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How does your sky look like that? It’s so beautiful.

MY FRIEND! Let me introduce you to these magical animated skies! There are a bunch of different options you can mix and match to create really cool skies. I like to see the stars from the Maxis sky, so I’m pretty sure I’m only using the animated neighborhood clouds (no lot sky/cloud object). It’s a complete game changer. :D

i just got off the phone with my employer about a possible new position that would be legitimately part time with a steady paycheck, and it would all be done remotely and that would be so goddamn amazing. i think the preliminary interview went well (i mean i basically already have that same job this is just a more official position and i’m already really good at customer service, i’ve been doing it there for years and in general for over a decade).

i’m supposed to hear back next week and talk to people who don’t already know me to give all the applicants a fair chance. 

so please cross your fingers and send me some good vibes because honestly this job could be a game changer for me <3 <3 <3

Y'avais conseil de classe ce soir. Bon je m'attendais pas a un truc génial Ouvertement hein parce que bon j'ai pas branler grand chose et puis ca m'a soûler. Mais on s'est fait enterrer les gars la c'est plus possible😂 bon après on est pas des anges hein.. mais bon moi ça m'fait rire hein bc c'est pas un avertissement travail qui va changer un truc😂😂 bref j'en peux plus dma classe😂

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I know what the game changer is. So ill try to be vague as possible. Does the game changer end up happening or do things go back to normal?

Whether the game changer happens or not, I don’t think things can go “back to normal”. It’s a catalyst regardless of the decision about it.

Le progrès est impossible sans changements, et ceux qui ne peuvent jamais changer d'avis ne peuvent ni changer le monde ni se changer eux-mêmes.
—  George Bernard Shaw

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Someone with as many children as you must be an expert diaper changer

“Ah, yes. The challenge of changing a fussy child’s diaper is a fun game to play but luckily you’re correct. I have mastered the art of diaper changing.”

my favorite spot in the Columbia Gorge is somewhere I rarely get to visit since I live in the city without a car. so glad I could partner with @reachnow and get a brand new BMW to go out there! being able to rent a car right on the streets of Portland and then drop it off wherever/whenever is a game changer ⚡️✨ #reachnow (at Portland, Oregon)

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On this day of November 6 2005, a bunch of unknowns in Hollywood premiered Episode 1 ( The Garden Party ) of an animated TV series that would become a game changer. It would spawn countless fans and wannabe clones alike for years but never duplicated. It showed an alternative to TV animation & simultaneously introduced high 2-D animation production quality for TV. Personally, it has been one of the most important projects of my career and introduced me to countless opportunities and colleagues. For that I am grateful. Happy 10yr Anniversary, Freeman Family! (Art by myself and lil sis, Saskia Gutekunst)