Champion Laurent wants to battle!

Collab with @cannedebonbon because she really wanted to draw Laurent’s team, which is the trolliest team to ever troll. The Pokemon AU from forever ago finally resurfaces.

Sasha Banks wins the WWE Women’s Championship on RAW!

  In a title match she earned after making Charlotte tap out at WWE Battleground, Sasha did the same on the first post-draft edition of WWE RAW, this time winning the WWE Women’s Championship in easily the match of the night, no disrespect boys. This is Sasha’s second championship in WWE, as she is a former NXT Women’s Champion, ironically also ending Charlotte’s NXT title reign last Febuary at NXT TakeOver: Rival. 

 Congratulations Sasha, you deserve it!

Passive: Skaarl, The Cowardly Lizard
Kled’s semi-trusty mount, Skaarl, has its own health bar and takes damage in Kled’s place when the two ride together. Any bonus health Kled picks up through items, runes, and masteries also applies to Skaarl. When the lizard’s life bar is whittled down to zero, it’ll run for the hills, leaving Kled to fight alone. When fighting solo, Kled’s abilities change and he gains movement speed while heading toward enemy champions. Kled can restore Skaarl’s courage and bring the craven critter back by attacking towers, champions, or epic monsters.

Q: (Mounted) Beartrap on a Rope
Kled throws a literal beartrap tied to a piece of rope, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through and attaching to the first enemy champion hit. If the Cantankerous Cavalier sticks close to the struck target for a couple of seconds, he’ll reel in the rope, pulling his hapless target towards him while applying a slow and a decent chunk of damage. This ability deals bonus damage to minions.
(Unmounted) Pocket Pistol
Kled fires his gun, blasting a wad of bullets in a target direction and knocking himself backward.

W: (Passive) Violent Tendencies
Kled’s basic attacks cause him to frenzy, granting attack speed to his next four basic attacks. The fourth frenzied blow deals bonus damage based on a percentage of the target’s max health.

E: (Mounted ONLY) Jousting
Kled and Skaarl dash toward a targeted area, dealing damage to enemies in their path and temporarily gaining a burst of movement speed. If Jousting strikes a champion or large monster, Kled and Skaarl can reactivate the ability to dash back through the struck target, again dealing damage.

Kled and Skaarl charge toward a targeted location, building up a shield and boosting the movement speed of allies in their wake. Skaarl will home in on the first enemy encountered, ramming them to deal damage as a percent of the target’s max health.


These are some photos I took when I saw Coldplay on July 16th at the MetLife Stadium near New York City. I had a great time, they were so amazing, as always, and I’m so happy I got to see them in concert again! It makes me love them even more when I get to see them in concert because they’re just so phenomenal live :)