blues clues....weirder than we remember

Ok guys there are many things that confused me about blues clues and this is a list.

1: Blue was the girl and Magenta was the boy.


and don’t even get me started in Periwinkle the MALE cat

2: How in the HELL does SALT and PEPER make PAPRIKA?!

AND THEN CINNAMON?! There had to be some other spices going on here! like Chipotle or something. Pepper you whore…..wait her name is pepper. let that sink in.

Childhood Blues

Another song fic, this time with Echo’s OC, Toshiko and Kyoutani!! Here’s the song

I realised that I fell in love and fell for him more and more

Sitting beside each other, two figures watched the sunset dip below the horizon. One was shorter than the other, with fawn-colored hair and deep umber eyes. It was a girl, her beige school uniform colored coral from the fading light. The other had blonde hair with two horizontal stripes running alongside each other. Light chestnut-colored eyes stared boredly at the tangerine sky, before throwing his hands into his black jacket pockets. His thin eyebrows arched as the sun finally disappeared, turning his gaze to the girl sitting beside him.

I’ve become more sensitive, more curious and more of a crybaby

Turning to look at him, she smiled, wiping a few tears from her eyes, hand running itself through her buzzed hair. “I’m ready.” She murmured, watching as the boy beside her stood without another word.

So by gathering these small pieces of courage over 51 days, please, let my feelings reach that sky

Silently, she allowed herself to stare at the horizon for a while longer before collecting her bag. Following where the boy went, she jogged to catch up to him, who was already unchaining his bike across the street. “Kyoutani! Wait up!” She scolded.

He looks pretty sour, it’s almost like he’s sulking

His eyes turned up to her, rolling in the process. “Then don’t space out on me, Toshiko.” He growled, and to anyone else it would have sounded menacing. But not to her, because as she looked closer, she saw a hint of worry in his eyes.

Honestly! If you hate it that much, you don’t have to come with me everyday! Seriously!

“Why do you even come with me?” She asked, he paused.

Why had he come with her? It was her luck charm, not his. 51 days of watching the sunset in this specific place. 51 days and her love would be reciprocated. Her love. Not his. And who cared about her love, anyway? So why was he still here? The more he thought about it, the less he came to a conclusion. However, her eyes were staring at him expectantly as she waited for his answer, and he scratched the back of his neck.

‘It’s getting dark, so it’s dangerous.’

His voice surprised even himself as he felt his face darken. Eyes narrowing, he quickly averted them from her gaze.

I’m being treathed like a kid!?

Her mouth fell open in an ‘O’, before she allowed herself to grin up at him again. They hadn’t known each other long. She had only just met him through Aika. Aika and Kyoutani were lovers, but Aika had recently confessed he had feelings for her, too. It was quite the befuddled situation that confused even her as well. Since they met, Kyoutani had been spending almost everyday walking her home and watching the sunset, to get closer with her more quickly. And during that time, she had begun to feel a stirring in her chest for the boy.

'You’re probably not going to keep it up, anyways.’

His sharp remark make her sigh with a smile. Adjusting her bag on her shoulder, she unchained her bike and hopped on. Riding off with Kyoutani in tow, they disappeared into the night.

Yeah yeah, just watch me!

The days slowly passed, and much to Toshiko’s chagrin, nothing between them had changed. It was still the same, with her trying to pry away at the walls that surrounded him. Aika had reassured her that he would warm up to her, but she was beginning to have her doubts. He was polite to her, and that had been the extent of it.

As the sun sets for the 51st time, two shadows stand side-by-side on the hill

Today again, they stood on the tall hill overlooking the town, framed by the sunset as the silence muttered on. Glancing at him out of the corner of her eye, she wrung her hands behind her, nervousness overtaking her gut. The way the light reflected off his eyes and turned them golden launched her heart into her throat, and suddenly she felt very, very warm.

His eyes flicked over to her, and she startled, turning away.

'Who’d you fall for this time? I’ll help you out’ as he grumbled

His hands were shoved deep into his pockets, face steely as he looked out above the streets. The wind nipped at their limbs, watching the dead leaves fall from the trees as Toshiko stared at him in disbelief.

So, I grabbed his hand

“This is why I fell in love with you.”

Her voice rang in his ears, grinning up at him as he felt his fingers warm up, and start to sweat. He looked into her eyes, and it was like falling in love all over again. The same fluttery feeling that usually arose when Aika hugged him was centered in his gut again. He tried to ignore the soft fingers clasping his own, but he couldn’t.

As you pouted your face turned red.

The way you hide your embarrassment never changes, huh…

But I just realized, I love this part of you too

Gently, he leaned down, pressing a quick kiss to her lips. His fingers ran up the side of her face, before pinching down hard on her cheek.

’…You’re really late’

Wait, don’t pinch me!