“Just One More Wasted Day”

As nighttime turns to day,
and daytime turns to night
You sit alone in your room,
bathed in your laptop’s light

Thinking back to your youth,
remembering all that you have seen,
Your best times were always spent
Staring at your computer screen.

So while life is passing by,
As you spend it clicking and scrolling away
It must be fine for now,
since it’s just one more wasted day.

Posted 7/1/2012

(A huge Thank you to the amazingly talented Chiara Adams of Doublethink Design for .giffing this for me!)

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Gumi - Childhood Blues (オサナナブルー)

An adorable song about confessing to a childhood friend ♪

Author Comment:
I’ve always wanted to have this kind of love, but it’s just a pipe dream, for my childhood friend’s a plump guy with a shaven head.

Music & Words: Last Note.
Guitar: Machiya (町屋)
Bass: mao
Illustration: Hechima (へちま)
Movie: ke-sanβ

Original Video

“VHS Memories”

A generation of memories, recorded on magnetic tape
Good moments to savour, and bad ones to escape.
Static-y audio and dull palettes that bled,
All fading away on a format that’s dead.

Your life painstakingly recorded so you can remember it always,
On cheap tape that rots on a shelf, and no longer plays.
Temporary technology meant the recordings don’t last
So all of our VHS memories have been left in the past.

As more times passes, your youth becomes harder to recall
And now there’s no proof you had a childhood at all.

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Celebrating 25 years of Sooraj Barjatya
featuring: maine pyar kiya ★ hum aapke hain koun  ★ hum saath saath hain ★ vivah  

“The Ghosts That Watch You Sleep”

Ghosts are always watching, when you are asleep
In your private moments, they’ll spy and they’ll creep

Some are your relatives, being disappointed with all that you do
Some are complete strangers who simply enjoy watching you.

They whisper in your ears, helping nightmares haunt your dreams
They remind you of your failings, turning whispers into screams
They try to absorb your soul, inhaling all of your precious air
So you wake up feeling defeated, and just say “I don’t care”.

But while you’re never alone, and the ghosts are watching all
Don’t ever let them ever make you feel insignificant or small
They’re just jealous that you’re alive, since they aren’t any more
So laugh in their ghostly faces, and make them watch you snore.

Posted 3/7/2012

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blues clues....weirder than we remember

Ok guys there are many things that confused me about blues clues and this is a list.

1: Blue was the girl and Magenta was the boy.


and don’t even get me started in Periwinkle the MALE cat

2: How in the HELL does SALT and PEPER make PAPRIKA?!

AND THEN CINNAMON?! There had to be some other spices going on here! like Chipotle or something. Pepper you whore…..wait her name is pepper. let that sink in.

“The Girl Who Lived on the Bottom of the Sea”

There once was a girl who lived on the bottom of the sea
Born with gills in her neck, it’s the only place she felt free
Swimming and floating, to be left alone was her wish
Living a peaceful life amidst the coral and fish.

But growing up on dry land, they called her “The Wretched Gill Girl”
Cruel people kept her in a cage, and sneers and jeers they would hurl
She endured their mockery and laughter, so jealous and petty
Until she escaped from her prison, and dove off the jetty.

Bidding the surface world “adieu”, she made a new life for herself
Formed a country of her own, deep between the continental shelf
Leaving those awful folks behind, she has no more reason to frown
And when the ice caps finally melt, she can watch them all drown. :-)

(Starring the lovely poetess Tam from!)

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