mumbled against my hair. He reached up and grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling it to one side so my neck was open to him enough to attack it with open mouthed kisses.

“Are you always this horny in the mornings?” I questioned and followed it with a light laugh, trying to make this tension ease up a little bit, but the low chuckle that pushed air onto my neck and the smirk that I could feel spread over his lips made the words feel answered without him even speaking.

He turned me quickly so that I was facing him, the smirk remained on his face as his hand found the back of my neck roughly. “Only when you’re here, baby.”

I didn’t have time to process the words before his lips were being pressed against my own, his body doing not so innocent grinds onto mine, and the way that his fingers tangled in my hair, tugging roughly, told me that we weren’t getting out of this bed anytime soon.

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but imagine jimin wearing a cute little sweater that made him look innocent, but only you and him knew about the not so innocent marks hidding underneath the fabric


his hair will be the death of me