I’m so immensely proud of this boy!

I was pretty worried about the supervised separation part of his CGC class/exam. He tends to get annoyed when he can’t see us. I don’t think it’s anxiety (I could be wrong). He doesn’t lose his mind or anything. He just kinda whines for half a second, huffs, then flops on the ground in dramatic fashion.

Today, with the trainer, he paced for about 10 seconds, then laid with his head in her lap the rest of the time.

Good job, you sleepy idiot. I’m proud of you.

  • When your dog is being awesome in public and doing everything you trained him perfectly: "Everybody stop what your doing and look at my incredible puppy! He's soooooo lovely! Feast your eyes peasants, cause we're fabulous! He should get an award for being the greatest service dog to ever live. Everything is awesome!"
  • When your dog is having an off day and being a total butthead: "Dear God please strike me down now. Let the earth open up beneath me and swallow me whole. If anyone ever looks at me again I will melt into a puddle of viscera on the floor. I am garbage; I have sinned and I am truly garbage. I have failed everything and everyone. The earth will now spontaneously combust into a ball of flames and magma all because of my terrible training."

Taylor. strong minded girl, made home in a body that’s learned how to weather and recreate from ember. it sometimes seems as though you’re a newly discovered planet and everyone wants to leave their mark on you, a race for ownership of an unobtainable reality. a planet where every season is spring and we don’t have to bury our dead because they always kiss us goodbye.

Taylor. voice like a garden that grows music into blossom. people lay down in the roots of your flowers just to listen to the hum that emits from the ground, the comfort that radiates through their ribcages. hearts stick their fingers through the bars of their cage aching for more of that sweetness and understanding that comes with realizing you’re not alone. the validation of ones emotions is a taste that lingers long after swallowing your words. trust me, I know.

Taylor. soul so immense we only know how to stare at in awe. a wise brain open to self-correction and interpretation, always trying to find a new way to say ‘I care about you.’ fingertips that have seen so much unnecessary catastrophe and inexplicable beauty, pens quiver in their tender grasp while waiting for the explosion.

Taylor. while life can be spectacular, you are unfortunate enough to exist in a world that doesn’t know how to touch you. deep-colored bruises are quick to form from those with heads so empty they’re desperate to fill it up, no matter whether it’s with the truth or a delusion of it.

Taylor. how much does it hurt when you give people the meat of your love and watch them throw it to the wolves? to give them nothing but forgiveness and your best efforts and be left with dust all over your room? to hear the twisted words of bug-eyed photographers and anonymous writers be fed into the mouths of the masses until they all wear signs around their neck that say ‘keep ten feet away from me at all times.’

Taylor. every time somebody tries to break your strength the birds forget how to use their wings and have to hold onto each other for support. your pain is a four letter word that can be combated but is entirely unpreventable and unpredictable.

Taylor. despite all of this you are loved. scattered throughout the crevices of this universe are people that look up to you, a sistine chapel ceiling of support. we armor up and throw punches every time there’s a severe storm warning because you’d do the same for us. some of us kiss our bloodied knuckles and wake up another day all because of the hope you’ve planted at our feet. I can’t tell you how many more times the wind will be stolen from your stomach, how many times you’ll be shocked at the incapacity for trust some people hold, but I can tell you that I’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you know just how tall you are.

Taylor. you taught me to speak now. I hope I’m teaching you to believe it.

—  an open poem to taylor swift, written by me

anonymous asked:

When you're training let dogs with no background in "discipline" or rules of any sort, do you have to preface to the owner that they will probably never be as well trained as Creed? I imagine you get clients that see him working and want that level from their pet dog. Do you have to tell them it's a complete lifestyle of dedication and training? How do you let them down easy that their dog will never touch the level of Creed's expertise?

Hold on hold on hold on- never?

If the bulk of my clients can’t achieve with their dogs what they like to see in Creed, then I have failed as a dog trainer. My job is not to lord over them how smart and handsome and amazing my dog is or how good I am at dog training, my job is to teach them to become good trainers themselves.

That said, during the first class, I do go over how Creed is different specifically because of how he is a Lifestyle Dog ™ and not a Take Out and Run Sometimes Dog ™. This is typically with my working breed clients who are frustrated that their understimulated rottie/bully/gsd/whatever won’t settle in the house and have no idea about impulse control. With these clients, I typically have to go over the fact that they will not get a dog like Creed if the only thing they do with their dog is a quick walk around the block on the weekends and weekly training classes. These are dogs that you have to change your lifestyle in order to suit, not the other way around.

Similarly with my fearful adults- I go over how our goal is better but not necessarily normal, because not all of these dogs are capable of being “normal”.

Lastly, I bring up the reality that Creed is a dog that has had nearly 3 years of dedicated, targeted training and that he still acts very much like a regular dog when off duty. For some of these clients I might use him as a demo or distraction dog when in class, then at the end let him offleash so he can play with their dog and they can see just how normal he is. A lot of people think he’s some cool robotdog that is perfectly trained (ha!), never wild (ha!!), always on point (ha!!!), never a toe out of place (BAHAHAHAHA)- so for them seeing is believing when I show them just how much of a dog he is. To quote one of my managers- when you see him out of the vest and just being himself, it’s like he’s not even trained. When they see this, they stop beating themselves up about how their dog is not at the level they thought Creed was, because they realize that they had a very unrealistic idea of what it’s like to live with him. As I’m typing this, he’s hitting me in the back with one of his toys because he wants to go outside and play- that’s very different compared to the quietly dozing dog in a tight tuck under my chair at cash register that they see when they sign up.

As an aside- Creed’s level of training is hardly “expertise”. We are in preparation for our BH which sounds cool and fancy until you remember it is the very first level in IPO and mostly just an obedience and temperament test to make sure your dog is capable of trying the harder stuff. He is a trained service dog with two CGC titles and two temperament tests- I suppose you could call him a working professional experienced in his field, but hardly an expert.

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I’ve decided to dedicate a blog to my Chinese Shar Pei, Mei. She is currently 6 months old and undergoing obedience training, whereby I would like to work her up to earning the CGC title. We still have a long way to go, with stranger anxiety/fear proving to be her biggest hurdle, so feel free to follow this blog and watch her grow! 

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