this is what I grew up on, this is what I was raised up in. I remember “snuggling” up on the couch with my family, waiting for the opening crawl and the familiar music to sound. I remember light saber fights in my living room and on the trampoline. I remember using the force on my little brothers as they pretend that I’m choking them to death. I remember how I felt when I watched Anakin burn into flames, I was only 6 but it still tore me apart, knowing someone so good and someone so delicate could turn around in an instant. this trilogy isn’t all fake, it makes you feel emotions and hurt and love for the fictional characters you’ve known since childhood. and it has shown me that, even as I grow up, there will always be people who will do anything for love or have so much hate that they would hurt those around them, not knowing the cause. no matter what you grew up on, that show or trilogy will have in impact on you for a lifetime and it changes you forever.

As a child, I knew a fascinating woman.  She was a tiny redhead with a voice like nicotine-crushed gravel and a habit of adopting as many injured or orphaned animals as her house would hold.  She was a contractor/carpenter by trade, and always had these long, Morticia-Addams-style curled eyelashes.  She grew up with a large pack of older brothers and they taught her things like putting dogshit in a bag on someone’s front step, lighting the bag, ringing the bell and running away.  She taught me how to play Blackjack.  She was the first woman licensed to ride a two-wheeled motor vehicle in her home town.  She adopted a son and raised him, though he died as an adult before we crossed paths.  I later found out the reason she’d never had biological kids was because her mom was exposed to DES, but that’s another story.

I met her because she lived up at the top of a hill with a park at the bottom of it, and I saw her cats out in the front yard in these little harnesses and wanted to pet them so I climbed the hill, knocked on the screen door, and asked.  I was maybe seven.

-The cat-harnesses turned out to be more for eagle-protection than cat containment.  The eagles could pick the cats up, but they couldn’t fly away with them because of the tethers, so they had to drop them.

She taught me a lot.