I wish you’d hit me, right in the eye preferably, so that I know that the pain is real, the abuse is real that leaves mark on my skin whereas nothing shows when you stab me with your words. So instead I mark myself, as a reminder that the pain I feel in my mind is as real as marks on my hand.
I wish you’d hit me as hurtful as the words you shout at my face, as hurtful as I want to hurt you. I wish the marks would show, and the cuts and bruises would welt as terrible as you made me feel every time you got drunk and told me things I didn’t want to hear, asked me things that filled me with anxiety. But people would tell me how nice and charming you are, and I have to force a smile. The hatred and pain inside me are instead trapped in my ribcage suffocating me, but I look fine so it doesn’t matter.

It's Not Wrong to Dream About Prince Charming

You know what I hate in society? People telling girls it’s wrong to fantasize about a perfect guy. That it’s wrong to have these unattainable standards that men have to live up to. I understand, every human has their flaws and men are included in that. But my Prince Charming is out there and you can’t tell me what I can or cannot expect in my future husband. Maybe he will have flaws, a lot of them. But they won’t be anger, stubbornness, or pride. My true love will not call me names, tear me down, or make me feel less than he is. My future love will be only love and only kindness and only gentleness and loyalty and patience. He will not raise his voice at me for no reason and he will not wrongfully punish or abuse our children. Maybe this man doesn’t exist in the modern world. Nobody is perfect. But I will hold every man I ever meet to this standard of what a man should be. And if they don’t measure up, that’s their loss, not mine. Not all men are monsters, but I’m done kissing frogs hoping they turn into a prince.

-Searching for You

Beauty is fleeting, charm is a liar,
Tell me, Wordsmith, why should I believe you?
Darling, your words are just like the others’
Surely they are somehow deceitful.

Smooth words are whiskey, they burn as they go.
They build up around me, like songs of sirens.
They drag and they prod, pulling into the flow,
When talking is done, they ring through the silence.

Words always start out pleasant and kind,
They flitter and flutter, then cut like a knife.

—  Emily E. 

anonymous asked:

I feel like since everyone thinks it's Neal. It's definitely not Neal. I feel it's going to be someone we least expect.

Well, the list of people that were named were…








And Walsh.

And nonnie, I can tell you honestly, it IS one of these people :D

So... I’m turning Killian into a rat.

Because both the Charmings refused to step up and become furry cute rodents for the duration of a fic.

I’m disappointed, Charmings. DISAPPOINTED!

(come on, you wanna tell me you don’t want to see Snow with her shiny white pelt? While David chitters protectively around her?)

xxlaurataxx  asked:

Hey Enzo, I dont have a question yet but I wanted to tell you that I love your charm and how you play your guitar. I'm so sorry what the Augustin Vamp doctors have done to you (and to Damon ofc). Would you mind play something for me? I love you♡

Oh, thank you! What do you want me to play for you? ;)

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I am v proud to have the same racial background as Chloe (though my dad’s family is from Sichuan) and I don't want to act like this gives me some kind of magic wand to decide what is/isn't whitewashing or dismiss other poc BUT I just wanted to tell you that I personally find your drawings charming and not at all offensive. I have seen some art and cosplays of Daisy that do make me feel a little iffy, so I think it is a legitimate concern in general, but you've always seemed v sensitive to this.

Thanks so much for the note! There’s definitely a lot of white washing in fandom and the last thing I want to do is contribute to that, so this was really nice to hear(well, read.) And thank you for liking my little doodles, that makes me day. :)

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I just wanted to let you know I ordered a catch you catch me lanyard and charm for my boyfriend, and he loved it! but a week after I gave it to him he showed me the star charm had fallen off. maybe something to think about for future products


I’m really sorry about that! I bought the star charms from a new vendor since my usual vendor is no longer selling them. I’ve received some similar comments on the stars breaking or falling off from other customers so I’ve decided I won’t be including stars on charms after I send out this current batch of orders. (All orders made before July 29th will still receive star charms, sorry if they break!)

I appreciate you telling me and I apologize if anyone else has encountered a similar issue! 

marajade4s  asked:

I read Unbreakable at ch 16 and I don't know how I missed it for so long! It's amazing, brilliant and I can't wait to read the first 15 chapters and see everything that's happened! For now, let me tell you I love it that you've had David come back for them, and have him meet Killian - it was an amazing nod to the bromance! (*you're also my hero for calling Neal out to David ;)). But God the angst that's coming (I've a feeling Emma is pregnant and getting her memories back will be tough on them).

Well, holy crow. Now I’m all nervous, because I’ve loved your blog for forever.

I’m fine.

Anywho, I’m so excited you like Unbreakable!!! I will never get over Captain Charming bromance, let me just tell you, they bro out a lot in the future LOL And seriously, I can’t believe no one ever did tell him about that. *shakes head* 

As for everything else…. ugh… No idea what you’re talking about :D