On Perfume and Surprises

Once upon a time, I had two beloved, vintage bottles of Chanel No. 22 (perfume I bought new while I was in college… Sigh. It’s vintage now).

A month or so ago, I pulled out all my perfumes to organize and display them and was dismayed to find that one of my bottles was gone, not with the rest where it should have been. Did I use it up and not remember? Did someone take it back in the day? Shit, it’s been reformulated. I can never replace that bottle, not affordably.

Today I looked at the same small shelf I initially looked on. There’s a Chanel bottle there. There’s my missing bottle.

Not asking any questions, and I know I’m not crazy. I am just happy I have it back.

Also, unimaginably, I won an auction on goodwill’s website for a vintage bottle of Chanel No. 5, apparently from the ‘50s. For $21. Here’s hoping it arrives unbroken, has enough left in the bottle to use, and hasn’t turned. 

Coco Chanel had worked with Ernest Beaux on her original perfume, Chanel No. 5, which debuted in 1921, and the following year, they released Chanel No. 22. It’s a floral-aldehyde with notes of white flowers, including roses, jasmine, tuberoses. Its top note is aldehyde with middle notes of jasmine, tuberose, ylang-ylang, and rose. Base notes include vetiver, vanilla, and incense.