chachi_irene: “There’s nothing better than feeling safe and sound. Nothing better than knowing your best friend is your heart…knowing that they are always gonna be there …no matter what…I love him…always…I miss him…my other half…I need my angel…”

ian_eastwood: “Wow…babe…I can certainly say I didn’t expect this—-but i can say it gives me butterflies—-and that is undeniable—-I miss you just as much…I hope things change soon—-and they get better…I’ll always be here—-I love you Olivia.”

@jhabdollosa: this is the part when @chachi_irene realised that I included her “Ian” necklace on my drawing that I gave her .. she said “oh, you even drew my necklace!” and then I replied “haha yeah. Oh! you’re wearing it right now!” and then she looked at it and smiled. @ian_eastwood , you should be proud to have her. 


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